Saturday, August 23, 2014

Race Recap: 2014 Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally

On the day that Alpha died, Peter and I were scheduled to run the Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally 5k. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed with tears in my eyes asking Peter, "Did you still want to do the race tonight?" Peter did not hesitate and answered that he thought we should.

That evening, while standing among other racers, I did not feel a shred of excitement. Unlike every other race, my nerves were not getting the best of me. In fact, I had no desire to be there nor did I have the intention of being competitive. I just stood behind the starting line, thinking to myself that this was going to be like any other run I did. I was just here because I paid to be in this race.

When the race began, Peter and I separated. We did not intend on running together since we both have a different idea of 5k pace.

Peter made it in this newspaper shot. Look below the X-ing sign. He is in blue with
sunglasses :)
I forgot my iPod and since Peter and I were not together, I did not have anyone to talk to. So, I just let my mind wander. I thought of Alpha for the most part. I could visualize him by my side, tongue hanging out as he effortlessly paced me. It brought back memories of running the Turkey Trot with him this past Thanksgiving. He was not very compliant at the end of the race, but then again, he was only a puppy. Poor guy was exhausted.

I checked my watch periodically, seeing what my pace was. It definitely was not up to par with where I was at the Frederick 5K or the Nick Adenhart run, but I pushed on knowing that this race was not for me anymore. This was for Alpha.

When hills felt exhausting, I imagined Alpha pulling me up as I held his leash. He would have never let a hill slow him down. He was more curious as to what was on top of that hill that he could smell. So I never let myself slow down. Instead, I only got faster.

As I approached the final stretch, I was exhausted with grief and uncomfortable from the humidity, but I started to sprint towards the finish line.

I finished in 24:34.

I met up with my running pal, Chris, who finished in about 18 minutes (wow!). As we spoke for just a minute or two, Peter made his way towards the finish line.

I thought the picture they captured was hilarious!

Peter just caught a glimpse of me and threw his hand up to say hi. I loved that the photographer caught that exact moment.

He finished in 26:53 and his goal was just to get under 30 minutes. I was so proud of him. It seemed to be the first time Peter and I smiled that day. We were both really impressed by our performance and were glad that we didn't miss out on the race.

As we left, we grabbed free apple fritters (my gluten snack for the first time in forever!) and talked about how we needed that kick in the ass. Still, we both had holes in our heart from losing Alpha that morning.

About 2 weeks later, I was notified by Fred Krumpe at Krumpe's Donuts that I actually won an age group award. I came in second for females aged 20-29! Without a thought, I dedicated the medal to Alpha because without his help dragging me up those hills in thought during that race, I may have not received that award

I love you and miss you, boy! You were such a precious puppy and I am still so sad without you. I miss those beautiful eyes, that little nub, and your energy. Who is going to lick me after my runs now? :(

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tragedy Strikes

I know I said that I would be writing a little more infrequently due to wedding planning, but I had to talk about my last posting. Our beloved furry child, Alpha, was killed on Friday morning. I will not go into full detail as to what happened, but I will say that the event was a complete accident. Peter and I will not place blame on the individual responsible. Whether we did or did not, the heartbreak is still there.

Our home is very quiet and much of our daily excitement has diminished, at least for now as we mourn Alpha's loss.

We only had him for just a year and were able to see him grow from an adorable pup to a pretty little pony.

I will miss him so much!!!

That evening, we had the Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally 5k race which the both of us had registered for weeks before. I had a lot of mixed feelings about participating. I was willing to bail under the circumstances, but Peter said that it would be good for the both of us if we did go.

I will do a full recap soon, but for now, I will tell you it was the kick in the ass that I needed. We were both high on endorphins from racing. I did all right, no PR, but Peter did AMAZING. He also had some great pictures taken of him.

I loved this one the most. He is in blue right under the time clock. I am there, but covered up by the guy in purple. :)

Once more pictures become available, I will post in the recap.

Anyway, I am sorry about the inconsistencies in posts. With less than 2 months till the wedding, I am overwhelmed! So stick with me! I will be back soon :)

Have you ever lost a pet suddenly? What did you do to cope with the loss?

Would you go run a race after losing a pet in the same day?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Goodbye to the Best Mutt Ever

RIP Alpha

We are absolutely heartbroken that our baby is no longer with us. It was so unexpected and I am having a hard imagining our future without him. He was one of a kind. Our mutt :(

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Working. Running. Planning a wedding. Doing school work. Writing a book.

