Running PR and Post-Surgery Activities

I want thank each of you who had left suggestions of what I can do post-surgery.

I particularly loved FitLizzy's response:
"Super-duper long run the day before surgery so I feel like resting in the aftermath. Also? Books! Knitting! I think we run around so much that we forget there is joy to be found in sedentary activities, too."
She is right.  I really should take this time to stop and smell the flowers. Every day, I come home from work and plan my evening around my run. Though, running is a great portion of my life, I need to take this opportunity to try something new. There are other important things in life than running miles and miles every day.

Since I love food, why not find a new recipe to cook or a new dessert to bake? I can go walking with Peter in the evenings like we used to. I may find a new project to start working on around the house. I can lay on the hammock at night and read a new book. Play a board game or try to beat an old school Super Nintendo game (I've been thinking about that for some time). I do have plenty fun options to take advantage of.

runnerontherise also left some great suggestions:
"Cycling, pilates, yoga. You don't have to sweat buckets or almost kill yourself every workout to get or stay in shape."
Though, I do not believe cycling will be doctor approved post-surgery, I think Pilates and Yoga are great options for my second week of recovery. There's a website that actually offers hundreds of free yoga videos for any difficulty level. They even have runner specific workouts as well. The site is called Do Yoga With Me. You should check it out!

Also, if I begin to lose my mind during the recovery process, I know that my bloggin' friends will be here to help me through it. You guys are the best!!! :o)

Anyway, today was the last day of the month and I finished strong! Yesterday, I completed an unplanned 12 miler. I was aiming for 10; however, I was in a bit of a panic. Since I found out I would be off for a couple of weeks, I thought that getting in a few extra miles was necessary. It was a nice run, but, it got a little too humid near the end. I hate being unable to breathe.

Today, I completed an 8 miler. Once again, way too humid for my tastes. Though, my mileage did pay off. Today's run left me with a total of 172.79 miles for the month. That means I have a new PR in the most miles ran in a single month. Go Lindsey!!! I have a feeling I will beat that at least one more time this year. The fall months seem quite promising for me.

What are your favorite sedentary activities?

What do you like better: Yoga or Pilates?

Post Surgery, Non-Strenuous

This entry is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. If it wasn't, it would truly be pages here we go!

I knew the words were coming.

"No strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 2 weeks."

I am pretty sure that the doctor could see my expression change from being an attentive listener to "Holy moley, this woman is crazy!"

She then asked me if I exercised often and I told her I was a dedicated runner. After biting her lip, she said, "Well, you may be able to do some light running after a week on flat surfaces...but no hills." I automatically assumed that the doctor was a runner, understands the obsessive nature of runners, or just plan gets that not every one enjoys being sedentary.

With that news, I decided that I will not be taking my intended week off following the 4th of July. I will run up until the day of my surgery as I normally would, then take the time off as recommended. Fortunately, it will not interfere with any races. After the 4th, I don't have anything planned until September.

The question is, what do I do to maintain fitness?

Strenuous exercise is kind of my thing! However, I have tried googling "non-strenuous exercises" and my only option appears to be walking. There has to be more.


Have you ever had to restrain yourself from non-strenuous workouts post-surgery? What did you do to maintain fitness or did you just relax?

Let's Be Amish Bread Friends!

How do you end a hot summer run?

I don't think there is a better way to finish a run than relaxing on a hammock in the shade.

Oh, and baking/eating!

Peter and I were recently introduced to Amish Friendship Bread. We love it so much that we have made 3 cycles of it.

Here's how it works. A friend of yours gives you a bag of what they call a "starter".

You harvest the starter for 10 days, squishing the bag and adding ingredients as the instructions indicate. On the 10th day, you continue adding ingredients and it will give you enough batter to make 4 starter bags (one for you and 3 friends). With what batter is left, you are able to bake 2 loaves of mouth watering sweet bread.

If you have not ever received a starter and want to start your own friendship bread, you can find the recipe here. It yields enough for 4 starters: one for you and 3 friends. Unless, of course, you want to keep more for yourself. Don't worry, I won't tell. We did that tonight.

