Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Running Bib Invitations!

Good evening, my dear friends!

I recently became involved in the website, Etsy, as a seller. I have a whole ONE item on my page, but thought I would tell you all about it since it is running related.

Just a couple of months ago, I decided to make my own wedding invites. Since both Peter and myself are both runners, it seemed only right that the wedding invites were running bibs. I looked into having someone else make & print them, but it was going to be over $300!!! I could do what I wanted for a 3rd of the cost!

Alpha was out model once we punched the holes in each corner.

Since many runners want their own "Save the Dates" or wedding invites for an affordable cost, I thought that I would offer digital downloads. That way, the buyer gets the custom image they want and can chose their own store to print them.

I just completed my first order and was super excited that someone chose me to help them for their save the dates! I would love to help with yours as well! Go to LindZLous shop here!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


After wishing and praying that they would open more spaces for the Half Marathon, they did!


That is all!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Running an Ultra Marathon

I never thought I would be one to run with a partner. Yet, these last two days I have been very thankful to have had Peter join me! Not only did he push me to 10 miles yesterday (I was going to give up at 8), but he pushed me out on the trail today when I was going to skip!

I really picked the right man to marry! 

Anyway! Just as I said yesterday, there are a lot of exciting things I wanted to share with you. One that has been present lately is my new goal of running an ultra! Time and time again, the thought has crossed my mind. I was never quite serious about it until just recently. A couple of months ago, while running with a local group, I spoke with a man who told me of his experience running the JFK 50. Though he never gave me the impression that a 50 miler was easy, he made the completion of an ultra believable; attainable. It wasn't long after, that I began reading about other runners who completed the JFK 50 Miler.

A detailed recap written by Girl, Interrupted provided the good, the bad, and the ugly details of the JFK.
"I saw a man on hands and knees in the middle of the road. I saw people slouched forward. I saw a man crying. I wanted to join throw up the white flag and let the overwhelming fatigue win."
Though it seemed that many runners got a beating from the race, my interest grew. Could I possibly be up for the challenge?

I have taken a special interest in the JFK 50 Miler specifically because it is held right in my backyard. In fact, many of my runs are on the canal which the JFK 50 in run on.

Click the image to see full size.

Last year, I was out running 13 miles when I actually witnessed the leaders plow through mile 38. Some of you JFK 50 runners may better know this area as the "Special 38" aid station.

Though I will never be running my first ultra at 6:30, I actually do qualify! As of this year, a woman can register for the JFK 50 Miler if she has a marathon time below 5 hours after 2012. I will never be able to train in time for this year's JFK, but I am focused on 2015. It will be my all-time running goal (as of now) to finish an ultra marathon.

I have reached out for some advice on a JFK 50 Miler facebook page

I wish that running a 26.2 meant I could do 50.  It may be mental as Clayton states, but I need to train for that. I have hit walls during runs before. When I attempted running a marathon for the first time alone, my journey was cut short at mile 23. I believe my body was well-capable of finishing the full, but my mind had a different agenda. I have run two 26.2 distances since without hitting any wall, but I think it was my training that helped with that!

From what I am reading, many runners will walk portions of any ultra. It may be on the hills, or it may be at intervals as Randall recommends. I was even told by another runner that he wished he had walked the length of the Appalachian Trail because of how challenging it is.

Rocks everywhere!!!
I have taken some tumbles on the C&O Canal, one which left me with a gruesome gash in my knee, but I can say that the canal is no way next to how treacherous the AT is.

I do have a lot of fear of this race. Most of that fear comes from the dangerous trail, but the distance itself. Yet, I think my motivation to complete an ultra outweighs any uncertainty that I have.

Since I am giving myself a year, I think I have plenty of time to shape up for this. I am also lucky enough to have access to many runners who have participated themselves. Any advice from a finisher would be the best advice I could receive.

So tell me...

Have you completed an ultra marathon? What training methods did you follow?

Do you believe in the idea that "If you can do 26.2, you can run 50?" Why or why not?