I am going to be honest. I may fall off the face of the earth over the next two months. Though I do love blogging, it must take a back seat to other priorities right now. Yet, because I am already in the process of writing this post. I may as well give a run down of my week, which was EPIC!

On Sunday, I did my very first group run!

Typically, I do partnered runs with Peter. I never did a casual run with more than 1 other person. I was invited to meet up with a running group at the C&O Canal in Williamsport. They were out to do 16 miles since they are presently training for the Wineglass Marathon in October. I went with the intention of running part of it. Although my leg pain had vanished (just in the nick of time), I did have a plan of running 13 or less. I was more leaning towards the "less" part.

Well, I ended up doing the entire thing! I mainly ran with 2 other runners, Chris and Carly. I actually work within the same company as Chris, while Carly and I both ran our first marathon at the Rock n Roll USA. It was great to run and talk with them! I hope to run with the entire group again soon!!! Running with others is great motivation!

Anyway, to continue the epic-ness of the week, this past Tuesday, I participated in a pushup contest at work. We knew about 8 weeks prior so we could get in shape. I practiced about every other night to try to get a good count and worried that I would fall flat on my face when it came time to compete.

I ended up getting 56 pushups, which was apparently impressive to all who witnessed. I must say, I was extremely proud of myself!!! I ranked as top girl and even beat some of the guys. Maybe next year I will do 100! ;-)

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur with work, homework, and wedding planning! I have even taken up writing my book again...I only took a 2 year hiatus on that one.

I did do another couple of long runs this weekend. Yesterday, I stuck with 14. Though, I would have loved to do 17 with the running group, I woke up just a hair too late. Also, it was not my best run. Around mile 11, I had to stop and break for a bit. I ate, drank back some Gatorade and walked it out. I did end up running the last 3, but it was really a struggle. At least it was a pretty day!

Today, I ran 8. I did 4 alone, then Peter met up with me to do 4 more. I am super proud of him. He had to take several weeks off due to his own leg pain and has had to slowly come back into running. Glad to see him up to 4 now. Can't wait till fall so we are taking over these streets and trails together!

I also wanted to update you all on my gluten-free diet since I am now a month in, but I want to make this a post all it's own! Definitely good stuff! I am not sure when I will get around to it with all the crazy going on lately, but hopefully you will see an update from me within a week!

Have a great one!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Got Knocked Down, But I Got Up Again

Maybe I only like using the "up and down" panoramic feature on my Samsung, but I think the perception is really cool.

And in case you were wondering, my leg has been awesome! I have found that trigger point massage is the greatest thing in the world. It partners nicely with  my BioSkin Compression Sleeve to help improve the circulation in my calf.

To add to those, I have also applied some of Arbonne's Herbal Muscle Massage Pain Relieving Gel. That stuff really does the job! Even though I applied the gel before bed, it activated while I was on my run this morning! I have had the stuff for months, but never really knew how amazing it was until now!

Since we are already on the subject running, I may as well throw in how I took a tumble during my trail run today.

I went out to do 13.1 miles and I tripped over a rock around mile 4. This is only the second time I have ever fallen while running. Thankfully, I only came out with a few scratches and some dirty legs & clothing.

That's a lot better than my first fall on the C&O Canal in September.

I received my engagement ring only hours after that injury, so it definitely
made up for the pain I had!

Anyway, when I hit and wondered if I should just turn around and call it a day. It was already disgustingly humid out and I left my Gatorade in the car. I wasn't feeling the run either. In the end, I decided to get up, brush myself off and finish what I had started. My time wasn't all that bad either...2:05, a couple minutes better than last week. I am glad I decided to push through.

I was pretty beat afterwards and took a 2 hour nap once our errands for the day were complete. It is pretty rare that I take naps, so I knew my body was exhausted from the distance and heat. Tomorrow, I do not intend on pushing as hard. I will be happy if I get out and do 5 miles.

I hope you all were able to get out and have some good runs during your weekend! Feel free to tell me about yours!

What items do you use to help relieve leg pain other than pain pills?

Have you ever fallen while running? Did you get up and keep running?

Do you take naps or fight through exhaustion?

Friday, July 11, 2014