Tips to Reset Naughty Eating

*Holds stomach and moans*

I have been really naughty in the food department. I think it has more to do with my PMS than anything, but, that is no excuse for my habits. Even as I put the food or drink in my mouth, I KNEW that it was not a good idea. And that instant guilt I felt was a punishment alone.

I did a little better yesterday even though it was my sister's bridal shower. Any gathering of people typically includes food that is not particularly healthy. 

As much as I tried to be good by stuffing myself with broccoli and carrots, I still indulged in a few glasses of wine and some not-so-healthy snacks. Though, I did avoid the cupcakes! Yay will power!

But, her party was still an awesome success and I am super glad she enjoyed herself. :)

Anyway, because I had a "rough" weekend in the food department, I am trying to detox this week. I want to reset my few bad days with helpful tips and tricks. Here are a few of my recommendations to reverse some of those low days...

  1. Sweat! - Exercise will help burn off those extra calories you indulged in the past few days. Though, I would not recommend overdoing a workout just to burn off all the calories you consumed in snacks. No need to injure or exhaust yourself. My thought process is doing something active is better than nothing at all! It will also turn that guilt into happiness! Hello, endorphins!
  2. Drink, drink, drink! - WATER! Help flush the toxins by guzzling back some H2O. This will aid in digestion (some of those naughty foods may cause constipation) and reduce fluid retention (bloat!). I also have included a cup of Arbonne Detox Tea after my weekends of rough eating. It  helps support liver and kidney health. Perfect if you drank any alcohol in the last 24-48 hours!
  3. FRUITS AND VEGGIES - I believe that in life, there must be balance. With every junk food you indulge in, you should balance it with something healthy. Instead of saying "Well, I think I will skip on a side or a snack to make up for the calories I indulged in," replace it with a healthy option. Restricting only sets you up for a future binge. So, instead of skipping your snack, have an apple or banana to keep that metabolism working to it's max!
  4. Overcome It! - Keep in mind that bad days (or bad weeks) happen to everyone. Maintain a positive attitude even with downfalls. Just because you had a few weak moments, does not mean that you may as well call it quits. Nobody ever has an easy rode to success or we would all be fit and healthy! 

Even though my intake has dipped into a dark region, my running has not at all suffered. In fact, I have been kicking some major ass! My average pace for every run has stayed in the 8s. Some miles have even gone into the 7 minute range which is HUGE for me. I even hit a sub 2 on a lonely 13.1 run which has NEVER happened. 

I have only ever hit a sub 2 on a race day. I'm not sure if this recent success is from crossfit, surgery, or a combo of the two, but this is GREAT and I hope to only get better! Especially this weekend! Two races!!!

What do you do to help recover from a bad day or two of eating?

Drink More...Bloat Less

Do you struggle with water intake? Perhaps you don’t enjoy the taste or the increased bathroom trips. Maybe you are like me and are simply not thirsty.

The reasons vary from person to person. However, I am dedicating more effort to upping my intake due a recent and extremely uncomfortable experience. I know that we all cringe when we discuss anything relative to the act of doing #2, BUT, we ALL do it and we ALL have been through the bad side of it. Just several weeks ago, I had an intense case of constipation (go ahead, you can cringe) . It was not a glamorous experience by any means. I gained around 7 lbs, which not only bummed me out on the scale, but the bloat that it caused made my jeans feel super tight. One of the worst feelings in the world is struggling to put on your favorite pair of jeans. Who really wants to deal with that discomfort?

OLD picture from 2008...but hey, best bloated pic I could get :)
I began to take a digestive supplement that was to be dissolved in a glass of warm water. Although it helped pass some of the hard bowels in my system, going to the bathroom was still a struggle.  I continued the supplement which allowed me to keep going to the bathroom, but it never passed easily. So I resorted to the interwebs for assistance. Of course, there were tons of forums offering solutions that involved enemas and drinking nasty cocktails. But then, I came across an article that referenced an episode of Dr. Oz. Cameron Diaz was a guest on the show and was there to talk about POOP!

She started her appearance by chugging a large bottle of water, then explaining that in the morning, she formed a habit of drinking a liter of water after brushing her teeth (to prevent ingesting the bacteria that forms overnight). Her claim is that this helps prime your body to get things a-flowing.

It seemed simple enough, but I toned it down from a liter to about 10-12 oz (also after brushing my teeth). I started with chugging the water, including the supplement, then ate my breakfast.

