Donut & Trail Races

I signed up for 2 races to complete in August!

The first will be on August 9th. It's called Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally. It's a 5k race through downtown Hagerstown, beginning and ending at Krumpe's Donuts. For those of you who do not live in the vicinity of Hagerstown, do not get the luxury of these donuts!

Image Credit: Krumpe's Donuts

They are basically a landmark in this area, known for having the best donuts around! I have not indulged in any for quite a some time, but I still remember their distinct taste from previous visits. It used to be a place our family would frequent to get a mixed dozen of their donuts. Usually there was a line that extended outside of their small shop.

Image Credit: Cleared and Ready

  I prefer their creme filled donuts, but have never turned away their other delicious options.

Image Credit: Krumpe's Donuts

Anyway, enough about the donuts themselves! Krumpe's Donuts began the 5k a few years back to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization that assists those that have served and were injured in active duty. All profits made from the race are donated to WWP. So not only are you running for free donuts at the end, but you are also helping those that have protected your freedom. Now that's something to run for!!!

The second race I have decided to participate in is the Gary Brown Memorial 5 Miler on August 17th. I am surprised I have not heard of this race before since it has been held for 30+ years! It also takes place on the C&O Canal in Williamsport. Prior to moving to Boonsboro, I frequently ran the Williamsport section of the canal and loved it. That is why I stick to the canal in my area. It's a beautiful place to run!

After hearing from a runner friend that this race was being held, I took no time in printing out the registration details and mailing them a check! This should be a very lovely run if the weather cooperates! Very small run too. It's limited to only 200 participants.


Do you have any races that you are signed up for this coming month?

 Would you do a run just for food at the end? Like yummy creme filled donuts?

Have you ever participated in a trail race?

Breaking the Rules and Running!

And the rule breaking officially began today.

I am nearly 2 weeks into my so-called "recovery" and I am DONE laying around. I decided to kick it up a notch this evening since I have been frustrated with my fitness taking a step backwards. I journeyed to the trail because 1) it was beautiful out and 2) I wanted to go a little further than 2.5 miles. I was aiming for 3, but due to my excitement, my more responsible plan was thrown out the window.

I tied up my brand new Brook's...

...and wore a cute running outfit for the occasion. I had to look decent for my first run back on the canal!

The run started out like any other, but today, I was feeling better than I had in comparison to my last two runs. Once I approached mile 1.5 (my planned halfway point), I decided there would not be any harm in going just a hair farther. Then, I passed mile 2 and thought, "What the hell!? Why not go 5 miles!"

My pace seemed insane too. I was hitting every mile right below 9 minutes. It was as if I never took the 2 weeks off. At least, in the case of my pace. As for how I actually felt, that's a different story! Just as I reached mile 2.5, my breathing became very labored like in my previous runs. I could not take in as much oxygen as my body needed.

I looked down at my Garmin to check my pace and was surprised by my heart rate. It started to peak at 180 bpm. That was beyond what I have ever seen on my watch! Typically, I am between 150-170, depending on the temperature outside. I made an effort to slow down during mile 3-4, but my legs had a different idea. I only sped up again in the final mile.

I ended up finishing under 45 minutes...

Though I was proud of myself, I think I should have taken it a little easier on myself since none of this was doctor approved. I will kick back a little tomorrow. I am only to do about 2-3 miles tomorrow with my dear friend, Ashley! It will be nice to have a running partner for once!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Monday! I know I did! It's good to be back in my running shoes again.

What shoes are you currently wearing for your trail runs? Do you recommend them?

What did your running outfit consist of today? Are you concerned if it looks good or not?

What's your normal heart rate during a run? Do you try to keep it in a target range?

Freezing Farm Fresh Corn

Happy Sunday, my friends!

Upon waking this morning, I decided to one up my run from yesterday. I increased my distance to 2.5 miles. It still amazes me how difficult running is after my short time off! My breathing has become more labored. My time, however, showed that I have not suffered a decrease in speed. I am hitting a 9 minute mile, my second usually in the upper 8s. Maybe I should slow down until I work my distance up? Not sure what I should focus my energy on. I am just going with the flow right now.

Anyway, following my run and hip flexor stretches, I spent the majority of my morning cleaning up around the house. It was neglected a good scrub down since my surgery and I absolutely cannot stand a dirty home!

