A Fellow Williamsport Wildcat...

Next Saturday I am participating in the Nick Adenhart 5K. I'm truly excited to compete in this race since Nick is still considered one of Williamsport, Maryland's hometown celebrities.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the name, Nick Adenhart was added to the Los Angeles Angels roster as a starting pitcher in 2008, making him the youngest player in the majors at that time. He was also ranked as one of 2009's "Top 100 Prospects" by Baseball America.

Nick had an amazing baseball career in front of him, even through his final game.

On April 8th 2009, Nick performed his best against the Oakland Athletics.
"I thought he pitched a terrific game. He gave us a chance to win. He has better tools out there now. He pitched ahead a lot and was able to get back in counts and put guys away."

Only hours following the game Nick received glowing reviews on, he was involved in a deadly car accident. The driver of a minivan, Andrew Thomas Gallo, ran a red light, striking the Mitsubishi Nick was in, killing him and 2 others. A 4th occupant was critically injured, but was fortunate enough to live.

Gallo had fled the scene of the accident, but later turned himself in to authorities. He was later sentenced to 51 years to life in jail.
April 10th 2009: Nick Adenhart Memorial following game with Boston Red Sox at Angel Stadium of Anaheim
After Nick's tragic death, the Adenhart family created The Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund, which provides financial support to struggling youth baseball leagues. In effort to raise money, the memorial fund holds two annual events: The Nick Adenhart Baseball Camp and The Nick Adenhart 5K. 

I am very enthusiastic to participate in the 5K for the first time. I went to Williamsport High School with Nick and have to support the legacy a fellow Wildcat left behind.

I may not be a baseball player or know much about it, but I am a runner and if running helps support a great cause, I will run my little heart out.

If you would like to make a donation to the Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund, please visit their Facebook Page and find out how.

Do you have any hometown heros/celebrities to made an impact on your neighborhood

Do you sign up for any races specifically to support the cause they are funding?

Body Fat Woes

I never cease to surprise myself.

Remember yesterday how I said I would be satisfied to finish 5 miles under 48 minutes?

And it was hot! It was amazing that I didn't shed my shirt. Though, it was probably because I thought my new shirt from Under Armour was stylin'. It did not disappoint performance-wise either. Very comfortable and light!

Anyway, I wrote a post a several days ago regarding Female Athlete Triad Syndrome (FATS) and it triggered concern about my own body & nourishment.

In order to maintain good health as a runner, one must make sure that they are eating properly to sustain an acceptable body fat percentage for the sport. If not, not only will your performance suffer, but so will your health.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) created the following chart to best sort where any one person stands when it comes to body fat percentage.

Now, I run a judgement-free blog and when body weight, measurements, or percentages are discussed, I would hope the response I would receive is appropriate. With that being said, my body fat percentage usually sits around 10%-12%.

Can you see why I am concerned?

I have always assumed my body fat was low, but I never thought I would only have enough for adequate survival. It is so frustrating because I thought I was at my perfect weight. I felt good with my number and to think it's too low is very discouraging.

Ever since I was about 15, I struggled with my weight. I went from being a chubby chick to skinny Minnie, weighing between 95-100 lbs (too low for being 5'7").

Before I lost weight (left), during disordered eating (right)

Some of my weight issues were considered stress related. I was told I had anxiety problems in high school, which is why I initially dropped 40+ lbs. I was dry heaving multiple times on a daily basis, which caused a fear to eat. I thought I would just throw my meals back up. As a result, my food intake was so small, it was literally just enough to survive. Though, once I regained control of my stomach (nearly 2 years later), I started seeing some of that weight return and it scared me! I enjoyed the fact that I was skinnier. Clothes fit me better, peers stopped making rude comments about how I looked, and my confidence was soaring.