Our mess!

You can also get a little creative with the recipe. It calls for pudding mix and any flavor will do. Vanilla seems to be the popular choice. We chose that and banana (we had 2 starters to make).

You can also add nuts and chocolate chips to your batter. Peter and I prefer adding them about 10 minutes into baking so they sit closer in the middle as opposed to the very bottom or top.

These are the banana loaves we made.

Yes, that one in the back looks frightfully burnt, BUT both were on the exact same temperature for the exact amount of time. Not sure what happened there.

Anyway, this bread is perfect for breakfast or a snack. I will typically eat my bread for a snack between breakfast and lunch. I don't really consider this healthy, but you can definitely modify the recipe to include skim milk, low fat/sugar pudding, replace sugar with spenda, etc. However, know that you are able to subject yourself to SOME naughtiness every once in a while. ;-)

Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!

What is the ideal way to end a run? Do you read, watch TV, eat?
- I usually eat :o)

Have you ever made Amish Friendship Bread?

What pudding flavor would you use to make your bread?

Aggressive Running

Unfortunately, I have gone insane. I came home from work in quite the mood. Well, I have actually been in "quite the mood" all week. I am Oscar the Grouch's evil twin. is that bad. I wouldn't question it.

I thought this evening would be somewhat relaxing. Peter's birthday present arrived in 2 large packages and because I had no way of hiding them (I should've had them delivered to my parents), I gave him his gift nearly a month early.

What did I get him, you ask?

Relaxing, right?

We lay on it for a moment, enjoying the comfort, but I had some working out to do. I couldn't let myself get lazy. :o(

I started with weight training since it was way too hot for me to run. That was approximately the time my aggression kicked in. I don't know what the source of it was, but I don't think I have ever completed a weight workout that fast and with such energy! I was hoping that it would have helped tame my mood, but it actually didn't do me any good.

After finishing, I began to clean with much intensity. There was dust everywhere and I had to Pledge all of the rooms that had any wooden furniture. That led to vacuuming a few rooms as well. I could have taken it a step further, but I decided to stop before I got too caught up in it. It is a week day after all!

It wasn't getting any cooler so it was time to hit the trail before the sun set.

This is what I looked like before my run...

This was my time and temperature after...

This was how I looked/felt after stretching...

I must say, aggressive running is the best kind of running. I ran so fast even with the high temperature and humidity. Had to have been from the insanity I had inside!! It felt good to burn out all my anger in that 5 mile span, especially when I thought that run was going to be killer.

Makes me want to have that sort of aggressive behavior every running day.... Yeah, just kidding. I really hope I get out of this funk soon.

How do you rid yourself of aggression and anger?

Do you find yourself running faster when you're angry?

Are you able to withstand the elements easily when you are grouchy?

Strict Mileage & Runner's Plateau

Am I the only one that plans out exactly how many miles I'm going to do every day before the week even begins? I feel like most of the runners I follow simply go out and run however many miles they feel like that day. I can't operate like that!

If I don't have a set running schedule and a mileage goal for each day, I feel like I would easily fall off the running wagon and be couch ridden with a box of Double Stuf Peanut Butter Oreos in hand. maybe I'm over exaggerating, but I feel that I would have a hard time reaching goals if I wasn't strict on myself.

I start my week (Sunday) with a long-ish run. The weekends are the only time that I semi-play with my mileage goal. Typically, I will set the expectation to 7 miles for Sunday. Sometimes, I do more just so I have less mileage to do after I get off from work during the week. I will run Monday-Wednesday, ending with about 25 miles. Those days usually range between 5-7 miles. That leaves Saturday with a 10+ mile run. It usually depends on the weather or my exhaustion.

So that gives me anywhere from 35-40 miles per week and if I would fall below, I would not be very pleased with myself.

I hate feeling guilty for falling off the horse...even if it's just by a mile. I am very goal driven and when I set a bar for myself, I either have to meet or beat it. It's really going to bite me in the butt soon, I am sure. Especially when it comes to racing.