Afterwards, Peter and I journeyed out to my family's farm to pick corn. I have indulged in corn on the cob from our farm for as long as I can remember. It has been a staple in our summer meals and I want it to remain that way through the fall/winter months. So I decided to pick a ton to freeze.

You want to freeze farm fresh corn as well? Here is how we did it!

Peter and I left with 2 sacks of corn, giving us about 6 dozen ears to work with. It was going to be a long process, but every bit of work we put in to it will be appreciated in the cold months!

First, we sat on our front porch to husk the ears, that way we would not end up with a mess in our  freshly cleaned kitchen (be prepared for a mess anyway!).

Note: We dumped the husks in our backyard, no need to waste a trash bag when disposing organic material. Put it in a compost pile!

Second, it was recommended to me to lightly boil the corn. My father explained that this stops any growth of bacteria on the corn and it will keep longer. My dad has been a farmer his entire life and is an expert when it comes to corn! You cannot deny 40+ years of experience and not take their advice! So I boiled the corn for about 2-3 minutes in a large 12 QT stock pot.

It was hard not to start chomping away immediately!!!

Next, I took a bundt pan and used the center hole to support one ear as I shaved the kernels from the cob. This was an idea I came across on Pinterest. I have to say, the person who thought to do this is a genius. It really helped prevent a larger mess from being made.

I would shave about 7 ears (seemed like a good number) and spoon the kernels into a FoodSaver freezer bag. It was manually programmed to do a gentle speed for moist food. We had about 11 bags vacuum sealed by the end. Peter labeled them with the date and amount of cobs that went into each bag.

And then your done!!

From the time we began husking to sitting the corn in the freezer, it took me about 2 hours to prepare 70+ ears of corn. I also got a blister at the bottom of my index finger from the constant knife use. So, be prepared for a long process if you are doing over 70 ears.

I am thinking to try and finish each bag within a 6 month time frame for best results. According to FoodSaver's website, you can keep vegetables for 2-3 years. Not too sure how I feel about that, but I know that the corn will not last that long in this house. I will have it devoured.

What would your primary focus be after an extended time off from running? Speed or distance?

Do you strive to keep your home clean? How often do you clean your house?

Have you ever froze/canned any produce to keep during the winter? What's your favorite thing to freeze/can?

Unapproved Running and Marked Down Mizunos!

Uh oh! I did something that my doctor would surely frown upon.

You guessed it! I put on my running clothes and went for a run. But before you shake your finger at me, it was truly short and sweet. I stopped myself at 1.5 miles because one, I was TIRED and two, I was on asphalt. If anything would cause injury to the area I just had surgery on, I am sure running on an asphalt surface would be at the top of the list. So I turned in and went home to a good stretch. (Have you tried the anti-pooch stretches for your hip flexors yet?)

As expected, my fitness did go down.

I could still maintain a pace of about 9 minutes per mile and probably could have finished a full 5+ miles if I wanted to; however, my lung capacity seemed to have been reduced. I felt as though I could not take in as much oxygen as I had just a week and a half ago. I am sure my physical shape has had some set backs, but the effects are most likely minimal. I think I will be back to normal in no time.

I'm going to stick to shorter runs these next few days since I am still in recovery. I'll probably max at 3 miles up until the middle of the week. By the weekend, I hope I can reach at least 7 miles again. I am definitely looking forward to having a consistent schedule, but will keep it in my best interest to rest when necessary.

 Oo! I almost forgot...I have some news for the Mizuno fans out there! The Mizuno Wave Rider 16s were priced down on Amazon. I bought my pair for $101 instead of $115 today, but prices vary depending on size/color choices. Also, free shipping for Prime members! If you want your pair, better get them while the price is low!

Have you ever involved yourself in physical activities that were not yet approved by your doctor?

What is the longest you have gone without running? Was it hard for you to run again?

How long does it take for you to reach your normal pace/mileage after a week or so of rest/recovery?

Still Sane...For Now

I have been getting quite antsy to run again.

Though, I am trying hard to use this entire two week recovery time to rest and relax. There are still a few physical issues I am dealing with from surgery, but they should resolve themselves by the weekend. I am planning run again on Monday or Tuesday with an easy 5k.

 I have remained a walker in my recovery, sticking to about 3 miles a day. It prevents me from achieving "couch potato" status. I have not taken on biking like I thought I would, but that may come this weekend. I was thinking a 15-20 mile ride on the trail would be reasonable, if weather permits.

