A Hiccup That I WILL Overcome

So I wanted to share with you guys that I did something really scary today. You ready for it?

I counted calories!

Many of you know how anti-calorie counting I am, but I thought it was time to quality check myself since I have drastically cleaned up my diet.

Over the course of the past 8-9 weeks, I reduced my added sugars about 95% and have taken the time to incorporate a variety of ingredients that I have never included in my meals. So I was proud of myself for taking this HUGE step in bettering my nutrition.

BUT, over the past 2 weeks, the changes in my body have worried me. The muscle tone I was getting started to fade a little and I wondered "Is it fat? Is it water weight? Did I eat something that made me bloat?" I don't feel bloated or fatty. I even took my fat percentage recently and was on the low side. So I started drinking more water to help alleviate what I thought could have been bloat, but I was already drinking about 100 oz a day! My pee was not the color of lemonade, it was WATER!

Today, I decided it was time to analyze my intake. I wrote down everything I’ve had from the past few days. I was proud to see that I was very dynamic in my choices and I was doing well with incorporating protein, veggies, and healthy fats into my meals. But, I was absolutely shocked when I saw my calorie intake. I was positive I was going to be well over 2,000 calories, but I was way off! It was anywhere from 500-1000 calories LOWER than what I should eat to build muscle.

How could this be?! I would eat and feel stuffed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then eat my snacks in between. Yet, I was constantly catching myself sneaking nuts outside of those meal times.

It made me feel gluttonous and I blamed that on what was going on. Little did I know, the problem with my disappearing muscle tone was because I wasn't taking in enough!!! 

I’m hungry and I'm not feeding my muscles like I should. This whole time I thought I was just having uncontrollable urges to stuff my face. Although I surely love to eat, it’s not because I'm a glutton, it’s because I legit NEED the food.

Honestly, this is a really sensitive subject for me. After dealing with an eating disorder several years ago, knowing that I need to eat more triggers my ED mind.

I do love food and understanding that I need to eat more should be something that makes me dance with joy! Yet, it freaks the old me out! Saying I need to eat more makes my ED brain say “You’re going to get fat, not toned. Don’t do it!”

After reading a couple of personal development books this year, I know that I need to leave those toxic thoughts behind and trust myself, but my relationship with food was a 20+ year long struggle (anorexia and bulimia polluted 2-3 years of it) and sometimes still is. Still, I just really need to suck it up and get over it. All the books say it. 

Simply speaking, my body needs the nutrition if I want to reach my goals. Calorie restriction...though I'm not trying...is not helping.

It's just a new challenge I will have to overcome!

Have you ever taken in too little calories without trying?

Do you track your food intake?

Have you ever tried using the 21 Day Fit Portion containers?

10 Things NOT Health or Fitness

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it!

I have been putting a lot of my time and effort into my workouts, meal planning, health & fitness coaching, and personal development. I have been a determined lady to say the very least. But I want to take a time out from all of that and actually discuss my real life! I feel like every time I blog, I primarily talk about health and fitness, but never talk about what else I do with my life.

Well, here's a few things about me that you may or may not have known that have nothing to do with health and fitness!

  1. I love going for car rides. It was something my husband and I used to do quite frequently. Though we both have become very busy, we have managed to take rides every now and then. We never have a destination, we just like to be away from home and our technology to just be with each other. There's something nice about it. Almost stress relieving.
  2. We have a dog! I know I have mentioned her maybe once on here, but we did get another dog! After Alpha passed away a couple of years ago, we finally brought Beta into our family this past October. We literally picked her up after our trip to Tennessee. She's been quite the handful, but she has rounded out our family very well!

  3. I want to finish my book! Blogging isn't my only means of writing. For years, I have been trying to complete a memoir, which is always put on hold. One day, I know it will be finished, even if my eyes are the only ones which read it.
  4. I really miss going to college and I want to finish my degree so much. Other things have taken a priority at this time, but if I work hard at those current priorities, they should open up time in my future to finally see that degree on my wall.
  5. I love reading personal development books. Though I have really only dived into it last month, I can't imagine a day going by where I don't learn something new about myself or how to improve the quality of my life. Currently, I am reading "You Are a Badass."