I PR with every 5K race that I do.

I feel like I am going to be uberly disappointed when I fail to PR in the future. The likeliness is great. Every runner reaches that plateau and accomplishments are more difficult to achieve. I dread this day. I've been achieving so much, so it's only a matter of time before the PRs stop and my weekly mileage stays stagnant.

I'm really not sure how to prepare myself for this. So help me out!

Have you reached a running plateau? If so, how have you dealt with it? Did you find it frustrating/difficult?

How likely is it for you to PR in your race? Was it frequent in your first year of running? Does it taper off for you.

Compression Session: The Socks in Question?

Note: The title of this blog post is sung with the tune of "Conjunction Junction".

I received my first pair of PRO Compression socks the other day. I purchased the 4th of July edition. What runner could possibly pass up themed socks for a race?

I sported mine on the trail to test them out. After all, we are just a week and a half away from Independence Day. It's not too early to show them off to the public! I'm sure most were jealous that they didn't have socks that screamed "patriotism." Especially the lady who said I dressed too skimpy last week. She passed me 4 times on her bike today.

It had to be the socks...

Anyway, if you have never tried compression socks, or have heard the benefits they offer, here's the deal. Compression Socks were introduced to improve blood flow in the legs. They help prevent clotting, blood pooling, inflammation, and can assist in any pain or discomfort a person may have in that area of the body. The first time I ever saw a pair of compression socks was when my dad had hip surgery several years ago. He was given them while he was in recovery.

For runners, having the improved blood circulation would help minimize the lactic acid build up that causes your legs to get sore after a difficult run, like a race or a long distance run. It's also said that the socks decrease the vibrations in your leg muscles, which may resort in shin splints.

Now, some of these theories may have little or no proven scientific evidence that supports them. However, when you try on a pair of compression socks and go for a run, you be the judge. I, for one, find compression socks to offer the benefits that these companies, like PRO Compression and CEP Compression, claim.

I wore my new socks on a 9 mile run today. The intention was only to run 7, but what the heck! The 90% humidity didn't break me. Though, practically breathing in water is never a satisfying experience. For anyone.

Anyway, the socks were very comfortable! They were tight in all the right places without cutting off my circulation (that would obviously be the opposite effect of what their purpose is). When I wear compression socks, I feel like my legs are stable, strong, and controlled. They never feel worn and torn after a long run.

I can't wait to try my PRO Compression socks for the 5k on July 4th. I have never used a pair in a race so I'm hoping to see the benefits show through, especially in recovery. I think they would have been very helpful after the Nick Adenhart race. My legs died after that one!

If you want to try a pair of PRO Compression Socks and look fab this July 4th, you can purchase their patriotic pair at 40% off using the coupon code JL4. Go HERE!!!

Do you wear compression socks?

Do you primary use compression socks for races, recovery, or just every time you run?

If you own compression socks, do you feel that the claimed benefits are true for runners?

Let's Talk Shoes, Socks, and Strawberry Jam?

Good afternoon, runners!

I had my very first sock mishap during my 10 miler today!

I have had this pair and four others for nearly a year. This is the first time I got a hole. They are all getting pretty worn out, but I still think that a year rotating through these socks is quite amazing. I think that it proves they are pretty tough and can withstand many miles! Under Armour sells them in packs of 5 on Amazon. They have them in neon too!

I will give them two thumbs up! I already have a new pack ready to join the rotation.

Anyway, I'm ready to hit the 500th mile in my Brooks PureGrit 2s.

I am quite sad because these were my very first pair of Brooks and they have been kind to my feet. We didn't start out with the best relationship, but once I finally developed a mid-foot strike, I fell in love. I am confident I will buy another pair with my next pay check. These shoes are perfect for my trail runs.

I am also considering a new pair of Mizunos. I currently have a pair for treadmill-only runs.

I need a pair of shoes just for road runs. I had the Asics, but if you do not remember, we broke up after a few very bad runs. As a result, I was using the Brooks for both trail and road runs. That is how I got 500 miles on them so quickly!