In order to stop the weight gain, I thought obsessive calorie counting was the only answer. You could consider my relationship with food destroyed from that day forward. (Read my rant about calorie counting and why I don't do it/encourage it)

There's certainly more to this story, which I will explain one day, but to make things short for the time being, it took me years to build up that relationship again. Now, I couldn't imagine eating any less than what I do now.  I feel comfortable with my intake and unfortunately, it's not up to par with what a runner should be taking in.

I really struggle with the thought that I may have to gain a few pounds. I know it should only improve my performance, but I still cringe at the thought.

So with that being said...

Have you ever had to gain weight to have sufficient body fat? How did you go about doing it? 

Mentally, did you have a hard time packing on a few pounds?

Did your performance improve in running and every day life?

25 & Still Alive!

Thank you, Jen for your participation in the Spartan Race! Jen won the free entry to the Spartan Race of her choice. However, you can still receive 15% off the total cost just by visiting here. Enjoy and I hope to do more giveaways soon!


My long weekend came to an end and I returned back to the office today. My work was patiently waiting for me (yeah right), as I had expected, but no reason to bore you with those details. I had a fabulous weekend and I want to share that with you!

On Sunday, my last day official day of being 24, I went for a 7 mile run. I thought it was lame that I was spending my last day only doing 7 (I should have done 24...kidding!), but I had to reserve that energy for some partying!

However, my run was not in the least bit disappointing. I had a HUGE PR.

I did not expect to kick that much ass! After the many 7 mile runs I've completed, I NEVER finished in under an hour. That ended up being a better way to end 24 than doing a super long distance, in my opinion.

That evening, we had my party...

Peter and I had a cookout/potluck since the weather was perfect! There was a ton of food and I tried to eat one of everything, which is why potlucks are so dangerous for me. My sister provided the cake. If you don't understand what "Happy Birthday to the GROUND" means, please, watch this Lonely Island music video.

The next morning, my birthday, I decided to start off with a half marathon, but I was not feeling it. I reduced it to 10. I wanted to one-up myself from last year's 10 mile birthday run, but I already cranked out a mess of miles the whole weekend. I didn't want to over-exhaust myself.

I did good though. Enough to make myself proud!

I threw in a 7 miler like it was nothing yesterday, but today, I'm really struggling to get motivated for an easy 5 mile run. The heat is pretty uncomfortable. Though, I must admit, I'm not much more comfortable roasting here on the couch. I can't imagine a run could really do me much harm. I have a cold Gatorade in the fridge ready for me and my expectations are definitely low. I would be happy to finish the 5 miles in about 48 minutes, which I find reasonable given the heat.

AND I have 2 rest days in front of me! All those miles will be worth the laziness :o) .

Have a Happy Hump Day!

Happy Quarter of a Century

Hope you all had a great, long weekend and an enjoyable Memorial Day. I've been having the time of my life this weekend and will update soon!

What did you do for Memorial Day? Did you run?

Last Long Distance Run as a 24 Year Old

I may not be an elite runner, but I finished my 16 mile run feeling like a champion.

This was also my last long distance run as a 24 year old. At least, that's the plan. My run tomorrow should be half of today's distance. After that, who knows what my 25th year will bring me! However, if it will be anything like 24, it's going to be a kick ass year of my life!

Have a great Saturday, guys! And Marylanders...GO FOR A RUN TODAY! I don't care if you go 1 mile or 20...You have perfect weather conditions and you shouldn't pass this up!

What are your Saturday plans? 

Heart Rate vs Heat

I want to revisit the topic of running in the heat once more. I think it is important that we cover this subject from several angles. It is, after all, something that most runner's deal with and suffer through.

I, personally, have high expectations for myself all year around and when it comes to running in hot & humid weather, I am less than pleased with my results.

Run For Freedom 7/4/12: HOT HOT HOT! Worst 5K Weather Ever!
A big reason I feel that way is because I think my workout is suffering. I assume that I'm not burning as much and my fitness is going down.

Well, if you feel the same way....Stop those thoughts now!

I read a blog post by runladylike that threw my previous assumptions of hot weather running out the window.