  6. A photo posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@lindseyszakacs) on

  7. I look at realtor.com once a day. I love looking for my dream home! You can find all my recent pins here.
  8. Speaking of realtor.com, I recently came across the show "Property Brothers" on Netflix and now I feel like I must flip my own home. I wish those guys would come to my area and help us out!!!
  9. I am HUGE into my personal finances.I track my money every day and am so strict with it. I have to know where every penny is going and if there's not a certain amount in the bank, I will have a fit! I also try to save back money everytime I am paid. Not for anything in particular...just for whatever may come my way!
  10. Leggings and flowy shirts have been my outfits of choice. Except for when it is brutally cold out. So much comfort! Once you go to leggings, it's really hard to wear jeans again. Then, once I get home from work, I change into a sports bra and hoodie. I don't care how I look, I just long for comfort right now!

  11. I am such a Disney fan! We recently signed up for the Disney Movie Club and bought dozens of movies so far! Then we basically binge watch them multiple times! Recently we've been watching Saving Mr. Banks, Wreck It Ralph, the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean, Mary Poppins...and then some!!!

So there's a few things about me! Now I want to hear the non-health and fitness things about yourself! Name as many as you'd like!

12 Things Tuesday

  1. This week has been leftover week, which is now my favorite! I don't have to cook or meal plan/prep! Saves me so much time during the week!!!

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  2. I just know noticed that my lower back sags when I do planks/push-ups. I guess it's best that I noticed this now rather than later! I've been working to correct it and phew...it takes some work!
  3. Speaking of planks, I've been participating in a month-long plank challenge. Even after correcting my saggy back, I got 4:10 in today!!!
  4. Plyo Push-ups are INSANE. Today was the first day I could actually do them during Eccentric Upper.

  5. I finally got around to ordering my first round of Shakeology. I have needed something like this in my life for sometime, but have put it off. I decided it cannot wait any longer with the muscle work I've been cranking these past 45 days.
  6. It's been far too long since I successfully finished a book (Born to Run just this last summer). Finally finishing up The Hobbit tonight!
  7. On the subject of books, I recommend you read The Slight Edge. I have almost finished this up as well. It has overall made me strive to be a better person.

  8. I'm still on my yoga streak. I started doing Yoga with Adriene's Reboot, which I LOVE!
  9. Meditation has re-entered my life. I only do 5 minutes a day, but that's 5 minutes where I can clear my mind and fully relax. Every one deserves at least 5 minutes of that!
  10. I love looking at real estate lately. I cannot wait until I am seriously house shopping again. For now, I'm just keeping in mind which places I like.
  11. I am obsessed with Pinterest again. I've been building a vision board and I have about 983794872 different visions of my home. Wonder how I will integrate them?

  12. I recommend you watch this Ted Talks about happiness. I have been integrating the 5 Habits into my daily routine and I'm already feeling the changes.

Tell me something random about your Tuesday!

A Weekend with the Treadmill

It was the coldest weekend ever here in Maryland and as a result, all outdoor runs were brought inside. That means that our treadmill and Netflix subscription got some major use. We are definitely getting our money's worth out of it, for sure!

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Saturday morning, I took my good ol' time getting to into the home gym, but I eventually showed up for my 12 miler. I gave up about 948784 times during that 2 hours, but kept telling myself "just one more mile." That mantra got me to the 12th.

After that adventure ended, I immediately jumped into my P90X3 workout, which was the Eccentric Upper video. I have to say, the Eccentric Upper and Lower workouts are a challenge for me, but that only gives me hope that my body is going to see some significant changes. I was thankful that I recorded myself doing the moves so I could see where my form needed improvement (I recommend you do it too!). Now there's no room for error...or a loss in results.