The food intake though has been more difficult to decrease. I have cut down my morning toast intake to one slice as opposed to 2. I have also have exchanged my morning snack from high carb granola bars, breads, etc, to a fresh peach or some grapes. Everything else has pretty much remained the same. Though, if you noticed from my previous posts, you can see I have been trying to make my meals as healthy as possible!

Fortunately, I am surviving and am not insane from lack of running. So far, I have enjoyed my break and have been able to focus on other things I enjoy, like cooking, video games, and my boyfriend. I hope to have one of my intended projects finished this weekend so I can tell you guys all about that! :)

Hope you all are having a great week! I will update later this weekend!

Have any good runs this week? Any races planned?

Try anything new this week? Activity? Recipe? 

What are your weekend plans?

Recipe Time: California Sandwich

Another recipe!? I've been really taking advantage of my time off to put together some meals I've never tried or have not had in eons.  Like this one...

Last year, my mom introduced me to one of the most scrumptious veggie sandwiches I have ever tasted: A California Sandwich. It includes so many delicious summer veggies, which means it is packed with nutrients! It's a scrumptiously healthy lunch or dinner that keeps the oven heat at bay! Also...vegetarian friendly!!!

California Sandwich
Serves 2


  • 1 Avocado, Diced
  • 1 Medium Tomato, Diced (fresh from Britner's Produce!)
  • 1 Cucumber, Diced (fresh from Peter's mother's garden!)
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • 2 Tablespoons of Cilantro
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste
  • 4 Slices of Whole Wheat Bread or Tortilla Wraps! (we toasted our bread)
  • 1/4 cup Alfalfa Sprouts
  1. In a medium bowl, mix avocado, tomato, cucumber, lime juice, and cilantro. Season with salt and pepper if you desire.
  2. Divide sprouts onto two individual slices and top with avocado salad. Cover with remaining bread slices.
  3. Enjoy!

Even though I prefer to have meat in my meals, this one is satisfying without! The avocado is basically the meat of this sandwich! It also kicks hunger to the curb! I definitely give this sandwich a 10, hands down. Even Peter liked it :o)

    Recipe! Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa and Chicken

    Since I've been out of commission, I have been making an effort to nourish my body as it needs with the little activity I have put forth. That means, attempting to cut down on my portion sizes and limiting some of the sugars and fats I normally take in and modifying them with clean foods.

    I have been on the search of trying some new things or twisting recipes that I am already familiar with. One meal that I was looking forward to making was stuffed peppers! I have made this dish once in the past, but not quite like this!

    Spicy Chicken Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa and Veggies
    Serves 2

    • 1/2 lb Chicken, Cubed
    • 2 Large Green Bell Peppers
    • 1 Garlic Clove, Chopped
    • 1/2 Cup Onion, Chopped 
    • 1/2 Cup Corn (we used fresh corn on the cob...Britner's Produce)
    • 1/3 Cup Tomatoes, Chopped (farm fresh from...again....Britner's Produce!)
    • 1/2 Cup Quinoa, Cooked
    • 1 oz Shredded Sharp Cheddar (your preference of cheese is fine)
    • Seasonings to Taste (we used black pepper corns, crushed red pepper, and chipotle seasoning)
    • Sriracha (optional)

    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    2. Cut off tops of bell peppers, removing center and add to a small casserole dish.
    3. Prepare Quinoa according to instructions.
    4. In an oiled skillet, on medium heat, cook chicken until cooked through. Reduce to low heat, adding garlic and onions with any seasonings and sriracha as you desire. Continue cooking until onions soft.
    5. Mix chicken and onions into a medium sized bowl with prepared quinoa, adding diced tomatoes and corn.
    6. Stuff peppers with the chicken & quinoa mix and top with shredded cheese. Drizzle sriracha if you are looking to add extra spice
    7. Cook for 25 minutes and serve hot.

    This is the first time I have prepared a meal using quinoa. In fact, this is the first time I have ever ate quinoa. I heard it was a great substitution for rice and offers a great deal of protein, fiber, and calcium. It definitely gets a thumbs up from me! Delicious!

    Overall, Peter and I give this meal a 9 on a scale of 1-10. It was filling, it was healthy, and what I loved most was that it was stuffed with fresh produce. I am telling you, if you live near the Western Maryland area, please stop by Britner's Produce. You will not regret it!

