Hey there! Welcome to Run Freckles Run! My name is Lindsey aka Freckles and I'm kind of obsessed with fitness. I began taking my journey seriously after dealing with the loss of my boyfriend when I was just 20 years old. I started running as a way to deal with my grief as well as have a "free" way of getting in shape. I have since ran 7 marathons, a 50 mile ultra. and several half marathons and 5ks. In 2015, I became an ISSA certified fitness trainer, but it wasn't until a couple years later that I really began making the most out of that certification. 

After making the cross-country move from western Maryland to San Diego in 2017, I reduced my time running and found a love for weights, spinning, and yoga. I decided to use that certification and get a job training. I also obtained certifications in live class formats such as Core De Force and P90X. I've taught at Crunch gyms, the University of California - San Diego, and several apartment complexes. As of 2021, the main gym I am affiliated with is F45, where I coach several classes a week.

Follow me as I share my own fitness journey, workouts for you, SoCal adventures, and everything that life throws my way! Let's be friends! :)

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