By the time it finished the workout, I was POOPED. I NEVER do both running and strength training in one day, but Phase II of P90X3 and my running schedule overlap for one day with the modified schedule I'm doing. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

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On Sunday, Peter had to get in 18 miles. Since it was still freezing out, he too was tied to the treadmill. Though he did take a quick intermission after mile 12, he finished all 18 miles in less than 3.5 hours. I am becoming evermore hopeful for a good first marathon time for him.

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I hopped on for 10k once he finished, then threw in my ab workout.

Honestly, I still cannot believe that I have been committed to EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT on my schedule this year, but I am glad that I've shown up! Here's why...

The changes may seem mild, but to me, this is amazing! Fourty-five days of commitment to healthy eating and working out has finally started to show! And even though abs were my top priority, I am hoping to see significant changes elsewhere once I am done the entire program!

I highly recommend the Beachbody programs so I did become my own coach. So if you like my results and want to claim them as your own, check out "Free Coaching" on the menu at the top of the blog!

Anyway, the workouts for the week are pretty similar to last. I just changed some things around since I was off work yesterday.

Run 5
Ab Ripper X3
Eccentric Upper
Run 5
Eccentric Lower
Run 5
Ab Ripper X3
Eccentric Upper
Eccentric Lower
Run 12

So cheers to another great week! Hope you all are having a great beginning to yours!

The Weight Loss Roller Coaster

I was always a chunky child. I always found comfort in eating. Touching, tasting and smelling food was a pleasure that I was obsessed over. I specifically remember a time in my childhood when I nearly devoured nearly an entire loaf of bread myself in a single sitting. I remember feeling so good as I ate each piece because it seemed to fill some sort of hole in my body that I was missing. But this wasn't the only incident I encountered in my young life. I recall binging on bags of candy, eating multiple servings of desserts, and drinking soda like it was water.

As I progressed through my early teens, I stopped playing outside as much and was more content with watching television, playing video games, or surfing the web. So my weight consequently rose with my poor eating habits. Although I may have enjoyed living like that at that time, I had no idea how negatively it was affecting my health. However, I did have concerns with what it made me look like.

When you're a teenager, looks seem to mean everything. It could determine whether you had a lot of friends, were invited to parties, and had a significant other. When I was 15, I desperately wanted to be popular and loved. I just felt that my looks got into the way.

Emotional eating was a vicious cycle for me. You eat, you feel bad about being overweight, so you eat again to feel better. Repeat. I felt that I literally had no control.

It wasn't until I was 15 that something happened within my body which ended my binge eating streak. I was never given an official diagnosis, but for 2 years, I was extremely ill. Every morning, I would wake up and have terrible stomach pains that would send me heaving over the toliet, even if I had nothing in my stomach. I would refuse most of my meals because if I ate, I would normally throw it back up. So my relationship with food turned from obsession to rejection.

After losing 30+ pounds, that's when I started to obsess with my weight. I developed disordered eating. I would starve myself by trying to eat below 1000 calories every day and lost even more weight, stooping to an all-time low of 95 pounds on my 5'7" frame. I was weak, unhappy, and at a breaking point in my life! Why couldn't I just be like everyone else?!

It wasn't until my boyfriend of 2 years was killed in a car accident that I woke up! Our last argument that very day was centered around my eating disorder. Though we never left each other that day on a bad note, I will always regret that my obsessive behavior with food and weight affected our relationship.

I started making an effort towards eating better and working out.

It was around that time that I was first introduced to Beachbody. I tried a few of their workouts here and there (my very first was Hip Hop Abs!), but would give up too early. I was impatient, plan and simple. That's what made the programs unsuccessful. It was me, not the workout. I would simply shrug it off, making excuses that I didn't get results I wanted because it was related to my genetics or that I was too busy.

Somehow, I did work up the patience and became a runner. After devoting so much time to training, it finally clicked! I never started off running marathons. I was barely able to run for more than a minute straight when I first started. In fact, it took MONTHS before I was even able to run a 5k within 30 minutes. Then, it took a couple of years to get to the point where I took on marathons.