However, I haven't yet decided which model of Mizunos I want. I'm leaning towards the Wave Riders again since they have treated me well on the treadmill so far. Yet, treadmill and road running do I am not entirely sure at this time.

Anyway, enough about my feet, let's move onto jam (what a subtle topic change).

I wanted to share with you this mouth watering Strawberry Vanilla Jam that my mom made for me...

Isn't her hand-writing gorgeous?

But since technology has not yet provided a way of instantly sharing food via internet connection, I guess you will not be able to taste it at this time.

I have been spoiled with homemade jellies and jams these past few weeks. Our roommate, Chris, has allowed us some of his raspberry jelly that was canned a couple years back. So yummy! I've had it on my toast and bagels almost every morning. Though, I've had to cheat on the raspberry jelly with my mom's strawberry jam recently.

Perfect pre-run breakfast
It's going to be hard going back to store bought. So hopefully this summer we can can (haha...can can) our own for the fall/winter months.

Have you ever had running socks that lasted a year or longer? Which brand/style of socks were they?

Do you have more than one pair of running shoes depending on the type of run?

How many miles do you put in a shoe before switching out?

What's your favorite jelly/jam flavor?

Athleta Visor Present & Running Games

First and foremost, I want to thank Live Free and Run for her giveaway. I happened to be the lucky winner from her recent contest and received an Athleta visor.

I wore it for the first time today and must say it's pretty comfy! That is saying a lot coming from me. In the past, I have had nothing but bad luck with any type of hat or head gear while running. It either doesn't stay on or it feels like I am loosing circulation to my brain. Even the adjustable hats! "One Size Fits All" my arse!

So thanks again, Colleen! I'm in love with my prize and will definitely look into some Athleta gear in the future!

Anyway, I ran a 6 miler on the treadmill yesterday. At first, I was going to break it up since I consider the treadmill a "dreadmill." I figured I would do 3 miles, rest and make dinner. Then, I would follow up with 3 more miles and call it a day. But, I changed my mind about 10 times and ended up making a game out of it. Oh the ways we must entertain ourselves just to get through a run...

I'm sure it was only considered fun by my standards, but I decided to see how many miles I could do before Peter got home from his hair cut. Normally, he doesn't take too long to finish up. I figured I would at least get 3-4 miles in before he arrived. That's when I would take the break and finish out later in the evening.

Well, I ended up finishing the entire 6 miles before he got home.

That wasn't exactly how I wanted to play the game, but I think I won in the end because I got the dreadmill workout over with.

Today, I took to the trail for a 5 mile run. I was fooled by the weather and thought "This is going to be such a lovely run! I'll probably end up doing a few more miles!" I was so very wrong. It was really nice for the first mile, but once I was in the woods, the humidity was pretty heavy. Also, my legs were not too keen on the idea of running today. In fact, they started falling asleep during the last 2 miles. That has not happened in months, so I think they may actually need these next 2 rest days. Then, they will be ready to give me some more of the best running days ever! :o)

Happy Hump Day!

What hats or headgear have you worn this summer? Any recommendations for my fat head?

Any running games you play to make it a little more enjoyable? Anyone ever try that Zombies, Run! app?

Ever have your legs/feet fall asleep on a run? Have you found a way to stop it without having to take a break during your run?

All Calf, No Thigh

PRO Compression is now selling these awesomely patriotic socks. They will be perfect for my Run for Freedom 5k this July 4th. They are currently 40% off using coupon code JL4. Go buy some!

As I was measuring myself up for the best fit, it would appear that I have the largest calves in Boonsboro, MD. I discovered that largest part of my calf measures 14.5 inches. Say whaaa!? That is only a 3.5 inch difference from my thigh!

I made Peter measure his to compare. His calves were 16 inches. Then, his thighs were about 8 inches larger than his calves. It made my calf to thigh ratio look a bit sad, but I'm looking to beef them up. I know they are weak because lately, I have found myself struggling to climb stairs and other inclines. Peter calls me "Grandma Lindsey" because of how slow I have become.