Because I knew that the “track” would not stay hydrated forever, I forced myself to chug an additional 16 oz. once I got into the office. I would then refill my bottle, sipping it throughout the day, switching to coffee and tea just to switch the flavors up (I get bored with JUST water). I did pretty well at work, but once I got home, even after running, I just stopped taking in any fluids. Although my bowel issues were starting to improve, they still were not where they should be.

My sister, being the kind loving sister that she is, provided me a life-saving (not really) solution. Since I am her best Arbonne customer, she gave me a free 32oz Arbonne bottle.

This made the process of drinking water a lot easier. Instead of refilling my bottle numerous times a day, then forgetting to do so after work, I only had to refill this bottle once to get the recommended 64 oz. Now, I make it a daily goal to finish at least 1 bottle prior to the end of my workday, refill before I leave, and finish what I have left before I go to bed. It is just that simple!

My results? My 7 pound increase was eliminated in a matter of days, I have normal bowels EVERYDAY without struggle, and I just feel better!

Here are some great reasons why you, too, should start drinking more water (and less soda!).
  • Increased Energy
  • Money Saver – Water is either free or offered at small cost in comparison to soda or other sugary drinks!
  •  Improves your complexion – Which is also a money saver. Less makeup needed, ladies!
  •  Flushes out toxins from your body – Do you really want to think of your body bathing in toxins instead of fresh water?
  •  Controls food intake – Drink a cup of water before you eat. You’ll get fuller faster, therefore less caloric intake
  •  Hangover relief – It can also PREVENT a hangover if you drink water between cocktails.
  •  And of course, bowel regularity!

Do you struggle with water intake? Tell me what your reason is.

What tricks do you use to drink more water?

Do you have additional reasons to add to the list of how water improves your body?

The Decision Has Been Made

So you may be wondering "Is Lindsey going to run the race?" or "Did see finally make up her damn mind?!" I am sure that it has just been the question every one has wanted an answer to (haha...I know better), BUT I did make my decision.

Though, I REALLY wanted to run the race, I decided I would save the $70 and run 13.1 on my own. There are many reasons involved. The My nearly brand spanking new Mizunos that I wore in the marathon were stolen at the hotel I stayed at in Hershey (along with a cute pair of flats). I am trying to get the hotel to compensate for the costs of just the running shoes, but I have yet to hear back. If I don't get anything out of it, I am going to use that money to put towards a fresh pair of road running shoes. I have my eyes set on some Brooks. :)
Secondly, even though running has been going well for me post-surgery, I don't feel I am necessarily ready to compete in a half just yet! I want to save that energy for May 4th when I run in the Frederick Half Marathon. 

Frederick Half 2013
Finally, I feel that races are not just about the running, it is about the support. Peter has really been great about coming to all my races, so why would I not want him to be there? I know that I can do it on my own, but I love having him at the finish line.

There will be more races throughout the year and I know it won't be an issue hitting 10 for the year. I have already completed 2 and have already signed up for 3 more. Practically halfway there!

Anyway, yesterday, I was forced to run partnerless (how did I do that for nearly 2 years!?). It was not bad at all though. I just blasted the marathon playlist I had on my iPod and hit the C&O. I ran to the dam and back (7 miles) and it was GORGEOUS out!

The spring air was perfect for my run. I barely sweat. I was also happy that each mile was under a 9 minute pace. Average was 8:51. If I can maintain that for 7 miles, I will be excited to see how fast my pace could be in a 5k since I have one scheduled on May 3rd.

So enough about that. I don't wanna hog your Friday evening! Go enjoy yourself and have a great Saturday long run!!!

What are your reasons for not choosing to compete in a race?

Last Minute Race Decision...

I thought I looked decent today, so I thought that I would have a picture taken. Unfortunately, this was the best picture out of them all. I think Ginger stole the shot...


I have been faced with a serious decision: To run or not to run? Okay, so not that serious, but it has been bothering me for about 72 hours now. There is a half marathon this weekend that I REALLY want to participate in, but a week ago, I was not sure if I was going to be ready. I just assumed that I would skip it due to surgery recovery. But then, I had a great 10 mile run this past Saturday, followed by a decent 10k race on Sunday.

So what to do?

Two things that are holding me back is money and a support crew. As most of you know, races normally aren't cheap and if you wait to register, prices go up. The cost is up to $70, but I do have rewards cash on my credit card that would cover the cost, but even then, I am still hesitant. Next is the support crew.