Obviously, my success did not happen overnight. I had to work years for it. Seeing as though I was able to put in the time and effort to train both my body and mind to run distance, I could invest a couple of months to gain the muscle that running couldn't offer. Sure, I was extremely busy being a full-time employee and dedicating hours to running, but I had to convince myself that I had the time to invest in achieving my personal goals. I wasn't going to let time rob me of my dreams. In fact, I wanted to stop dreaming about my goal body and just work my ass off for it!

I took on P90X3 because it suites me and my schedule. I can squeeze in a 30 minute workout and still make it to work on time and get my runs in. Though I am just finishing through Phase One of P90X3, I have already noticed small transformations in my body. And it's just that simple. Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT. Be consistent and you will carve out the body you have dreamed of!

As a user of the Beachbody programs, I thought that taking on a position as a coach would not only help me hold myself accountable, but help motivate others to strive to reach their goals as well. Having a support group is extremely motivating and has been one of the reasons I have been able to stick to P90X3 for this long! I want to be able to help someone get through the tough times by showing them that "Hey, I did it and this is how far I've come!"

If I can work through being overweight and underweight to becoming fit and healthy, so can you!!

If you would like to take part in my free coaching services, CLICK HERE!

Why Meal Prepping is AWESOME!

I find that the easiest way to prepare myself for a successful week is to plan, plan, and plan some more! So far this year, my life has depended upon my calendar, phone reminders, meal plans, and workout schedules. Though I have had to invest some decent time to planning, I have been ON POINT with my goals. So every week, as long as I plan, I know that I am setting myself up to have the best week ever.

On Sundays, I devote 2-3 hours to meal planning and prepping.

I know, I know. Some of you may be thinking "Ain't nobody got time for that!" But hear me out! If you invest to making a meal plan and prepping it once a week, you will be gaining back time during the week! The planning and prepping is over. Now you just cook and serve! After a long work day, I don't want to invest the time to figure out what to eat and then prepare it. By the time I get home or finish a workout, I want food IN MY BELLY! Without having a meal prepped, it actually causes me stress and unhealthy behaviors with food! Also, it also creates lots of dishes to wash and who really wants to invest extra time doing dishes!? Am I right?

Also, if you haven't noticed, those who maintain good health & fitness are usually meal preppers! Like Cameron Diaz! And that lady is FIT!

I make sure that the dinners I make have at least enough servings to get me & Peter through my lunch the next day. If there are more servings, I freeze them back for a rainy day. Like next week, for example. I have enough leftovers frozen that it will get Peter and I through a week of lunches and dinners. Talk about a mini vacation from cooking! And it's all healthy!!

So yes, you may be investing an hour or two into prepping your meals, but in the end, you are sticking to a meal plan, eating better, and if your lucky enough, may find that it is saving you money on groceries. Despite popular belief, eating healthy doesn't cost more. You just have to plan smart! :)

Do you plan/prep your meals?

Who hates doing the dishes by hand!?

Do you freeze back your leftovers or eat them all before they go bad?

Another Successful Week in the Works!

Since the meal and workout schedules are locked down for the week, I thought I would share with you what is in store...it is already Tuesday afterall!! Oopsie!

Food Plan
SUNDAY: Texas Caviar
MONDAY: Cottage Cheese Alfredo Sauce with Broccoli (I doubled the recipe & added 2 cups of broccoli and put over 12 oz of brown rice noodles)
TUESDAY: Beachbody Easy Meatloaf
WEDNESDAY:  Avocado Mac & Cheese
THURSDAY: Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup
FRIDAY: Homemade Pizza 
SATURDAY: Taco Burgers with Salsa (Coming soon...maybe!)

I decided to explore meal options outside of My Whole Food Life, SkinnyTaste, and the Runner's World Cookbooks. I thought after a month, it was time to try some other sources. But, I did use My Whole Food Life for a very last minute Superbowl snack idea.

A photo posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@lindseyszakacs) on

A couple of the recipes I included were given by friends out who are involved in my accountability group. When I saw their suggestions and drooled, I immediately added them to my list of meals I needed to make. That included this week's Cottage Cheese Alfredo and Chicken Tortilla Soup.