    The Dreaded Pooch and How You Can Prevent It!

    UPDATE: See my results from the hip stretches HERE!

    Pinterest has really taken over my life this past week. Primarily because I have been unable to run. I must entertain myself somehow and Pinterest happens to be full of ideas  & information. Some of it proves valuable...some of it...a waste of time!

    One of the "valuable" posts I came across was about one thing that I am sure ALL women dread...the "Lower Belly Pooch."

    Believe it or not, I happen to have a lower belly pooch myself.


     Many of you may find that it comes from diet, inactivity, having children, weight loss, etc; however, what you may not know is that it could be a result of tight hip flexors.

    The above image gives an example of what tight hips can do to your pelvic tilt. Because the hip flexors have the inability to stretch and allow your hips to sit evenly from front to back, your spine curves inward, giving the appearance of a belly pooch. Not only can it leave an unflattering appearance for ypur stomach,  but it can result in a mess of problems - back pain, posture issues, knee discomfort, and more.

    Personally, I have encountered more lower back pain, probably as a result of this. If I walk for a long period of time, maybe about an hour or so, my back tightens up. The only way to relieve the pain is by bending over and touching my toes, stretching out my hammies.

    Fortunately, there are simple stretches we all can do to prevent body discomfort and reduce that belly bulge.

    I have tried these myself and was surprised to discover just how tight my hips really were! You can find the full list and how-to at FitSugar.

    The Butterfly

    The Pigeon

    Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

    I also included some additional stretches that I located, as well.

    Supine Hip Flexor Stretch
    Frog Pose

    There are more stretches available for your hip flexors that will help correct and alleviate any pain or posture problems you are currently experiencing. It doesn't require much effort so you can easily do this while watching TV.

    A lot of these poses are from Yoga and there's a great 3 Week Yoga Retreat that you can try free with our On Demand service along with many other workouts that will help you beat the battle of the bulge!

    If you want more information, please your email below:

    I want information on the Yoga Retreat!

    * indicates required

    I am going to start focusing on stretching my hips to see if there are any significant changes or improvements and will be sure to update you all! I know some of my pudge could very well be from the dramatic weight loss I experienced, but hey, a slight change can make a big difference!

    Do you have a belly "pooch"? Is it from tight hips?

    Do you do any of the above exercises to prevent hip flexor tightness?

    What are some of your favorite hip stretches? Do you have pictures or videos?

    Disappearing Act & Our New Family Member

    Sorry, guys! I have briefly fallen off the grid post-surgery. I have been slowly regaining my strength; however, I still find myself tiring easily after exerting any physical effort.

    On Thursday, I unfortunately had to mosey into work and I felt next to dead. I found it difficult to do anything minor, like walking or going up and down the stairs. Luckily, I only had to last through that single day, then I was able to return to my weekend.

    Peter's 25th birthday was on Friday. We spent that day playing Modern Warfare 3, watching The Game Show Network, and above all, just take it easy. The festivities for his birthday were being held on Saturday. I began that morning with an easy 2.5 mile walk (walking takes forever!) and was feeling surprisingly energetic afterwards, so I went to the garden and weeded. Afterwards, we went to our roommate's parent's to enjoy a crab feed.

    I ate about 6 crabs and a ton of watermelon. So delicious! It is the only time of the year I get crabs and I savor every bite of it. Though, I'm currently craving more.

    Not long after the crab feed, we had our friend's join us at home for Peter's party. We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and provided other snack items. I even made my own salsa using Britner's Produce tomatoes...

    It was definitely a successful first try and was nearly killed by our party guests. I need to pick up more tomatoes and corn to make a larger batch for us. I am loving the availability of fresh foods right now! I need to can/freeze some of this delicious produce.

    I may have over-indulged in the food last night, but I had a lot of fun and I am considering this week my vacation instead of "recovery." It sounds a lot better.

    Today, we had to wake up a little early since we had plans to visit some PUPPIES! Peter came across a breeder that had a litter of Red Dobermans nearby our home. He has wanted one for quite sometime, so we had no choice but to go see them!

    And we put a deposit on one of them! So we will be bringing home a new family member the first week of August!


    I am really excited to get this little guy home with us. He's eventually going to be my running buddy! That way, I won't have to bug Peter into running with me. ;o)

    Anyway, I will be updating more often now that I am feeling better post surgery. I have some great posts I want to share with you and some delicious recipes I will be trying all week! Get ready!