“If your average heart rate on a typical tempo run performed under near-ideal conditions is in the range of 165 to 170 beats per minute, on a hot, humid day, trying to maintain that type of effort will yield a number in the neighborhood of 190."
Mario Fraioli - Editor of Competitor Magazine

I never took my heart rate into consideration. I simply thought that it remained the same in any weather scenario. However, your heart is actually working harder if you strive to maintain the same pace on hotter days. If you work on keeping your heart rate within the same range as a day with "ideal conditions," your workout should not suffer. In fact, our bodies should burn the same amount of calories.

Makes sense, right!?

When we see a slower time, we are quick to assume that we suck at running and we are losing fitness every day. But this is actually okay under these circumstances! About every runner will see an increase to their pace when temperatures start to climb. It is simply our body's natural way of adjusting to heat! Don't get yourself hospitalized just to maintain your goal pace! Let your heart tell you what's up!

Fortunately, I did not have to worry about heat today. It cooled down dramatically from the storms we have had! I ran at 7am and the temperature was about 50 degrees.

Cloudy and a new Under Armour running shirt!!
It was nice to have a comfortable run. Though, it began to rain about 3 miles in, but I made it to 6 miles without getting too, too wet. And my time was close to my PR.

I also don't mind rain runs so much. I actually enjoy them! They keep you cool and help you run faster to your car ;o) .

Do you try to aim for your goal pace in the summer, or do you follow your heart....rate?

Rainy runs, anyone?

What was the hottest temperature you ever ran in? Was it for a race?

Let's Sweat Pink and Celebrate!

It's officially the weekend and I have never been more excited!

My birthday is this weekend so having a blast is my #1 priority!! Even though my 25th birthday  happens to fall on Memorial Day this year, I still have plans to a big celebration for myself!!!

And is anyone else thinking "25 mile run?"

My extended weekend has already begun on an awesome note. I received an invitation to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I am honored to be among other fit females who possess a passion for active/healthy lifestyles. I look forward to meeting/working with you all. Let's be fitness friends and...

Speaking of sweat and fitness, I am taking a rest day today. It is normal for me to abstain from running on Thursdays, but for some odd reason, I am feeling terribly guilty for it! In fact, I was planning on taking yesterday off as well, but ended up doing a quick 2.25 mile run on the treadmill. It wasn't far, but I legitimately need a rest day this evening. If I don't take one, I will end up hating myself as I plan on running every day of my 5 day weekend!

I believe that will make up for the guilt of resting today...and the guilt for drinking this Mike's Hard Lemonade...

I really need to give myself a break. I will keep using the "My birthday is this weekend" excuse, but in all seriousness, everyone deserves to take a vacation from the norm. Whether it is having a drink on a Thursday night (when you only allow drinking on weekends) or switching up rest days. It is okay! You will hop on the fitness wagon once your vacation is over. No need to give yourself a hard time. EVER! You work too hard. :o)

Now, I know I said that I would be writing about body fat in my previous post, but I'm going to hold off till after the birthday/holiday madness! I may or may not be updating as frequently this weekend since I will be uber busy! But I'll make sure to update you on all the details when I do post again!

I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and fit holiday weekend!

And don't forget to sign up for my Spartan Race Giveaway! I extended the contest till 5/29!

What did you do for your last birthday? 

Do you workout on your birthday? Or do you treat it as a vacation/rest day?

Are you an ambassador for Sweat Pink?

Do you find it difficult to take rest days or break one of your normal practices (like drinking during a day you don't normally allow it?)

What are your Memorial Day plans?

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

***For those of you having issues signing up for the Spartan Race Giveaway, please revisit the entry. I am now using Rafflecopter to allow you to enter the contest!!! Sorry for any inconveniences. ***

Anyone else experiencing the heat yet?

We are here in Maryland, and I am not a happy camper. What more can you expect from a pasty red head? We were not made to endure summer's obnoxious temperatures and UV rays. We fry like bacon.
Sun burnt face!!! Ahhh!