I also decided to take some of what I learned from past recipes and alter them to make something new. Let's consider SkinnyTaste's Taco Stuffed Zuchinnis. I LOVED the meat mixture so much that I decided I would try to create a taco burger this Saturday! If successful, you should be hearing all about it soon! If not...I'm sure I will still share the story of my disasterous idea. :) Peter and I will be overflowing with the past 3 week's leftovers, so that means no meal planning/prepping next week! I love our freebie weeks! It's not only easy on the wallet, but it gives me back a great deal of time that I typically use to plan & prep! Now, on to the workout schedule!

Run 5
Ab Ripper X3
Eccentric Upper
Run 5
Eccentric Lower
Run 5
Ab Ripper X3
Eccentric Upper
Eccentric Lower
Run 12

As I mentioned, I am now on to Phase II of P90X3 this week! If you remember, I was going to reward myself with chocolate after completing Phase I, which I did! I never realized how good 88% chocolate would be! Also, I still have some left! Yay me for having control!

But aside from that, I was really excited to move on to the next phase because I have already earned some great results from the first 28 days.

I can only imagine what these next few weeks will bring!!!

Also, I have finally used my Bowflex Dumbbells since I purchased them!

These dumbbells will allow me to really get flexible with weights. Five to ten pound dumbbells were just not working with me to achieve my full potential. This should allow me to build more muscle.

On to Yoga.

A photo posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@lindseyszakacs) on

Most of you have seen that I have been arriving to my mat EVERY. DAMN. DAY! With that said, I made the decision to do yoga for a 365 day streak. I figured that because I've come this far, why not make the full commitment!?

As for running, we are taking it down a notch in mileage. This will allow me to repair from my 18 miler this past Saturday, but also prepare for my 20 miler on the 27th! AHH!

So there you have it! The week (at least part of it) ahead! It's going to be a good one!

What recipes are you making this week?

What does your workout schedule look like in the days ahead?

Do you do yoga every day? What did you notice from making that commitment?

We're Still On!!!

Phase 1 of my workout plan is behind me! That means I have new workouts to accomplish in the weeks ahead! But I will get to that tomorrow. Until then, let's rewind right now to Saturday!

I went out for an 18 mile run without a pre-planned route. I figured I have traveled the area enough to know exactly where to go and about the distance each road is. Yet, when I set out on my journey, I wasn't even certain if I was going to make it through my anticipated mileage, but, I set out on the road to see what I was capable of!

This long run weekend was very important to both Peter and me. It would ultimately be the run that decided if we would run the Rock N Roll USA Marathon or hang back for another. If Peter could get through his long run of 15 miles, that means it would be realistic for us to compete in the marathon. I went ahead and went out for my long run on Saturday without him since we have conflicting schedules when it comes to long runs. Though there was the chance that Peter wouldn't complete his 15 miler, I acted as though he had already mastered his mileage.

I had several ups and downs (times I wanted to quit, times I pushed through), but my heart pushed me out to Dam #4 Road around mile 7-8. I ran a lick of the JFK 50 route (the last rolling hills section where everyone is just ready to be done). It brought back some of those memories of wanting to give up, but my heart felt full. Although those last miles were strenuous and painful, I was overwhelmed with joyous emotion. It reminded me that I am stronger than I know and it was those memories that pushed me through this run...all the way to the JFK 50 finish line.

I took a brief break there and ate some nuts to get my energy back. After that, I only had about 3 more miles left until I hit 18. I decided to head towards my parent's who are not far from the area. When I hit their street, I did end up walking a lot of the hills, but despite the slow down, I still finished under 3 hours. Goal accomplished.

The run really exhausted me and Sunday's run did not go as anticipated. Typically, I have been doing 10Ks on Sunday, but yesterday, I only did 5 and walked all hills. I tagged along with Peter for the first few miles of his 15 miler, then turned around. Although my time was slow for me, I was not unhappy. I did it and that's what mattered.

Back to Peter. Believe it or not, after 2 weeks of missing his long runs and a week off of running for bronchitis, Peter managed to get 15 miles in. I was thrilled for him! So it looks like we are still on for the marathon afterall! Proud wife moment.