Peter, my number 1 fan, will not be joining me if I participate in this race due to prior plans, so I will be completely alone. I have never participated in a race where someone was not there for me. I don't want that to hold me back, but it would be a bit lonely after crossing the finish line. Also, there will probably be no pictures. How can you do a proper race recap?! ;-)

But...if I don't do the race, I know that I will do 13.1 on Saturday anyway. It will just be $70 dollars cheaper.

Still can't decide!!! Help?

What determines if you will run in a race?

Is there any reasons why you would choose not to run a race and wait for the next one?

Race Recap: Hershey 10k 2014

I hope you had a splendid weekend! I am sure it goes without saying that mine went very well! Peter and I participated in the Hershey 10k, which was the first race we ran together. We both did participate in the Turkey Trot this past November, but we did not run the distance together. So this was an extremely exciting race for the both of us.

Anyway, we journeyed into the town of Hershey on Saturday. This time, we didn't do the park because we have gone several times over the past few years. Kinda done with the theme park scene...for now.

So we went straight to packet pickup, followed by a quick stop at Chocolate World, then back to the hotel.

It was a decent hotel that we were very thrilled with having, until we left (whole other story involving stolen running shoes...I'll get to that another time).

We took a moment to dig into our packets and see what goodies we had...

Peter was initially given another racer's bib, but the staff at packet pickup was extremely quick with finding his.

We also got some great, light-weight athletic shirts.

After checking out our goodies, we found a place near the hotel to have dinner. It was called O'Reilly's Tap Room. The place was dead at 5. Peter and I were the only ones in the entire place. At first, I wondered if it was because it wasn't a good place to eat, but the food proved otherwise! We both got Tap Room burgers, fries, and some tasty beverages. I was full to the extreme.

Once we returned to the hotel, we tried on our race day outfits (I bought mine that morning at Under Armour). 

Matchy matchy!!

After relaxing and watching a few movies, Peter and I hit the hay so we would be up and ready by 5:30 AM. We quickly packed that morning, ate our continental breakfast and were at Hershey Stadium before 7.

We strolled around and took some pictures while waiting for the start.

We also had our pictures taken. :)

At 7:30, we started the race. We did get held up in the beginning since everyone was crammed together, but after about a mile, Peter and I were settled into a great pace and maintained it for a great deal of the run.

I thought everything was perfect. The weather, the volunteers, the crowd, and most importantly, my fiance by my side. I also felt amazing. It's nice to finally feel back to my normal self since surgery!

Anyway, my favorite part of the race was running through the park, just as it was last year. There is nothing more exhilarating than running alongside rides that get your adrenaline pumping! This year, they had the Mouse Trap and Fahrenheit coasters running while we made our way through. It really got me going!

Fun Fact: The Fahrenheit coaster was at one time the steepest roller coaster in the US

Once we rounded the final corner of the course, Peter and I grabbed hands and sprinted into the stadium and crossed the finish line together!!!

I had to purchase the above photo. It is so special to me! Our first race together! :o)

Once we finished, we were given our finisher medals (Peter's very first medal!), and lunch bag filled with Hershey goodies. I immediately plowed into my apple, but saved the most delicious oatmeal cookie for later. There were also Hershey candies scattered within. Mmmmm! This is why this race is the most delicious (next to their Half Marathon in October, of course).

Anyway, here are my race stats...

Time: 55:42
Overall Place: 693/2199
Gender Place: 309/1442
Age Place, Women: 129/541

Time: 55:42
Overall Place: 694/2199
Gender Place: 382/757
Age Place, Men: 130/240

Tell me about your weekend of running!

Happy Sunday! Some Pictures of the Race

Hope you had a great race weekend! Peter and I both had a blast at the Hershey 10k! Race Recap soon!!!

Homemade Heaven...Nutella

I am about to give you the BEST. RECIPE. EVER! So get your ovens prepped, your measuring cups out, and get ready to make a jar filled with happiness and rainbows. If you have a nut allergy, this may compromise your ability to enjoy this treat and I apologize now, but you are not completely out of luck. Google “nut-free Nutella recipes” and you will find a several so you can enjoy the heavenly treat as well!

So, if you didn’t already gather from the title or the previous sentence (I lack in surprises), we are making a homemade jar of “Nutella”!

