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Happy Friday, my friends! I am enjoying married life right now and promise to be back soon! But for now, I want to dedicate some time with my husband! Have a great weekend!

He Put A Ring On It

So I got married yesterday!

I don't have many pictures yet. But I will leave you with these...for now!


More later!

Targeting the "Gluten-Free Fad" & Bridal Body Slim Down: Day 4

There has been an article circulating via Facebook about gluten sensitivities.

If I could be frank, I am a bit offended. I have never claimed to be gluten intolerant, nor have I diagnosed myself with celiac disease, but I feel that I have been targeted (not personally, obviously) just for participating in this "fad-diet."

In fact, I do not consider my decision to be GF a "fad" or a "diet." It has become much more than that. Though I have seen differences in my body, like reduced bloating, I think it stems from being more aware of what I am eating rather than resorting to a quick-fix. I have been forced to become more creative. I no longer resort to a sandwich every night or go out to pick up a meal from Sheetz. Instead, I have been cooking or baking my meals. I have been taking in more fruits, vegetables, and protein. I haven't been able to just fill up on bread and forget about other valuable nutrients that my body needs. 

There may be many in the world that are claiming to a gluten sensitivity that may not have one, that I will not deny. However, if a person cuts gluten, sees results, and decides to continue being gluten free, why condemn them for claiming a gluten sensitivity? Let them be naive. It's just annoying you than hurting you. 

For those that are "sick and tired" of hearing about people and their GF sensitivities, why not try it yourself? See if it makes a difference in how you eat and how your body feels/looks. You may be surprised!

Now, let me step off my soap box and talk about Day 4!

I have been waiting for a day of bloating. I have been used to the fluctuations for a good bit of my life and had it down to a schedule. I used to believe my bloating was due to my menstruation cycle. I still believe it was due to the boating's timeliness; however, I do think that your cycle can be impacted by how you eat. Since I have cleaned things up, the bloating is not as prominent as it was! Negligible even. Typically, I would be experiencing some massive bloating around this time in my cycle *knock on wood*, but it has yet to make an appearance!

I have cut cheese on top of artificial sugar. I have not had it in 2 days and am not stressing it! Reducing my dairy intake was strictly to make sure I would not become constipated before my wedding. The last thing you want is feeling backed up when walking down the aisle!

Here was today's food intake:

Breakfast: GF Chex with Almond Milk
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Leftover Chicken Chili with GF bread for dipping. Green beans on the side.
Snack: Banana, Peanut Butter
Dinner: Turkey Sandwich (GF Bread, Onions, Green Peppers, Slice of Avocado, Turkey, Spinach) with GF Roasted Pepper Tomato Soup 

I ALMOST skipped my workouts this evening. I was completely exhausted after work, but after digesting my dinner, I felt great! I did a 5 mile road run and finished in about 43 minutes! I felt so energized when I got home that I did 100 squats, 100 calf raises, and 100 push ups! I am definitely glad that I changed my mind! :)
I am READY! Just one more day of work to go! :)
 Do you think gluten sensitivities are real? Or is it just a fad?
What causes you to bloat?
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