Since I don't want to be mistaken for an elderly woman, I decided to add some extra strength exercises to give my thighs the boost they need. First, I did some simple lunges, but then, I thought I would turn it up a notch.

Switch lunges are a bit high impact in comparison to your regular lunges. Adding the jump really turns up the intensity. It may have been too early for me to start these as opposed to regular ol' lunges. The muscles just above my knee are KILLING me today from it. Though, it's like they say, "No pain, no gain!"

I figure if I increase my thigh strength, my running will ultimately improve. Especially when it comes to heavy inclines. I can't lose!

Have you ever bought PRO Compression Socks? What do you think of them? Are you buying the Patriotic pair?

Do you do any squats or lunges to improve your thigh strength? Has it improved your running?

What's your favorite thigh exercise?

Run, Grumpy, Run!

This is all I've been doing this weekend...

Oh, how embarrassing...wrong picture... ;-)

That's more like it.

I have been exhausted! I think the heat has really taken it out of me. Recently, I have been retiring to the couch to grab some zzz's after my weekend runs. I prefer not to take naps if I can avoid them. I feel that the only benefits they serve are to screw up sleep schedules and waste valuable productivity time. Unfortunately, I now have to take naps to function.

Upon returning from my 8 miler today, I threw a bit of a fit. I attempted to keep my run easy to avoid developing a crabby attitude from exhaustion. I even including a 15 minute break at the halfway point to admire the dam.

Yet, I still found myself grumpy at the finish. I also knew that cleaning had to be done upon arriving home. I didn't want any part of it this week. But Peter, being the kind, generous, and amazing boyfriend he is, let me relax while he did most of the cleaning himself.

I ended up sleeping for nearly 2 hours. Needless to say, I didn't get much done because of it. Though, I do feel a bit more level headed now that I regained some lost energy.

I really hope I get though this phase of exhaustion soon because I'm really not loving it. There are so many things I'd rather do than sleep (even though sleep is one of the best things ever). I have a mile long list of projects that need completed on the house, like this one...

This will be a future door to our Master Bathroom. Currently, we do not have a door. We didn't feel it a priority since the bathroom is attached to our bedroom. Now, I feel it's about time we install one. We can't do a standard door. Our door frames are sized in a way that you couldn't buy one from Lowe's and have it fit. We figured, if we are going to have to make a custom door, we may as well make it unique! I think I'll start buying the supplies on my next paycheck. :)

Do you find yourself napping more often after exerting yourself in the heat?

Do you have a bad temper after pushing yourself in hotter weather?

Do you like taking naps or do you try to avoid them?

Any home projects that you have planned for the summer? Do tell!

"Skimpy" Runner

Because I was up late with my lover and friends, a 6am run was not going to be occurring this Saturday. You heard absolutely no objections from me because I not only had a lovely time staying out, but I had no desire of waking up that early...

I ended up getting out of bed around 7:30, throwing on an average 80 degree weather outfit and was on the trail by 8:00. Soon after starting my first mile, I was stopped by a 50+ year old female, who I initially thought was trying being friendly, but ended up insulting me instead.

First, she asked me if I lived around the area. When I answered yes, she proceeded in telling me how she has lived here for over 15 years and that I was dressed too skimpy.

I was STUNNED. I did not know how to respond to the comment. I simply stared at her, said "okay," and continued forward. This left such a bad taste in my mouth. I was wearing Under Armour, not Victoria's Secret lingerie. I don't think what I was wearing was considered "sexy" or "slutty" by a long shot, yet she made me feel like I was breaking some unwritten rule of trail apparel in her neck of the woods.

What would drive someone to interrupt an individual's workout just to voice that they were under dressed? Call me a feminist, but I have never seen anyone approach a shirtless man while he was working out to say "You're dressed too skimpy." Why can't a woman receive the same freedom? I was not topless!

ANYWAY, enough about mean ol' ladies...