Though, I'm not saying throw 10 feet of snow with ice and cold temps my way either.

My icicle will kill you!

When it comes to heat, I find this to be more of a comfort issue, one which I must adapt to. I personally do not like feeling as though I'm being baked alive in an oven. However, I am told that as long as you are properly fueling and hydrating yourself, heat should not be a problem. But you must not forget our dear friend, humidity! That's when you have to start looking into dew point temperatures (water to air saturation temperature).

I found a handy little chart on Runner's World article that gave me an idea of what to expect based on dew point alone.

I have never thought to take dew point into account. I always just looked at general temperature and thought, "Oh, it's 90 degrees, guess I have to stick with the treadmill." 

Before my run this evening, I was looking at a dew point of 67 degrees and according to this chart, that is considered "uncomfortable for most," but an easy run should be OK. Although that may be the case, the run was still slightly unbearable. Though, what I found to be truly important was finishing my goal mileage in good time.

My pace was a little inconsistent, but it could have been worse.

Also, now that we are hitting higher temps, I feel that it's okay to sporadically change my running schedule. Usually, I will run once I come home from work, but I'm finding that it's way too miserable out. I held out a little longer this evening and probably will do so more often. But I may skip tomorrow completely. I'm off work on Friday and although I don't normally run on Fridays, I can get one in early, before the heat kicks in to high gear.

Anyway, have a good evening, guys! I will be back to talk body fat tomorrow!

Did you have a hot run this evening? How far did you go?

Do you wait till later in the evening or wake up earlier in the morning to avoid high temps on your run?

What do you prefer? Hot or cold runs?

Are You Eating Enough?

You just had a fantastic weekend. One that consisted of good food, friends, and a mid-year Halloween Party...
I was a runner...haha!
...then your alarm goes off at 6am, abruptly waking you from your peaceful slumber.

Yes, it's Monday and as always, you would typically expect this day to suck (yay optimism). However, with the attitude that Monday's are terrible, you'd think there wouldn't be any surprises. If things happen to go wrong, you simply say "Oh, it's Monday" and continue with your day.

Ugh, not for me. I received an unexpected call from my doctor. After my not-so-swell appointment about 3 weeks ago, my doctor told me"If you don't hear anything from us, no news is good news." Well, I got some news this morning and I have to return for further testing. I'm not injured, I'm not dying, and I don't have an incurable disease. I do have some abnormalities that are a concern though. So let's hope for the best.

But not to dwell...
I read an a great post on Skinny Runner's blog that I think all female runner's should take a look at. I, for one, have never heard of Female Athlete Triad Syndrome (FATS). For those of you that are just as uneducated as I am, it's a form of "disordered eating" (not to be confused with an eating disorder). This more so is relative to those that exercise a lot and do not take in the amount of calories they need.

I, personally, aim to eat my weight in food every day...

Though, sometimes I do wonder if I actually eat enough. I have a relatively low body fat percentage and it may be lower than what is recommended for a runner. I don't experience all of the symptoms that come along with FATS, but it is something I do need be aware and careful of. As should all women.

Really evaluate your eating habits before you decide that you should have less of something. Don't trade in that chicken sandwich for a salad just yet. Those 40+ miles you put in every week may need those additional calories.

Runners should not look like super models (we are sexy already, right?).

If we were proportioned like the women you see in magazines, we would be frequently injured, unable to compete, and downright miserable! I mean, come one, who doesn't love to eat anyway!? And if you're like me, you do not want to suffer and injury that keeps you from running.


Anyway, this was not originally what I was going to post about. But I was inspired by the blog post I did see and thought it was worth discussing and sharing.

Happy Monday!

Did you have a good or bad Monday? 

What's your least favorite day of the week? Why?

Ever heard of or have dealt with Female Athlete Triad Syndrom?

Do you question the amount of food you eat in comparison to your workouts?