    How do you spend your time recovering? Do you treat it like vacation?

    What festivities did you get into this weekend? 

    Have any great indulgences lately? Have you had any crab yet this summer?

    Do you have any dogs? Are they your running partner?

    My First Surgery and Day 1 into Recovery

    I successfully made it through my first (and hopefully last) surgery!

    The worst of it was the prep, which wasn't too terrible. Just a lot of questions and a lot of waiting. However, they made it up to me by giving me a massage...

    Though, it got old after a while and I got really uncomfortable. Especially when they put the IV in my arm. I couldn't comfortably bend it once it was in. I didn't have to suffer through it too long, fortunately. Soon after they hooked me up to the IV, I was rolling back to the operating room, where they administered medication right into my IV tube. I instantly felt very sedated, but didn't fall asleep until face mask was administered. I only took a few deep breaths and BAM, I was already waking up in recovery.

    Once the nurses noticed that I was coming to, they asked what my pain number was: 0 meant no pain, while numbers as high as 8 meant extreme pain. I gave a 2 because I could feel something was done, but it never felt bad, just uncomfortable. Within 10 minutes, I changed my pain score to a 1. However, they kept me around because my heart rate was in the 30s. It didn't take long to get out though. I was the star patient. Barely any pain or nausea.

    I got to take home some lovely parting gifts.

    These compression socks didn't have anything on mine, so I changed it up once I arrived home.

    The discomfort remained manageable, but my emotions were far worse. That is apparently a side effect of the anesthesia. I nearly cried at Sheetz because they didn't have wheat buns for a chicken sandwich WHEN THEY NORMALLY DO! There were more emotional outbursts through out the evening, but I just went to bed (or couch) and slept for nearly 12 hours, getting up twice to actually go to my bed, then later to eat breakfast.

    Speaking of food, I've been trying to cut back since I am going to be inactive for all this week. For breakfast, instead of having 2 slices of toast with my cereal, I had one. I skipped my morning snack, mainly because of sleeping and I wasn't hungry. For my snack, instead of having my two rice cakes with peanut butter, nutella, chocolate chips, and almonds, I had one. My evening snack will either be fruit and yogurt or popcorn.

    In making all these little changes, as well as being mindful of my proportions for my lunch and dinner, I've reduced my intake by nearly 600 calories...give or take. That's about how much I would burn on a 7 mile run. I do not feel like I am starved either. I am allowing myself everything I normally have, just cutting a little out of it. Next week, I will allow myself more since I'll be re-introducing exercise back into my life. Though, that won't be until Tuesday or Wednesday. For now, my only approved activity is easy walking.

    So if you were wondering, I'm surviving. Not hating life without running...yet!

    Have you ever had surgery? How well did you recover? Any pain?

    While in recovery from any body trauma, do you reduce your calorie intake/change your diet to make up for your lack of activity?

    How was your run today? It is hot on the east coast! Did you tough it out east coasters?

    PureGrit 2 Retirement & Last Day

    This is going to be very difficult for me, but I am retiring the Brook's PureGrits. They have exceeded their 500 mile lifespan in the few short months that I've had them.

    In memory, here are some photos I shared with the beloved pair of shoes...

    I will miss my very first pair of Brooks, but like any running shoe, they all must go to shoe heaven eventually...or remain in my closet till I find the courage to part with them later. Weeks later.

    Do not despair! The relationship with the PureGrits is not over. I already bought a new pair of them so they are ready when I come out of my running hiatus! Nothing like new shoes to start fresh in. That's one thing I have to look forward to!

    Speaking of new shoes, I want to get some new Mizunos. I love my Wave Rider 15s that I strictly use for treadmill runs. I thought I would also benefit from buying another pair for my road runs.

    Aren't they gorgeous!? These babies are at the top of my shopping list. I think this color combo is pretty sweet! Reminds me of glow sticks for some reason. :o)

    Anyway, as you know, tonight was my last night running prior to surgery. It was pretty stinkin' hot, but I was not spending my last evening on the treadmill. Besides, Peter joined me on the trail! He didn't really stick around (I can't run as fast as he can bike), but it was still nice we both could enjoy the C&O Canal tonight.  I hope we can do this more often once I am fully recovered.