The plan was to do 10 miles and I sincerely thought that I would do just that. It was a little humid and a bit too hot for my liking. However, once I hit one of the downhill slopes, the temperature felt like it dropped 10 degrees and a breeze kicked in. So, like most long run days, I thought "Why not keep going?!"

I ended up doing 13.1 miles.

I tried to be more considerate of my heart rate during the first half. I thought the temps were going to kill me; however, once I reached the 5 mile mark and felt the cool breeze, my heart rate did end up slowing and I was able to focus on picking up my pace. I was actually able to get some of my miles under 9 minutes. That is a time frame I have not seen since the Nick Adenhart 5K. I guess my rest days paid off.

And the river was beautiful today so it really helped me push through...

Overall, I feel pretty good after my run today. I don't feel nearly as exhausted as I have in the previous weeks, but the goal is still to remain between 35-40 miles/week till the end of August. My week ended around 38 this time. Not too bad!

Well, have a great Saturday everyone!

Have you ever been negatively critiqued on your choice of workout clothing? 

How was the weather on your run today? Did you go longer/shorter than anticipated?

No Running Drive Today!!!

I must say, I am quite the unmotivated runner this week. I may have had the best race last Saturday and developed an ego the size of the Atlantic, but I have no desire to run! I want my rest days and my week off.

Maybe it's the heat? Or perhaps my body is genuinely exhausted. Either way, I'd rather kick my feet up with chocolate dipped waffle cone stuffed full of Coldstone ice cream (who's buying?).

I'm stubborn though. I refuse to take unscheduled days off unless I'm sick or injured. Even under those circumstances, it is hard to convince me not to run. Though, it wouldn't take much to persuade me to eat Coldstone (who's buying?).

Today, my run today was "easy" (easy would have been me laying on the couch with the above ice cream). It was a 5 miler on the treadmill and boy, was I excited to start!

That's the look of pure determination!!! ;-)

I am still trying to follow a 35 mile week, but Saturday will ultimately decide whether I stick to 35 or "accidentally" run more. I would only have to do 10 miles to reach my goal, but the weather is supposed to be super nice and I'm sure you know how it will end: 13+ miles. Then, I can almost guarantee that will be another week of Lazy Runner's Syndrome.

My week off will be here before I know it. I have 3 more to go until then. I plan on full rest and relaxation beginning right after my Run for Freedom 5k on July 4th. It will be perfect...I will suffer from heat exhaustion after competing in sky high temps, but I will get to enjoy a week praising all that is holy that I don't have to run in that weather!
My luck, we will have record low temperatures the whole time. :-\

But anyway, I made it to my running weekend and I am about to get lazy! Enjoy the rest of your hump day. I'm going to indulge in a snack! :)

How do you motivate yourself?

Bloggers I Religiously Follow

I have finally reached 10,000 page views. I'm feeling pretty badass. Though, I know I don't quite compare to other known running bloggers like Hungry Runner Girl or Run Eat Repeat. One day, I hope to be as influential as they are. Or maybe become as fast as they are. Or both?

Hungry Runner Girl aka Janae was the first blogger I started following when I became a runner. I love her enthusiasm. Every day, Janae is a gleaming ball of sunshine, even if she is suffering from an injury. She tends to find the positive in everything and I thrive off of that. Janae is also full of valuable information. She offers training tips almost daily for runners of all levels. I have found much of it extremely useful. This girl has given me some PRs!

And did I mention, she's a foodie?! Nothing like a fellow female that loves to eat!

So does this next lovely woman!

Run Eat Repeat aka Monica is a red headed runner (maybe I'm biased?) who originally started blogging to track weight loss. Monica has not only kicked butt at losing some lbs, but has become quite the runner. She has completed numerous marathons and half-marathons and is working towards 13 halfs for this year alone!

What I really love most about her is that she believes in a 80/20 lifestyle. That means that Monica spends 80% of her time maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well and working out. However, she also allows 20% of "fun" so she can have those cheat foods we love so much. I fully support this and tend to live my life the same way. Why restrict? Let's be happy!