Of course his perseverance reminded me of myself. He is too stubborn to quit. Even if it hurts. :)

This week I am taking it down in mileage, but I will update you on my workout agenda tomorrow! I also have a kick ass food plan in store for those of you who'd like to steal some recipes! Check back tomorrow for the details! :)

Do you run without a route in mind?

Do you run routes of races to help motivate you?

What's the longest you've been able to run after an extended time off? What pushed you through?

Thirteen Things Thursday

  1. Stress has really been that friend who has overstayed their welcome. You just want them to leave, but they just want to keep bothering you.
  2. I have been working really hard at eating clean and although I am succeeding (more than I thought I would), I found out that I am probably not taking in enough calories. Back to the drawing board.
  3. My sweet potato chili looked nothing like the picture.

  4. I wake up feeling more confident in my body every day. I wish that selfies in your underwear were widely accepted instead of being thought as revealing, slutty, or indecent. I always think what would my mother would say as well!
  5. Speaking of selfies, I was feeling myself today.

  6. I am trying to read more. I started the Hobbit earlier this week and am already halfway through.

    A photo posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@lindseyszakacs) on

  7. I also decided to read personal development books. My first is The Slight Edge. Liking it so far.

  8. I am not looking forward to my 18 miler this weekend. I mean, let's be honest, running isn't easy.
  9. Since I finish Phase I of P90X3 this weekend, I am going to reward myself with dark chocolate. And I mean SUPER DARK chocolate. The less sugar, the better.
  10. I am thinking about signing up for Adriene's streaming yoga service. I love her and I want to do her workouts on a daily basis. I want aspire to be her.

  11. I decided to do my first running errand. I ran to the gas station, taking the long way, to buy tampons. If anyone would have seen what I was carrying as I ran, I am pretty certain it would be quite comical.

  12. I started using my Mac's calendar to commit to my life goals. I have filled it up with running, yoga, and other fitness blocks. I've also made time for power hours and personal development.
  13. Speaking of life goals...I won't dive into them now (that's it's own post), but here's a snippet of one. One goal involves where I will be a year from now. After our Disney trip, I WILL be living a life that is closer to my dreams. That's why I am working my ass off now! When our Disney trip is over, I won't be dreading the thought of coming home. I will be excited about it because a new adventure awaits!

Have you ever unknowingly ate LESS calories than what you should have been (I know! How could this happen!?)

Do you take underwear selfies?

What books are you reading?

What are some of your LIFE goals?

How Do You Deal with Stress?

I know I have been highlighting on stress a lot this past week, but it is something that most of us experience. For me, it has been happening a lot more often than I would like and when I am in a moment of high stress, it is hard to find an outlet. My poor husband is the one I primarily have to unload to while I am experiencing that white hot moment, but I have difficulty knowing how to let go and just relax.

I know that working out is a HUGE help to overcoming stress and anxiety, but how do you overcome those periods of intensity when you can't workout? I'm talking about when you are in public and for most of us, this public place is work. You can't just get up from your desk and start to run. I mean, maybe you are lucky enough to have a company that has a gym available, but for a lot of us, we don't have that benefit.

I go on frequent walks to breathe and clear my head, but I find that I must return and resubmit myself back into that moment, especially if it isn't resolved, completed, etc. So please, share with me what you do to overcome stress and anxiety when working out isn't an option. Natural remedies, tips, suggestions, etc! :)

After a stressful day, I came home feeling weak and exhausted. I was on the fence about skipping my run. In fact, I was nearly pulling the other leg over to the "Skip the run" side. I was trying to find every excuse in the book. But I reminded myself to remain an example. As an accountability leader, I need to push through that voice in my head that tells me to give up. So once I got home, I shut off the thoughts, I changed into my running clothes. Within minutes, I took to the road. I still gave myself the option of giving up if things didn't work out.

Yet, once I began running, the strong fire that was built from my stress began to pour out in strength. What once made me feel weak was now seeping out through my powerful legs. Though I worried that I would tire quickly, I continued to pedal hard against the asphalt.