I figured it was a perfect time to post this recipe since I am journeying to the chocolate capital this weekend (Hershey, PA). This is a surprisingly simple and a lot cheaper than buying a $6-8+ dollar jar from the grocery store (I bought my nuts in bulk to help reduce cost)! Also, this recipe is probably a lot better for your body because YOU know what is going in the jar. No more nasty preservatives!

Now, I did not follow the standard “Nutella” recipe that calls for hazelnuts. I used almonds which in no way compromised taste. However, you can easily sub the almonds in my recipe with hazelnuts if you desire.

Homemade “Nutella”

  • 2 C Almonds (or Hazelnuts)
  • 1 C Sugar
  • 1/3 C Hershey’s Cocoa
  • 2 TBSP Oil (I used EVOO)
  • 1 TSP Vanilla Extract

  1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and cover a cookie sheet with your almonds (or hazelnuts). Bake for 12-15 minutes.
  2. After letting the roasted almonds cool, add the nuts to your food processor. Begin to blend for several minutes, occasionally scrapping the sides, until the nuts form a creamy paste. This process can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on the quality of your food processor.
  3.  Once creamy, add sugar, cocoa, oil, and vanilla extract and continue to blend until fully mixed. It will look like Nutella!
  4. Add the “Nutella” to a jar (I used a Mason Jar) which will need to be refrigerated to extend the shelf life. If you are like me, you may eat this in a matter of days. :)

I personally found this delicious beyond my expectations. It is definitely one of those recipes where you are licking the food processor bowl as you are cleaning up.

Oh and what is also so great about this recipe is that you don’t have to make it into Nutella. You can make it almond butter by stopping before adding the sugar, cocoa, oil, and vanilla! Just load it into a jar and you have a tasty batch of almond butter.

 I prefer adding some organic agave syrup to sweeten it just a tad, but it all is based on your own taste buds! This will also save you a great deal of cash because I have been told some jars run as high as $10!!! No thanks! I’ll take the time to make my own. J

Are you a major Nutella fan? How do you eat it?

What are your feelings on the price of nut butters like Nutella, Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, etc?

The "Official" Return To Running

Good evening, friends!

I hope that you enjoyed my interview with Shawn. He provided several valuable tips on how to get the ball rolling on weight loss, as well as resisting temptations that come along with correcting bad habits. If you are looking to lose weight and build a happy, healthy lifestyle, you have plenty of help out there and I will be willing to offer my assistance as well. Feel free to comment or email me directly at

Speaking of our health, I want to update you all on the post-op appointment I had this past Monday. My doctor felt confident that the specimen they removed contained all of the high grade pre-cancerous cells. They tested surrounding areas in surgery to ensure that was the case. With that being said, I hope that this is the end of my cancer scare! I want to move forward with my life as a healthy woman! My doctor also gave me the "official" word to get back out there and run (we all know I didn't follow that rule though ;-) ).

On Sunday (prior to approval), I ran a 10k on the canal with Peter. 

I have been struggling with exhaustion while running due to my body using much of my energy to heal itself, so needless to say, exercise has been a struggle. On the bright side, I have more energy than I had from the first surgery, but it may be a couple more weeks before I resume double digit long runs. Still, I am very excited and very motivated to resume my normal distances! I miss long runs!

Peter and I have also took a few 5 mile runs. Yesterday was the first one with doctor's approval, which probably was the hardest run I have done since I resumed exercising. Peter, on the other hand, is REALLY doing well. He officially became a runner in October and has already ran 7 miles as his longest distance. He is also getting better times at a faster rate than what I was getting when I first started. His times are relatively similar to mine now. I am somewhat jealous of his improvement, but I have a feeling that these partnered runs will not only help him get better quicker, but help me improve and remain motivated as well. I am lucky to have someone who is interested in running like myself.

Anyway, Hershey is now just days away and I am super excited to be running alongside my fiance for the first time in a race. I wonder how we should pose for our finish line photo?

What are you currently doing to better your health?

What race are you getting into this weekend?

Interview with Shawn

In the past, I have interviewed a couple to share their healthy lifestyles with the world. You may remember Ashley, my bridesmaid and bestie, who was my running partner in crime. I also interviewed my sister, another Ashley, who took up hula hooping and pole dancing as a way to stay in shape.

Today, we are going to steer away from "Ashleys" and talked to my good friend Shawn. He and I met 4 years ago when I was hired into the company I presently work for. We were both techies who reset account passwords and did some online coding assistance, which surprisingly involved making laser noises (according to his training methods).