Have you ever had "disordered eating" habits.

Outfits, Uncharted Trail, and Future Heat

There's nothing like awesome color combos to make your run just a bit more fun (yay, rhyming!). If I feel I picked a great running outfit, I enjoy my run just a little more.

This is what I wore today minus the socks. For those of you that have read my past posts, you also know that awesome knee high running socks are a staple in my apparel choices.

I chose to wear my pink CEP Compression socks today, even with it being mildly humid this morning. It didn't quite dampen my running spirit, fortunately!

I also took a new direction on the C&O Canal trail today. Normally, I take the right path, running towards Williamsport; however, I decided to head downstream towards Sharpsburg this morning.

 I'm glad I made the effort to run outside of my normal path, but I found it a bit boring. When I run towards Williamsport, I get to see Dam #4, Big Slackwater (lovely view of the Potomac River) McMahon's Mill, and then some.

When I ran towards Sharpsburg, I saw a porta-potty and Lock #40. If I went farther than 4 miles out, I could have seen more. Apparently there's a cave about 6 miles out from my starting point.

I didn't want to push myself farther than I wanted to. I only wanted to max at 8 miles today. I was truly exhausted from my 15 mile run the day prior. That was proven from the 2 hour nap I took yesterday evening and waking up at 8:30, after falling asleep before midnight. I couldn't tell you the last time I slept in till 8:30. Sad.

My time wasn't too bad. Negative splits every mile. Oh, how I am beginning to love that. :o)

Anyway, one thing I want to touch on this week is running in the heat. This is probably the 1st summer I will truly deal with it full force. Last year, I wasn't doing this much distance so I didn't suffer so much. So prior to posting, I want to know how you deal with the heat? Tips, tricks, rules to live by, etc.

Have a great rest of your weekend and I will talk to you all tomorrow! :)

Does a good/bad running outfit influence how you feel about a run? What's your favorite outfit consist of?

Do you find yourself going the same trails, roads and paths? Ever mix it up to keep things interesting? Any good scenery where you go?

Hot running tips, tricks, rules to live by? 

15 Miles Right To Bed

****Before you read this post, sign up for the Spartan Race Entry Giveaway on my previous blog!!! If you have any trouble doing so, please email me at runfrecklesrun@gmail.com*****

Like most mornings, I woke up within the 6 o'clock hour. I took a moment to wonder what horrible things I did in my past life which have resulted in my inability to sleep in on a Saturday morning.

Then, I rolled out of bed to make breakfast for Peter and myself. Shortly after, I hit the trail for my planned 15 mile run.

I was simply not feeling this run. I felt weak from the start. At first, I was not sure what the culprit was, but I had to keep my pace at a tortoise speeds. By the time I hit mile 2, I knew something was wrong. My pace was a lousy 10+ min/mile pace and I was progressively becoming slower. I focused hard on getting my legs to move a little faster, but they were complaining and wanted to remain at the light pace. I tried my best to keep it consistently at 10.

As I neared the halfway point, my stomach started cramping and I had to slow my pace even further.  Needless to say, I was becoming very frustrated. There was even a point that the cramps almost made me throw up. I could taste the acid from my stomach.

I knew this wasn't the stomach flu...this was a...dun dun dunnnnn....hangover.

The Good Ol' 21 Year Old Days
 Typically, I'm pretty good at drinking enough to get decently ish-faced inhebriated and wake up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. Lately, it's been only a drink or two that has sent me past the point of a no sober return and I wake up feeling awful. I have lost a few pounds over the last month or 2 (even though I feel like I'm eating more!) and perhaps that has ultimately led me to my recent series of hangovers. It surely did not help on my run this morning, unlike any of my previous drinking experiences (read "Does Drinking Improve Performance", a previous post I wrote).

Maybe I should lighten up the alcohol load? Limit the Irish Trashcans? Or try gaining a few pounds? I think both options sorta suck. I'm in no way an alcoholic and enjoy the few drinks that I have on the weekends. I also do not want to gain any weight, even if I have a passionate love of food.