Have you run the JFK 50 Miler? I would love to hear your story! Send me your contact details so we can talk! Send your email to

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Race Recap: 2014 Mad Anthony Half Marathon

The fall weather has finally arrived in Maryland and I am extremely grateful! Though I wish it came a tad sooner, I will take the cooler mornings and say "adios" to the humidity that choked me. It seems that is now behind us until 2015 rolls around!

Anyway, I wanted to dedicate some time away from my busy schedule to talk about the half marathon I participated in yesterday. I did the Mad Anthony Half Marathon in Waynesboro, PA again this year. Earlier this week, I did have some second thoughts to my registration. I have been so overwhelmed trying to tie up last minute wedding plans that I thought skipping out would have benefited me. I am glad I thought against it.

I woke up at 5:30am yesterday to prep myself for the race. They were calling for all-day showers and I had to be prepared! I slathered myself down in Body Glide to prevent any chaffing I could have inflicted and picked out the best moisture wicking clothing I could find. I also settled on a visor to keep any rain off my face and decided to leave the sun glasses at home.

I was really excited to wear my new kicks. Aren't they gorgeous!?

My HipsSister belt rounded off my race outfit. I lined one of the pockets with a plastic bag so I could still bring my iPod without worrying if it would get damaged in any rain.

After breakfast, we headed into Waynesboro, PA so I could pick up my race packet, which included TONS of product samples, one of which was Men's vitamins (kinda was disappointed they didn't have women's since half the participants were ladies). After getting my number in place, Peter waited with me until they called the runners to the starting line.

He was supposed to participate this year, but due to tendon issues over the summer, he was not able to get his mileage up. Luckily, they let him defer his registration to 2015!

Just before 8, we were called up to the starting line to do a prayer and hear the safety guidelines. Though it was not raining, they advised that rain could make the road very slick since it had not rained in days. That and the road was still open to cars so that could also make for a potentially dangerous run. Point was, keep watch!

I joined Chris and Carly at the start line. Last year, I did not know anyone and it usually is rare that I have friends running in races with me. So it was cool to join my running buds at the starting line.

When the starting horn blew, I sped off, quicker than normal. Usually, I try to be very aware of my pace, not let the race excitement push me out of my zone, but on this day, I was flying. I stayed near Carly for about the first mile, while Chris sped off in front. But I felt compelled to speed ahead of her even with a strong feeling that I would be regretting this speed later.

I caught sight of Peter at mile 2. Loved this shot he got. This is just as I told him "I love you!"

I stayed pretty speedy up until mile 3 to 4. The smooth pavement we once ran on turned rough. Gravel covered many areas and it was extremely uneven.

I lost a lot of speed due to fear of tripping. Though I found myself getting tired after trying to be careful, I caught a second wind after we hit the pavement again. About a mile later, however, a hill at mile 6 forced me to slow down. I knew that this hill was coming since I  but I was still surprised to see how large of an elevation it was. A few of the runners around me walked, but I pressed on. I hate walking during any run because I feel that it messes with my flow. After that, the next few miles were pretty much downhill.

Nearing mile 7, I caught sight of Carly in the corner of my eye. I was now worried that I was too quick in the beginning and now I was slowing down. But I said I quick hello as she passed and stayed on her tail. Carly had a great pace for me to stick to. She teetered on 8 minutes according to my watch, so I followed her for a few miles. I passed her around mile 10 as I got my 3rd wind in the race, but I had a feeling in my gut she was going to catch me again in a mile.

The dreaded mile 11. I feared this mile.You begin at a 626ft elevation. For the next mile, you climb about 75ft. Yes, many of you Colorado runners probably scoff at such an increase, but it is evil for us here! Just like some at mile 6, runners were walking the climb. With the thought of Carly right behind me, I kept going, trying to keep the same effort.

Everything thereafter felt easy. With just a mile to go, you just sped for the finish line.

This picture looked quick similar to last year's sprint to the finish.

I finished in 1:48:40.

Sure, I was a little disappointed that I hadn't reached my goal of 1:45:00. It was something I was hoping to get before year's end. But this will be my last half marathon for the year. Broke runner! Still, my time wasn't bad at all. First, I avoided the downpour that happened, but what's more important was the stats!