    On the subject of recovery, I may or may not blog for the next few days depending on how medicated I am or if I'm in pain. I hope you all understand. However, I will be sure to let you all know how everything goes! I know I'll be okay, though.

    Make sure you runners blog and comment all about your runs!

    Do you have a hard time parting with your favorite pair of running shoes when they have reached their mileage?

    What is your favorite color(s) for running shoes?

    Do you try to include your significant other on your runs? Whether getting them to run with you or bike around you?

    Prepping for Surgery/Recovery

    This weekend, I have done a lot of prep for my surgery. Friday, I left work early to visit the doctor for my pre-op. We went over the schedule of my procedure and how long it will take from check in to check out. She and I also discussed recovery again. This time, she has advised that I abstain from running completely for 2 weeks. Though, she did recommend leisurely biking as an exercise option for my second week. I am completely okay with this just as long as I do not have to remain inactive!

    I was sent for blood work shortly after, where for the first time, I felt a little anxious filling up those vials. Typically, I have a strong stomach when it comes to blood, but this time was different. I was uncomfortable to the point where I had to look away. I am usually intrigued at watching my blood spill into those capsules, but not then. I left the office with a somewhat of a stomach ache; however, it did not take long for my appetite to return in full force. Not surprised.

    Yesterday, I woke up at 6:30 am. I saw that it rained the night before, even though the weather man never called for it. I was mildly disappointed; however, this was my last day for a long run prior to surgery. I was not going to allow rain and mud get in the way. It was humid and the ground was covered in puddles, but I surprisingly dedicated the majority of my morning to finishing 14 miles. I contemplated doing an extra mile, but it had been several weeks since I did anything over 10-12 on a Saturday. Especially in this weather.

    I went home with soggy feet, muddy & achy ankles, and also, a ruined pair of socks.

    Although I was feeling quite sore, I knew I would not regret my decision to go 14. Especially when I'll be on the couch, in pain, and doped up for a few days this coming week. 

    Today, I woke up a little later than intended, but it was going to be a shorter run. I decided to stick to 7, just far enough to make it to the Dam. I wanted to admire it one last time since I will not be seeing it for a couple of weeks. I sound silly, but it really is a glorious place to visit and I enjoy seeing it about twice a week.

    After my run, I spent the majority of the day cleaning. It felt like I was nesting for a newborn. I bleached both of our bathrooms, washed the curtains that have never seen a washer/dryer, dusted, swept, mopped, washed a few windows and even scrubbed some walls. I won't be doing it post-surgery and I hate a messy house! So the less stress I have during recovery, the better!

    We are also celebrating Peter's birthday this coming weekend here at the house. I want it to look it's best for the guests! I love entertaining for our parties!

    Anyway, tomorrow I am working a full day and contemplating one last run. It would be a short one if I decided to do so. The only reason I'm thinking of avoiding it is because I have to start fasting tomorrow night. I thought that if I ran, I would be grumpy, not being able to take in a lot from the calories I will burn. I wasn't even aware that I was going to have to fast until this past Friday. I have to stop eating Monday night and my surgery is not until Tuesday afternoon. I am going to be so hungry!

    I am sure I will run anyway, knowing me.

    How do you prep for being a couch potato for a few days?

    Ever do a long run in bad weather conditions out of desperation?

    Have you ever had to fast for a length of time? How did you get through it without going crazy!?

    Mid-Year Goal Review for 2013

    I was reading runladylike's blog and she posted a mid-year check in of her 2013 goals. I thought it was a brilliant idea! I decided that I would also revisit the goals I set for myself and see what targets I hit, which ones I'm closing in on and those that I need to start training for.

    • Participate in at least three races [ complete! ] - I hit this goal easily. Though, since I am still within my first 2 years of running, I wasn't sure how high I needed to set the bar in the beginning of the year. Since I smashed that goal in May, I decided to raise the goal to 10. Here are the races I have completed so far:

    • Participate in at least one half marathon run [ complete! ] - Once again, wasn't sure how I would take to a half within my first year so I set the bar low. I knew I could go the distance, but doing so in a competitive atmosphere and an unfamiliar area, I wasn't sure how well I would do...if I'd even complete it at all. However, I loved it so much that have already signed up for a few more this year. Here's the half I have already completed:

    • Complete a 15 mile run within the first quarter of the year [ complete! ] - I finished this goal only a week into the year. I think the main reason I did so was because I was just then hearing about how the Big Slackwater renovation on the C&O Canal was complete. Before, the trail was impassible. Then, they added a concrete bridge to extend out to McMahon's Mill. Read about it here!