What to do, what to do?

Though, I did manage to finish the 15 miler just under an average 10 min/mile pace.

I rewarded myself with a trip straight to my bed.

I am feeling a lot better now, but in the end, today's run ultimately sucked! Hoped yours went much better!!!

What time do you typically wake up on the weekends?

 Did you have a good/bad run today? Why?

Did you drink last night? Were you hungover this morning? Do you still run/workout if your slightly hungover?

Spartan Race Contest!

You did it! You made it through yet another work week! And because you busted your butt, you deserve to be rewarded, am I right?

What could possibly be any better than winning a FREE pass to a Spartan Race event?

Reebok's Spartan Race is a world leader in obstacle racing. What sets them apart from a typical mud run, is that they offer not one, but 4 brutal course options depending on your athletic (and insanity) level: Spartan Sprint, Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, and Death Race.

As a virgin to any mud run or obstacle race, I would personally chose the Spartan Sprint. Though, I'm sure I could very well complete the Death Race with these muscles...
 ...but I think I'll sit that one out ;-).

I have always wanted to participate in an obstacle run and if you would like to prove your strength and courage to the world as well, now is your chance!

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Good luck!!!

Heels & Humidity

I am proud of myself. Not only was I in bed by 10:30 (10:24 to be exact), but I was able to last the day without soda. Sure, the day is not yet over, but I lasted this long without a problem. I think I can make it another 2 or 3 hours.

On a completely different subject, I think my foot was healed by magic. After my week off, I was still experiencing some pain. It wasn't as significant as it was the week before, so I felt it wasn't enough to keep me from my most loved activity. In fact, the only time that I felt the pain was not when running, but when I walked in sneakers. Heels were a completely different story. I wore some yesterday and had absolutely no pain until I took them off.

Believe me, I'm stumped too!

I woke this morning, still with the same annoying pain. However, as the day progressed, the pain started to slowly dull down. By noon, the pain was almost completely gone. Peter and I went on a walk on our lunch break. I was prepared to do only one lap instead of our normal two. The pain was there when we began, but after lap one, it was gone. So I risked another lap and the pain did not return.

So what happened? I am completely stumped. I don't understand how I went from having a decent amount of pain this morning to suddenly losing it on the walk. Was something just out of place this whole time and just snapped back to where it needed to be? I'm thankful the pain is gone, but I wish I knew why.

Anyway, my run this evening was not enjoyable at all. It was sticky and hot on the trail. That and I was attacked by every gnat on this side of the country. I am not a fan of humid weather.

Because of that, I was highly considering the treadmill this evening. Though, if I gave in this early, I would probably end up keeping all of my runs inside till fall. So I sucked it up for a day. And my time didn't suffer too much. I finished 5 miles in 46:16. Not too shabby!

Anyway, I'm trying to hit the hay early again tonight so I have to wrap this up now to get laundry finished and lay down by 10:30 again. Seemed to do me some good last night. Figured it wouldn't hurt again!

Have a good one!!

What goals have you set and achieved lately?

Ever have an injury magically disappear when you haven't done much to make it do so?

How do you survive humidity on a run?

Sleep, Soda, Six Mile PR

This is going to be a quick update because I have a goal in place for tonight: A 10:30 bedtime. Well, I intend to be laying in bed by 10:30. We shall see if I really go through with that one. I have been tired though and I am sure it would be for the best.

Speaking of goals, I have another in mind: NO SODA FOR ONE DAY! I have been an absolute soda addict for the last month and have nearly abandoned water.

That cup doesn't have JUST soda in it...

It's definitely having many negative effects, as well. For example, bloating. What woman likes bloating?!

I will make every effort to avoid the soda machine tomorrow. I am even thinking of letting Peter hold on to my wallet so I can resist the temptation of swiping my credit card through the machine. I will have water and Mio by my side at all times to help.