ANYWAY, about a year ago, Shawn decided to make some BIG changes to his life to better his overall health. So let us welcome Shawn to Run Freckles Run!! :o)

Tell us a little about yourself!
I'm Shawn (duh). A 30 year old reforming fat man and all around okay human being. I'm currently a lead at a tech support call center and I've lost, at the moment, 120 pounds. My starting weight, when I actually started to realize I was having some success and measured was 378, though I know the doctors office has me as high as 380ish currently I'm hovering around 250 but I will hopefully get below 200 if I have my way of things. I am a nerd and have no qualms about it. I enjoy video games, just relaxing with friends and have a penchant for terrible movies.

Now, on to the juicy questions!!  

Your weight-loss journey has been absolutely impressive to me and I know many others have been excited to see you make this change. What has been your favorite part in dropping the pounds?
Favorite part of dropping so much weight, honestly, has been the reaction of the people around me. It's kinda nifty when people you don't even know at work come up to you and start gushing about how much you've changed. Personally, I tend to keep to myself so I wouldn't imagine doing so but the reactions of those around me has really surprised me as I started to shed the excess pounds. Just the in general positive reactions of people I normally wouldn't associate with is something that has really helped drive me to continue with losing the weight.

What prompted you to take action on your health?
Well, being completely honest, my reasons for starting the whole thing were (at first) kinda shallow. I wanted to (and admittedly still want to) be in some sort of shape...other than round...that may get noticed by the opposite sex. However, as I started to get farther and farther in, I realized I was gaining back some of my lost self esteem, and the main driving factor has been the confidence I've gained in being less and less ashamed of the way I look. Sad but true, it started out as a hopeful (albeit admittedly unsuccessful) way to try and find a date, and has moved onto something that I'm doing so I can look at myself in the mirror and not shake my head at what I've let myself become.

There's definitely a lot of positive changes that occur win one loses weight, but what has been the must difficult obstacle you have had to overcome since you started this lifestyle change? How did you get through it?
The most difficult obstacle (aside from being an apparently accident prone klutz) is the daily temptation in the work place. I never realized that sitting on a bleeding phone all day led to as much bored eating as it did. There is a definite habit of munching on whatever is in front of me out of sheer mind-numbing boredom that had to be overcome whenever I started to lose weight. The trick, for me at least, was to start cutting down on the amount of snacking I did when I wasn't really doing anything and subbing out all the candy and things with healthier choices.

What are some physical activities you do to help keep those calories burning? What is your favorite?
I walk during breaks, I lift weights (which I've found to be amazingly entertaining and always puts me in a better mood). I also tend to walk around the office at work a lot, if something needs done, I'll get up and walk to whoever needs a hand and not just answer them on the inter office communication tools we have available.

Any exercises that you are interested in trying and why?
I'd like to start biking possibly. I'm not terribly sure I have the endurance for the whole running thing (kudos to you by the way) but I'd maybe give it a shot. I'm not entirely sure what else is out there, but I tend to at least give everything a fair shot at first before I turn my nose up at it.

Having a healthy diet is also a big part of losing weight and keeping it off. What food alternatives, meal plans, etc have you implemented? Anything in particular that you swear by?
There is a website ( I use that helps me look at what I'm really eating and at a restaurant or other places where there isn't a lot of information available I find it absolutely invaluable. I've changed A LOT of what I'm eating. I used to (as you know) go to extravagant lengths on my lunches. One time there was a two burrito Chipotle challenge topped with five guys fries, a Starbucks drink, a frosty from Wendy's and some candy from Five Below mainly because I could. I find myself looking at labels a lot more in the grocery store as well, and have found some really nifty snack-like things in the organic food isle of all places. I've really broadened my diet to include more choices that help maintain a weight I'm more comfortable with. Portioning and not buying a whole bunch of pre-made and frozen shenanigans has helped immensely as well. Again I can't control what goes in that stuff and the labels are rather frightening if you take some time to look at them.

 You have a HUGE craving! How do you handle the situation? 
CRAVINGS... I'm sorry did you say chocolate, cause I SWEAR I heard you say chocolate. ANYWAY, simple, I eat some bleeding chocolate. I don't think giving in will kill ya or make you go back on your whole bleeding lifestyle change. Most things are okay in moderation. So take a step back, enjoy some of the nicer things in life, and then figure out what you can do to stay within your goals. Now, there are times when I will sub something out for something else as well (peanut butter, you are my bestest friend), but you don't have to give up on everything just because you are trying to lose weight.