Division: 1st Place Female, 25-29 (5 total runners)
Gender: 5th Place Female (87 total women)
Overall: 39th out of 189

I got to stand on a podium and everything.

Carly got second because she kicked just as much ass as I did. I mean, she did pace me for 3 miles anyway!!! Chris killed us both by finishing in 1:31:50 and getting 2nd in the Master's group!

Overall, it was a great race, just as it was last year. I think I actually enjoyed it more this time around. I knew more of the runners and those who had also volunteered in the race. I loved being able to talk to everyone rather than be a wallflower.

Next year should top this though because I will be running it with my HUSBAND! Speaking of which, this was my last race running as Lindsey Britner. In just a matter of weeks, my last name will be changing! So that also made this race a huge deal! It's the end of an era and the beginning of a new story!

Anyway, since a lot of the wedding planning is behind me, I should be able to start updating a little more between now and the wedding day! I should be back to the regularly scheduled programming come October! Thank you all for your patience and those that have stuck by me during this amazing transition in my life! I have so much to share with you! Stay tuned!

It's calling for rain on race day, what are 3 things you MUST have?

Do you have a common race pose?

If you don't reach a yearly running goal, how do you feel? What do you do?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Race Recap: 2014 Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally

On the day that Alpha died, Peter and I were scheduled to run the Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally 5k. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed with tears in my eyes asking Peter, "Did you still want to do the race tonight?" Peter did not hesitate and answered that he thought we should.

That evening, while standing among other racers, I did not feel a shred of excitement. Unlike every other race, my nerves were not getting the best of me. In fact, I had no desire to be there nor did I have the intention of being competitive. I just stood behind the starting line, thinking to myself that this was going to be like any other run I did. I was just here because I paid to be in this race.

When the race began, Peter and I separated. We did not intend on running together since we both have a different idea of 5k pace.

Peter made it in this newspaper shot. Look below the X-ing sign. He is in blue with
sunglasses :)
I forgot my iPod and since Peter and I were not together, I did not have anyone to talk to. So, I just let my mind wander. I thought of Alpha for the most part. I could visualize him by my side, tongue hanging out as he effortlessly paced me. It brought back memories of running the Turkey Trot with him this past Thanksgiving. He was not very compliant at the end of the race, but then again, he was only a puppy. Poor guy was exhausted.

I checked my watch periodically, seeing what my pace was. It definitely was not up to par with where I was at the Frederick 5K or the Nick Adenhart run, but I pushed on knowing that this race was not for me anymore. This was for Alpha.

When hills felt exhausting, I imagined Alpha pulling me up as I held his leash. He would have never let a hill slow him down. He was more curious as to what was on top of that hill that he could smell. So I never let myself slow down. Instead, I only got faster.

As I approached the final stretch, I was exhausted with grief and uncomfortable from the humidity, but I started to sprint towards the finish line.

I finished in 24:34.

I met up with my running pal, Chris, who finished in about 18 minutes (wow!). As we spoke for just a minute or two, Peter made his way towards the finish line.

I thought the picture they captured was hilarious!

Peter just caught a glimpse of me and threw his hand up to say hi. I loved that the photographer caught that exact moment.

He finished in 26:53 and his goal was just to get under 30 minutes. I was so proud of him. It seemed to be the first time Peter and I smiled that day. We were both really impressed by our performance and were glad that we didn't miss out on the race.

As we left, we grabbed free apple fritters (my gluten snack for the first time in forever!) and talked about how we needed that kick in the ass. Still, we both had holes in our heart from losing Alpha that morning.

About 2 weeks later, I was notified by Fred Krumpe at Krumpe's Donuts that I actually won an age group award. I came in second for females aged 20-29! Without a thought, I dedicated the medal to Alpha because without his help dragging me up those hills in thought during that race, I may have not received that award

I love you and miss you, boy! You were such a precious puppy and I am still so sad without you. I miss those beautiful eyes, that little nub, and your energy. Who is going to lick me after my runs now? :(