I waited for myself to burn out early, but it never came. Instead, I powered up hills that once felt steep and upon reaching the top, felt stronger and more powerful than what I had at the bottom. I felt unstoppable.

When my watch signaled I had reached 5 miles, I took my very first glance at it's face and was surprised with the time. I had a feeling it was going to be faster than my last few runs, but I underestimated how fast.

To my delight, this was the quickest 5 mile time in about a year. At least since I started JFK training. I could say it was the stress which powered me through, but I have to also give credit to my cross training with P90X3. Anyway, my once tense muscles were now relaxed and my mood was bright. I felt like I went on a mini vacation in that brief moment. The panic, dread, and dispair that polluted my day before this evaporated. I could breathe easy.

Following dinner, I wanted to put the cherry topping on my therapy session with yoga (which this marked my 32nd day streak!). I chose Adriene's "Yoga for Stress & Anxiety" and after, I was so zen. Yoga has proved way more beneficial than I could have ever imagined!

So it's obvious to me exercise & yoga have a great benefit to reducing my stress levels, but the point here is that one cannot just workout at any given moment. So what do you do?

How do you handle stress and anxiety in the moments it occurs?

Does stress make you want to skip your workouts? Do you?

To Race or Not To Race?

Another stressful day!!! But I keep reminding myself that this is motivation to follow my dreams!

Anyway! Yesterday, as I shared, I started my new P90X3 workouts for the last week of Phase I. I completed the Warrior, which was not at all what I expected. Since I began P90X3, I was doing a modified schedule for their "mass" program. Since I have been marathon training, I did my best to fish out all their cardio and use those as my running days. The remaining would be specifically their muscle building workouts. Although the Warrior does incorporate squats, lunges, push-ups, and core work, there was a good bit of cardio involved. Shew! Not what I was looking for at 5am! But I stuck it out because I was not going to quit mid-workout. No point!

Now let's move on to a more serious topic. Uh ohhh! Things are about to get real people!

Late last year, my husband signed up his first marathon: the Rock N Roll USA. To be the supportive wife that I am *flashy smile*, I decided that I would sign up, train, and run it with him. It sounded easy enough at the time, but it didn't take long to discover that this would prove more challenging than we originally thought.

We both have hit numerous roadblocks, which were mainly injury related. And although they have since healed, Peter now has Bronchitis. So a question has been presented to us: Do we or do we not participate?

We have until March 12th to get marathon ready. However, Peter hasn't been able to get a long run over 13 mile. With the snow we had experienced last weekend, he skipped his 15 miler since he got his workout shoveling us out for HOURS.

Then, he came down with bronchitis and had to skip his long run yet again. So now my concern is that with two skipped long runs, will he be able to get his mileage up with only 5 more weekends to go?

It's not that I don't have complete faith in him, but I want to be able to allow us both a 2 week taper, which then gives us only 3 weeks to get his long runs up. I have no doubt that trying to pull 15 miles after 2 weeks of missed long runs is going to be a challenge. I also don't want him to force in miles when his body may not be up for it after having bronchitis. I mean, you kind of need healthy lungs to run, right?

After my run on Sunday, I blantantly told Peter, "If you don't want to do this marathon, that is fine by me." First, I don't want him to push his body far beyond what he should after having an illness. That is something I would do and I would never recommend it. You'd end up being sick forever!

Also, I am not feeling marathon training. I don't know if I am just over racing since the JFK 50, but I am not feeling long distance. Sure, I feel awesome when I finish out and have that glorious feeling of "AH! I did it!" But this training has been rushed and that makes it more of a chore than playtime.

I will continue pushing as long as Peter does, but if can't do it, I don't mind bailing. I may feel a bit of guilt (that's just my personality), but why force yourself to race when you aren't enjoying the journey? I'd much rather take a break from training and hold off for another marathon. But knowing me, I'll change my mind 16 million times beforehand.

Have you ever bailed out of race training?

If you were helping someone train for their first marathon and they couldn't end up running, would you still participate?

Do you think I should still run?
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