Anyway, on to running!!!

I anticipated today's run to be a slow one, but this week has been extremely abnormal for me, so it didn't up being as slow as I wanted. As a result, I got a PR on my 6 mile running time.

Believe it or not, I tried desperately to start out slow...like 9:30 slow. But my legs didn't want any part of that. I, at least, tried to make it consistent for the first 3 miles, then speed it up in the end. Boom...PR.

I have my Garmin to thank! <3

But that about sums it up! I gotta get my lunch packed and prepare for bed so I can be there by goal time! Have a good night!!!

Do you have a bed time? How many hours of sleep do you normally get a night?

Are you addicted to soda or caffeiene? What's your favorite soda?
-I love Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper

Ever get a PR without intention?


Going the Extra Mile...or Two.

How many celeb mentions, retweets, and favorites does it take for the awesomeness of it to wear off?

I think this is the 8th time I've been acknowledged by someone in spotlight. My first RT by a celebrity was actually Snoop Dogg. Another I was extremely excited about was Seth Green. He wished me a happy birthday 2 years ago. Oh, how I love Twitter.

Anyway, yesterday was Mother's Day, and I couldn't be more blessed with the mom that I have...

My cousin, Heather (purple overalls), me (baby), my mom,
my sister, Ashley
Peter invited her and his mother, Maria, over for a Mother's Day feast and it was very successful! We had BBQ chicken breast, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and more! It was all very delicious because our mother's deserve nothing but yummy food! I also presented my mom with a FoodSaver. She's been dying for one and since Peter and I love ours so much, I figured we'd get her the same one as we have. I'm so glad she loves it!

Now, today is my mother's birthday! So Happy Birthday, Mom!!! <3

Anyway, I decided to trash Maniac Mile Mondays until further notice. I want to wait until my foot feels like its old self again. At this point, it really feels sore more than anything. Though, my RockTape aka MiracleTape has really made a difference. I'm already prepared to buy some more.

Today, I aimed to do 5 miles since I was tired and sore from yesterday's 14. But once I hit the trail, I felt completely energized and refreshed. I ended up doing a full 7 which is extremely abnormal for me during the work week.

What was even more abnormal was my time.

Can someone say "PR"?

I paid very close attention to my Garmin today. My intent was to keep things slow. But when I saw those negative splits every mile, I figured "Why the hell not give this my all?" So, not only did I PR in my 5k and my half this month, I PRed on my 7 mile time as well.

My birth month has really treated me well, minus the foot issue.
 It's nice to see myself leave age 24 with a bang!

Have you ever been retweeted or mentioned on Twitter by a celebrity? Who was it and what did they RT or say to you?

What did you do for your mother on Mother's Day?

Have you had any PRs this month?

RockTape, Forerunner, and a Dead iPod

Today's run did not go as planned at all! Yet, I can't say that it was a bad thing.

First off, I "overslept". For me, sleeping in is considered waking up after 7:30 am. So I almost felt I had to rush through breakfast and get ready for my run. But I did take time to apply my new roll of RockTape...

Yes, my legs are that white....

They say it helps prevent/heal injury prone areas. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have it placed on my peroneal tendon. It wasn't but a few minutes after application that I was already sold on this miracle tape.

Anyway, I quickly gobbled down my eggs and bagel (with homemade raspberry jelly thanks to our roommate, Chris) and I hurried down to the trail to begin what was originally intended to be a 13.1 mile journey. I didn't want to do more since I had the prior week off from my foot. Also, my run(s) yesterday were very exhausting. My goal was to make today's long run very easy on myself.

Then came Obstacle #1: A Fallen Tree.

After the weekend of storms, I should have expected more than mud on the trail. Yet, I was not prepared for a tree that nearly made the trail impassable. I was determined to not let this affect my planned path, so I took it as a minor challenge and climbed over the trunk to continue forward again.

About quarter of a mile later, I encountered obstacle #2: The dead iPod.

