Why I Drink Shakeology & How I Afford It

Many of you cringe when I tell you that "Shakeology is ONLY $129.99!"

Really, Lindsey!? ONLY $129.99...for 30 days?!

Yes, it is a very cringe-worthy number for JUST a protein shake. In fact, when my coach was talking to me about Shakeology, I kept telling myself, "Well, she makes more money than me so of course Shakeology is affordable for her! I've got less money to work with and *insert list of expenses here*."

I didn't want to pay the money for it. I didn't see the value. And when I first started with Beachbody, I didn't drink it. For about a month I relied solely on the programs and said "meh" to Shakeology and stuck with what I knew about nutrition. At the time, that wasn't much. In fact, in January, I thought I knew what it was to be healthy! I thought I was provided ALL the correct information! But that was a complete joke because so much has been released to the public that is completely FALSE! But that's for another time!

Anyway, when I began to coach in February, I thought the only effective way I could talk about Shakeology was by trying all of the flavors myself. The only affordable way I wanted to do this was by purchasing the 7 Day Sampler for $35 (or $26.21 when you're a coach). This sampler included all of the flavors which Beachbody currently sells: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cafe Latte, Greenberry, Vegan Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate.

When I got my delivery, I drank all 7 single serving packets, one per day. From day 1, I knew I was in trouble. The first flavor I tried was Cafe Latte and it was love at first sip! But I kept reminding myself "You can't afford this, so you are not allowed love it!" However, as the week progressed, I was finding that I loved it more and was having a hard time choosing which flavor I loved the most vs which one I loved less (all were good in my opinion). 

What I found about Shakeology to be the most surprising was the fact that I actually felt full! This was not something I received from any other meal-replacement or protein drink I had in the past. In fact, while I was trying this 7 Day Sampler, I had a cheaper alternative in my pantry. It was 20 bucks for 20 servings and it was...okay! But nothing I ranted and raved over. I just took it as a "I need the extra nutrition or I'm never going to get the results I want!"

Anyway, not only did Shakeology fill me up, but it tasted better and it effectively stomped any sweet cravings that I had in the evenings (that's when I drank it). It also made me feel good to put simply. I can't explain it. The feeling my body had when I drank it, it almost was like it had a healing effect. It was as if all the crap I was putting in my body over the holiday season was now being cleaned out. And I mean that! Especially when it came to bathroom visits. No, I wasn't sprinting to the bathroom, but I noticed that within days, I became more regular. If I'm honest, that was something that was foreign to me. Let me be real, I was someone who wouldn't go for days. It left me feeling extremely bloated and absolutely uncomfortable for as long as a week! Today, I go every single day!

Now, I can list every reason why Shakeology is the price that it is. The fact that it has this ingredient or that ingredient, but honestly, it's about what it can do for you. Yes, ingredients are important and I will tell you straight up that Shakeology doesn't have the CRAP that many other comparable drinks have. I couldn't even read half the ingredients that were in my other shake. And after having Shakeology for that week, that stuff didn't even taste as good. I could taste the fake stuff that polluted it.

So I just sucked it up and bought a bag of Cafe Latte Shakeology. Now, I was making the excuse "Well, since I am a coach, I should pair this with my workout so I can give an even more effective review." Still, I had every intention on cancelling my monthly order, but the more I drank it, the better I felt, the less cravings I had, and the more regular I became. Needless to say, I made it possible to afford it every month since.

That brings me to my next topic: How can I afford Shakeology?

If you are not a coach, Shakeology costs $129.95 + Tax & Shipping. Without taking in tax & shipping into account, that's about $4.33/serving for 30 days. If you were to compare that to a daily visit to Starbucks, you'd be paying less for Shakeology. It would also be comparable to a McDonald's Breakfast, trip to Subway, or visit to a gas station breakfast. Comparable cost-wise. Nutrition-wise? There is no comparison. Shakeology blows them out of the water. Not to mention, you'd also be saving on gas.

Now, because I am a coach, I do get a discount. Shakeology is $97.46 + Tax & Shipping. Since I choose home direct, my Shakeology cost will end up totaling out to be $99.58. That is $3.32/day! Over a dollar drop! And what did I sacrifice to afford it? Well for one, I ditched my old protein drink. It cost me about $20 for about 2 weeks worth of drinks. So $40/month. Since I was also trying to clean up my eating, Peter and I stopped eating out once a week. For he and I both to eat out it would cost between $20-30. So we will just say $25/week. That is $100!!! Of course you also have to factor in that we ended up having to buy extra groceries to make up for that 1 day we weren't going out to eat, but the difference wasn't much. We will just say that it was about $10 a week added to my grocery bill.