You have fallen off the horse and see the scale has turned in the opposite direction than where you want it to be. How do you get back on track?

Oh, you mean like this past month? Seriously due to injuries (hurray being accident prone) and what not, I've not been as active as I wanted to be. The only thing I can do is look at myself in the mirror, figure out what I've been doing that's hurting me (in this case, I've been on a bleeding plateau for a long darn time) and figure out what I can do to fix it. Currently, I'm kinda stuck on the last step since its a bit of a persistent fault, but I'll get it. If nothing else, I'm stubborn and I refuse to come as far as I have to stop almost 3/4 of the way there. To this extent I'm going to re-evaluate what I'm allowing myself, fix whats wrong with me, and kick it in to beast mode and power through this thing.

Someone has approached you for advice on how to lose weight. What 3 tips would you give them to get them started?
You know, this actually happens a decent amount.
  1. First and foremost, I'm kinda against dieting. You have to change the way you do things, the way you think and act, make it a habit to stay conscious of your decisions more so than eat nothing but meat or cut out carbs in my opinion. 
  2. I suggest the website I've used ( as a way to track things then get a better idea of what you really are eating, and lastly...
  3. STICK WITH IT. Things, don't change right away and especially at first its a bleeding roller coaster as you start to adjust the way you do things, don't get discouraged and keep at it, you will find what works for you, hone in on it and then you can achieve what you set out to do.

Name 3 goals you wish to achieve in 2014.
  1. UNDER 200 pounds... not terribly sure if this is realistic but dang it I'm going to try despite the lack luster start to this year.
  2. Buy a new wardrobe - Ok, this one I should have done perhaps a long time ago since all of my clothes fit like I'm trying to bring back late 80's oversized fashion, but I hope to get close enough to my goal to actually go shopping for some nice attire by the end of the year.
  3. Perhaps be more social, I suppose why I've had no success at finding anyone (see initial reason for losing weight) may be due to the fact I'm a bit of a hermit.
BONUS: Name an activity you have on your bucket list and why?
Visit another country, as stated before, I'm a freaking hermit. I would love to get out of the states and see a bit more of the world. Perhaps Japan, Germany, England, Italy... not sure but I would like to experience other cultures for sure.

Where can you find Shawn? (username: erodahs) (username: erodahs)

If you have any questions for Shawn, feel free to post them here!!!

Bread, Butter, and Running

So sorry for the extended time off! I got a little distracted. Although I was off work for a short period of time, I found a lot to do! I decided to act on making several homemade food items, like whole wheat bread...

...pumpkin butter...

...and almond butter!

The bread turned out super dense, but was good! I think it needed more time to rise, so I will try to let it go longer next time. The pumpkin butter was from a recipe found on Skinny Taste. I have made this a handful of times and recommend it! Super easy to do!

As for the almond butter, I found a simple recipe online that just involved almonds and your food processor. You throw in a few cups of almonds and let your food processor do the rest! Within 15 minutes, I had almond butter. Some recipes add honey, additional oil, or salt, but I decided to stay clear of that and keep it basic. I also found that the consistency of the butter is very light and fluffy in comparison with peanut butter! Definitely a unique and likeable twist!

Anyway, enough about food, let's talk running!

As you know, I was advised by my doctor to stay away from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 2 weeks. I half listened to this. From Tuesday to Saturday, I did NOT run, but by Sunday, I was itchin'. I thought a slow and steady mile wouldn't hurt (it's not strenuous, right?). I finished in 10:36 and felt pretty good. So on Monday, I decided to go for 1.5. That turned into 2 miles. Again, felt great, no pain or symptoms that would have sparked concern. However, on my run on Tuesday, I was EXHAUSTED!!! I finished a 5k in 29 minutes, which was okay under the circumstances. I think being outside on actual terrain and not on the treadmill got me. That and I actually had to wake up early that morning to return to work. 

Yesterday and today, I have been significantly tired from getting back into my normal work schedule. Only a mile has been completed over the last 48 hours. I don't intend on running again until Saturday to prevent any further exhaustion. Peter and I are going to attempt 6.2 this weekend to prep us for the Hershey 10k. Which I feel I will be much more energetic by then! Send me good vibes!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention got a new car!!!

But that's enough blog for now! Stay tuned for some awesome recipes and interviews this week!!!
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