Getting Back At It

After the joys of not one but TWO long-term back issues this year, I'm trying my best to come up with a plan that keeps me active as well as injury free. Just before last Monday, I hadn't picked up a weight in several weeks, so I'm sticking with a straight-forward lifting plan. No complicated movements or anything high impact. I'm also keeping my weight relatively light. Nothing over 15-20 pounds depending on the movement. 

Here's how my week of strength building looks at a glance:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Back/Biceps
Wednesday: Chest/Triceps
Thursday: Glutes
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Total Body (though I'm thinking of switching it to a core specific workout)

Each of these workouts are usually about 30 minutes (as long as I don't fudge around) and follow the rule of reducing the number of reps with each set, while increasing the weight. So for example:

Parallel Squats

Set 1 (15 Reps): 10 lbs
Set 2 (12 Reps): 12.5 lbs
Set 3 (8 Reps): 15 lbs

In the past, this has proven successful for me, I've just majorly reduced the weight this time around. It's important to me that I do better with form and comfort with weights rather than put myself through yet another injury this year. 

My cardio is not being neglected either. I pair each of these strength workouts with time on the Peloton bike. I never exceed 30 minutes. However, I do try to find slower rides with heavier resistances so it's not like I'm doing hardcore cardio workouts every day. I haven\"t yet come up with a good routine in that regard, but I'll definitely figure it out. 

And if you didn't think that was enough, I like to do yoga each day. I think it's been a great addition to my routine in the past. Lately, it's been beginner type stuff for about 10-20 minutes each day since more advanced poses can aggravate my back right now. Though, on Sundays (my rest day) I'll usually go 45+ minutes. Right now, I do classes from Peloton, my favorite instructors being Anna and Aditi.

Now that I caught you up on what my current fitness routine is, here's what today looked like:

I started the day with a ride (Robin's 30 Minute Pop Ride from 11/19/21)

I shortly followed it up with Back & Biceps. Here’s a clip (Don’t come at me about the song choice, it was on my playlist today):

And finally, an easy 20 minute flow (Anna's Focus Flow from 10/4/21):

Now, you're turn!

  1. Do you pair cardio and weights? Or do one or the other on specific days?
  2. What's your favorite Peloton ride?
  3. Do you do yoga? Do you consider it a workout or more of a recovery?

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