So let's break it down:

+$99.58 - Shakeology on Home Direct
-$40.00 - Goodbye old nutrition drink
-$100.00 - Goodbye going out to eat
+$40.00 - Extra Groceries
=$0.42 - Saving

So I am basically breaking even by eating healthier and ditching my old shake. Yes, I am paying an extra $16/month for the coach membership fee, but that pays for itself if you are into being in the business side of it since you make 25% off of your sales. Also, Peter and I still will go out to eat on occasion, but not as often as we once did and are much better for it!

Shakeology is affordable. You just have to find where you can make adjustments in your budget to make it work for you. If you want to be healthy, skip the Starbucks runs, skip the fast food breakfast or the lunchtime milkshake, and stop eating out at restaurants as often! You can also become a coach for the discount alone or to also add additional income!

To receive more information on becoming a coach, fill out my form here: http://bit.ly/2b8iMAE

Shakeology is affordable if you make it! If you're willing to change, you must overcome your challenges!

Race Recap: The 2016 Nick Adenhart 5K

THIS WEEK! This is the week I will be able to tell you everything! The reason I don't update as much and the reason why I am so excited for the future! It's a valid excuse as to why the blog has hit the back burner! So if you've been sticking with me...THANK YOU! I know that I may have lost a following due to my absence, but it is all for good reason!!!

Anyway, I am still going to stay on top of my race recaps because they are a huge part of this blog.

Just over a week ago, I decided to randomly sign up for the Nick Adenhart 5k. Originally, I wasn't going to do it. In fact, I wasn't going to do more than a couple of races this year, but nostalgia hit me with this one. I have always done really well in it and I know that this could be the last time I could (more on that this week, I promise!). So I put down my $20 because hey! It was only $20! Also, it is so close to where I live and I have run this route dozens of times. I know this course like the back of my hand. Hell, a road on the course is named after my family!

Britner Ave!

This is the first race out of my 30+ that Peter couldn't make it! He has supported me more than anyone, but he had plans to go to Annapolis that day so I was on my own for this one. Fortunately, I had a TON of friends participating! So I did not feel alone at all! But with that being said, not a lot of pictures were taken!

I came into the race with a few goals in mind. I wanted to get a PR, I wanted that PR to be within 20-22 minutes, and I wanted to earn a age group award. Though I had the belief that I could accomplish all of this, I was a bit skeptical of my high expectations. I was coming off of 22 Minute Hard Corps' Hell Week, which was BRUTAL.

I was sore, grumpy, and tired all week. I also only ran a total of 2 miles that entire week so I wasn't sure if my body was capable of getting the time that I wanted. Still, I prepped that morning the best I could. I did a warm up lap (which I never do before a race) and I drank my Beachbody Performance Energize about 30 minutes before the start.

At the starting line, I was a bit ansy since I set the bar high for myself, but I was trying to hold the adrenaline for the last bit of the race.

I am guilty of starting out too fast for about any race. I wanted to keep in mind the previous 5ks I have done and how awful I would feel during that last mile due to a fast start. I wanted to maintain rather than drain myself. So when the gun went off, I started out as if I were alone. As if it were any typical Saturday morning run.

It was a little intimidating seeing a whole mess of people pass me left and right, but I knew that they were starting too fast. They were letting the excitement pulse through them like I would have and it took everything for me to just let them go.

Within about a half mile, I was already catching up with these people. They were now settling into the rhythm as I was hitting mine. I kept counting how many girls I could see in front of me because I knew where I wanted to place. Ideally, I wanted to be first in my age group, but I would have been satisfied to be in the top 3. Just under mile 2, I passed the last girl I could see. I wasn't sure where that put me, but as long as I could stay ahead, I was happy.

Once I hit mile two, that's when things began to get rough. The sun came out, the temps began to rise and the sweat began to pour. My legs felt a bit uneasy, especially as we made it through Williamsport Park. There's a section of trail that goes behind the park and towards the baseball field, which is a very steady uphill. Right before you connect with a road, this little trail takes a steep incline. Seriously, it is the shortest distance of a hill ever, but with how steep this baby was, it wore me out. Then, once you hit the road, you are greeted with your last uphill. Again, it was nothing too terrible, but I was feeling the burn. I could feel my exhaustion coming through from the Hell Week I just finished and the lack of mileage I put in.

That's when I glanced at my watch. I just hit mile 3. I was in the 21 minute zone. I needed to kill it to hit my goal. So I sprinted the last .1 to the finish line.

Ehhh...does that count for being within the 20-22 minute goal? I mean...it WAS in the 22 minute range! Oh who cares! I'll take it! It was nearly a minute PR and I hadn't run a 5K in nearly a year! Not too shabby for signing up just a few days prior!

I placed 2nd in my age group and 5th woman overall! I was proud of myself. I felt strong!

Several of the CFARians were there, as well. Most of which who also placed in their age groups.