When I left the house this morning, I made sure to check the battery life on my iPod Touch since I had not used it since the half marathon. From my quick glance, it looked to have a decent amount of battery left. I estimated about 75%. You could imagine my surprise when the music cut off mile 2.25. I felt like this run could not get any worse.

Now I was faced with a decision: Do I continue with the run or do I turn back?

I just literally climbed over a tree to get this far and going back just seemed stupid. So I took off my earbuds and decided to go forward, promising myself that if it got unbearable, I could turn back at mile 5 to make the total run 10 miles in distance.

Surprisingly, the lack of music was almost unnoticeable. I was more concerned with mud puddles and pace. I hit the halfway point of 6.55 miles with ease. That's when I decided that going the extra .45 miles wouldn't kill me.

When I arrived at mile 7, the trail did actually come to a watery end. The path was flooded from the rain. Satisfied with my distance, I took a break to eat a granola bar, then turned back, steadily increasing my pace to make a negative split.

I ended the unplanned 14 mile journey in decent time...

I could not have been happier. With all the inconveniences, the run turned out to be one of my favorites to date and it taught me to not be so dependent on my iPod. You can easily survive without one. I may make it a habit to lose the iPod once or twice a week.

Anyway, I must start making Mother's Day dinner with Peter. Our mommies are visiting tonight and we plan on making this a good time! Have a great day and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Have you ever tried RockTape or KT Tape? Do you swear by it or not see the point?

Ever encountered so many obstacles on a run that you called it quits? Or did you manage to press forward?

Do you religiously run with an MP3 player or can you live without it?

What are you doing for your mother today?

Drunk Run & A Two Part Treadmill Workout

After a week off of running, my first mile was RWI (Running While Intoxicated).

After a Mike's Hard Mango and an Irish Trashcan, I couldn't take it anymore! I wasn't waiting until the morning. I had to run right then and there!

I grabbed my heart monitor, phone, and earbuds, then hit the NordicTrack for a Friday "Fun" Run. By "fun", I mean "plastered". I only did 1 mile under the circumstances, but, I can't lie...it was a great feeling! My Pandora station also started my run with the song "Gold Digger" by Kayne West and Jamie Fox. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I sang it out loud!

I finished the mile in 9:15, which I don't think is terrible for being drunk. Though, once I finished, I was a little light headed. But it wore off within minutes and I was fine...sober actually. I was almost compelled to run another mile, but I thought I would save my energy for the morning. I drank the rest of my drink instead.

I ended my Friday night watching the Goonies before happily passing out.

Then came morning and the "long-short" run I planned; 7 miles on the treadmill with Stefan, Damon, and Elena from Vampire Diaries. There's nothing like sexy vampires to start your day.

Unfortunately, the run didn't go as planned. After a week off all cardio activities, I think I lost some of my endurance. I was really beat around mile 3. I did manage to push through to mile 5, but I immediately called a time out.  I decided to take a lunch break and lay down for about 20 minutes. After the quick rest session, I hopped back on the treadmill to finish out the 7 miles I originally intended.

Though, I one upped myself and instead of doing 2 more miles, I did 3.1. :o)

Ignore the distance on the first pic...the satellite was going
for a treadmill run

Also, I LOVE my Garmin! I'm still getting used to it though. Haven't used it for splits...I kept forgetting. However, I have used the heart monitor and I find it pretty awesome. You don't even know it's there, in my opinion. So far, I give this watch a thumbs up!

Anyway, tomorrow I plan on getting out on the trail for what could be a 10+ mile run. My foot is feeling fine after today. It was a little tight after the run, but once I put heat on it, there was no issue. I think 10-13 miles is a realistic expectation for myself. But we shall see!

Happy Saturday!

Ever do a drunk run? Did you like it, hate it? Did you hurt yourself?

Have you ever taken a break during a running session, whether you just weren't feeling it, or just because?

What are your Saturday plans?
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