I recommend both of these ladies if you're looking for running advice or some really delicious recipes. They have provided me with a great wealth of knowledge and it has done nothing but help me become a better runner. Without them, I would not be where I am today.

Do you have any blogs that you follow on a daily basis?

Who are your running inspirations? 

Ego Boost & 2 Rounds on the Treadmill

I think I am still on a high from my race on Saturday. I have never been more proud of myself as a runner. My manager at work even sent out an email to my department just to congratulate me on my accomplishment (he happened to be passing through when my award was announced...what are the odds!?).

My ego was heightened a little.

I believe that this has been the rainiest day we've had all year.

I knew that I had to take to the treadmill. The rain was way too sporadic for me to even think of going outside. It would sprinkle one minute, then, there would be a monsoon in the backyard the next. I would love to run in this type of weather; however, I think that would be frowned upon for safety reasons. Like my Hurricane Sandy run...

Anyway, since I wasn't entirely fond of a treadmill run today, I decided to break it up into two sessions. I did 3 miles for my first round. I figured it would kill some time while our delicious dinner was baking (cheesy breaded chicken). Then, once I did some digesting, I went back for round 2, completing another 3 miles.

Breaking up a run seems like a great idea, but I don't feel like I get the same benefits. I know I finished the mileage I wanted to, but it seemed too easy. I hear doing a workout, whether in full or broken up, provides the same results in the end. Though, I've heard conflicting views as well. I hate the internet sometimes.

I still managed to sweat my little butt off.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day. I should be able to push out a single session on the trail.

Hope you had a happy Monday!

How long does it take for you to come down from a great race?

Do you break up runs? Do you think they are just as beneficial as one full workout?

The Little Ginger That Could, but Shouldn't Have...

I knew I should have taken today's run just a bit easier.

After doing so well yesterday, I thought shaving a few miles off my long run would be legit. I was planning for 10-13.1 miles. With whichever distance I chose, I was aiming to keep it easy...

...that wasn't what happened.

When I reached the 5th mile marker, I assessed how I felt mentally and physically. I was, no doubt, tired, but I decided I was in a good state of mind to keep moving forward. Then, I hit 6.55 and looked ahead. I could see mile 7 from where I was and it didn't seem that far...

I wasn't feeling much better since mile 5 and knew if I kept going, I was going to regret it. But, despite the likeliness of regretting my decision, I pushed forward for a half mile.

As expected, the dissatisfaction with my plan began to settle in. I was already 7 miles out and it looked as though I would have to finish a full 14 mile run. I began to ache and my exhaustion was taking it's toll. I can't forget to mention that the humidity really began to bother me.

That's when I had to start making deals with the devil myself.

If I made it through the remaining 7 miles, I promised myself a plate of leftover spaghetti. A BIG plate.

A nap with Ginger was also negotiated upon my arrival home.

I also decided that I am going to shave my weekly mileage goal down 5 miles. No more 40 mile weeks until the hot, sticky days have passed. If a good week comes along, sure, 40 will be fine. However, I'm not going to expect it out of myself. It is not realistic for me until fall arrives.

A vacation from running was also planned. Next month, I will take a week off because I have never proposed any time from running. It usually only happens because I'm injured and those days off are never fun. I think it's time for me to give myself some time to enjoy some lazy behavior. It's well-deserved.

Anyway, I started the official mileage countdown when I had 4 to go. I was counting it by the quarter. I just really wanted my food and nap at this point. Then, when I finally saw my car a quarter of a mile away, I was extremely relieved. I finally finished the somewhat torturous adventure in 2:18:28.

I followed through with my above deals: I stuffed myself full with spaghetti and also rested with my cat, who licked the sweat from my neck. I still intend to follow through with everything else I had discussed. So we may be looking at just some 5 milers this week for the short runs.

Anywho, I hope you all had a great weekend and hope the remainder of your Sunday goes perfectly :)

Have you ever pushed yourself to complete a run that you knew you should not have done?

What is your weekly mileage goal in the summer? Does it differ from the other seasons?

Do you take time off from running? If so, how long and how often?
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