So all in all, it was a great day for a race and I am happy that I decided to just do it! The Nick Adenhart 5K will always hold a special place in my heart. It represents so much about the small town in which I grew up in and if ever given the opportunity in the future, I would definitely run it again to support a past schoolmate.

Race Recap: American Odyssey Relay Race 2017 - Part 2


I was somewhat revved up for my second leg because I was very familiar with area. I actually ran the same route before while marathon training in the past. I liked having this advantage against other runners who were strangers to the area.

Once Bob came into view, I was pumped and ready to get some kills (the number of people you pass in a relay). He handed over the slap bracelet and I shot off into the streets of Boonsboro, resuming my 7 minute range pace.

I was pretty floored that I was able to pull this off. Last year, I can't recall ever seeing times like these. In fact, I can't recall seeing paces like this in any run/race I have been involved in recently. I was passing other participants left and right. In total, I had 8 kills and 0 deaths! I finished with a time of 26:21 and distance of 3.40.

I tried to hang on to the energy my runner’s high gave me, but I began to tire quickly. It was now after midnight and I was spending many of the remaining transitions in the van catching some shut eye. It was hard though as there was always something going on. Between driving from one destination to the next and teammates prepping their runs, there wasn’t much time for remaining quiet and keeping still. I turned into grumpy ginger and tried to keep that part of me to myself. I think I did okay. ;-)

Anyway, we ended up finishing our 2nd round of legs at about 2 am. That's when we went to a nearby hotel and crashed for about 2-3 hours. While we had a few hours to sleep, Van 1's runners got so much less just before us. We had shorter distances in our second leg while they rested in the hotel. They had some long sessions on the canal for their 3rd and final leg and since that was our time to rest, we were fortunate to get so much time.

We all rolled out of bed around 6 and were on the road shortly after.

We had about an hour-long ride until we would arrive at the final van transition in Poolesville, MD.

I was confident that I would be able to stay up with an 8 minute pace, as I already decided a 7 minute pace was pushing it at this point. When you've already run 2 legs at a pace which you're not normally programmed to do, you're tired and sore. You're legs have not recovered since the run you had just hours before.

My stomach was also acting up at this point, which really irritated me. I went out of my way to pack food that my body was used to, but for some reason, my stomach was like “Nope, not today!" So although I gave myself a few hours between the time I ate and the time I was projected to run, my stomach burned the whole time. I could have blamed it on nerves, but honestly, I was way too tired to be nervous. At this point, I just wanted to get my run done and start the recovery process. So believe it or not, I was thankful when I saw Bob come into view. Still, my stomach was objecting.

No sooner than I was tagged to go, my legs were fighting back. For once, I think my mind was working in my favor rather than my body. My legs were nagging about how tired they were, but I begged them to work with me for this final stretch. I KNEW I could do awesome, but I had to have a constant argument between my legs, my stomach, and my brain. I pushed them the best I could.

About a mile in, my van rolled up next to me to cheer me on. All I could say was "This sucks!" What I thought was going to be an easy 4 miler, ended up being hilly. Based on the elevation map, I thought it was going to generally be downhill, but it was pretty consistent with hills until the last mile. That was when I began catching up with another runner.

I had high hopes at this point that I could get a kill, but as we rounded the last turn, he caught site of me and sprinted down the hill. Though I had a pace within the 7 minute range, I could not muster enough strength to catch up and pull ahead, so I let him fly. That didn't mean that I wouldn't still push it to the end though. I sprinted with newfound energy and passed off to my teammate, Kirsten.

And like that, I was done my part in the Odyssey.

Most of the remaining legs took place on the C&O Canal and for those of you who have read up on me for a while now, you know that I LOVE running the C&O where I live. So needless to say, I loved seeing areas which I have not run myself and took lots of pictures.

The final leg took us off the canal and into the heart of DC.

All of our team met up for the first time since the final transition between vans a few hours later, while our final runner, Chris made his way towards the finish line. We waited on the street for him so, as a team, we could cross the finish line together.

Chris came a lot quicker than I thought. I guess with the hustle of getting to the finish line and seeing the other teammates waiting for us made time fly. So as soon as he reached us, the entire team crossed the finish line with him and quickly took a finish line photo prior to other teams rolling through.

The results!

Our team finished in 26:32:26! That was 2nd out of 34 in the mixed division. We placed 7th out of 94 teams overall! So, to say the least, I think we KICKED ASS! Oh and I think I should add that we won Best Team Name. If I haven't already mentioned it, it was Green Leggs and Hamstrings. :)

Anyway, I felt that this year far exceeded last year. I had a lot more fun and felt that my performance improved a lot!!! Our team just really seemed to mesh and we all seemed to go beyond performance expectations! It was pretty killer! There's one thing about running a race alone, but working as a team to accomplish 200 miles is beyond anything you feel alone. Celebrating with others and also sharing struggles over the course of 26 hours is unlike anything else.  :)