    • Complete a 20 mile run within the year [ complete! ] - Once I hit 15, 20 miles was not far behind. I learned how to properly fuel on a long run and was able to sustain the energy to hit the 20s in February. I ended feeling strong. I enjoyed the 3.5 hour adventure alone, exploring territory on the C&O Canal I never traveled before.
    • Complete 26.2 miles [ on hold! ] - This goal has not yet been completed, but I would still love to achieve before the year's end. I have already experienced failure this year in attempting a personal marathon. I made it to 23 with much suffering. Once I hit mile 16, I tried to think positive knowing that I had less than 10 miles to go, but my mentality really began to slump. Since giving up that one day, I have dreaded attempting it again, even though I have already signed up for a marathon in March. I will start retraining in August/November.
    • Complete a mile in 6:30 [ on hold! ] - I honestly thought I would have had this completed by now. I used to have a Maniac Mile Monday to try and increase my speed, but I was not able to complete a mile within 7 minutes.  Then I got injured and decided to can Maniac Mile Monday until further notice. 

    Have you completed any of your 2013 goals? Which ones?

    Any goals that are not yet complete? Why?

    One Thousand Miles

    This is the first full year that I have been able to track my mileage. I have counted every single mile since January 1st and yesterday, I reached #1000! As much as I did not want to run in the humidity, I decided it would be more fitting to hit that milestone on the canal, my favorite running trail.

    I took the GoPro with me so I could not only look completely silly....

    But show YOU my typical route. I sped it up, and trimmed it a bit. I do not believe most of you would enjoy sitting through 40+ minutes of running footage. Though, I'm really looking forward to bringing you along on my longer runs and showing off the historical landmarks I pass frequently.

    I give a thumbs up when I hit my 1000th mile. :)

    Watch in HD!

    I am thankful I was able to achieve this number prior to my surgery. It was not intentional that I hit it before I had to rest for 2 weeks, but I am glad I did. Or I would be really anxious during the time I was off to make it to that 1000 mile mark.

    Ah! Three running days left!! I'm bummed, but I will live and find crafty things to do, like what I did this evening...

    I've been eyeballing this idea on Pinterest for quite some time! Peter had to help drill the holes since we didn't have the proper drill bit the directions called for, but they turned out perfectly! If you have been thinking about making something similar yourself, I completely recommend it. Each pint jar cost less than $3.50 to make. I bought everything off Amazon.

    Do you track your mileage? Have you reached 1000 this year?

    Do you think it's silly to bring a video camera on your run?

    Any fun DIY crafts you have found on Pinterest that you found successful? Do share!

    Running Behind!

    I swear, I haven't forgot about the blog! I have a post ready to go for tomorrow!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Recommended Posts & Greenhouse Run

    Hungry Runner Girl wrote a great post about running long distances and I encourage all who are training for a marathon or are simply working towards higher mileage to read it!

    I also stumbled across a comical Runner's World article that I thought you may enjoy. If you are suffering in your runs due to the summer temperatures, here are 9 Reasons Why I'm Not Complaining About Running in Heat/Humidity. I wish I read this before my run today.

    This picture was taken minutes after the run. It really is a horrible representation of how I actually  looked/felt. I was a lot sweatier than it appears. My eyes are glazed due to sweat getting into them. Is that not the worst feeling ever!?

    It wasn't the heat that bothered me today, it was humidity that was nearly intolerable. About a mile in from my starting point on the trail, the trees form a canopy. This traps the humidity in, creating what feels quite similar to a greenhouse. Nothing like breathing in hot water vapor. Though, I would gladly take the humidity over running on the road any day. The trail provides lovely scenery and wildlife, not asphalt and the negligent drivers I LOVE dealing with. I'll trade that for cyclists.

    Anyway, I SHOULD have my new SD card for the GoPro tomorrow and if that's the case, the camera is coming on it's first run with me. The weather better work with me so I can expose you guys to the best running trail ever.

    Anyone working on running longer distances?

    What is your reason for not complaining about running in the heat/humidity? What's your favorite from the Runner's World Article?

    Do you subject yourself to heat/humidity to avoid the treadmill or certain courses?

    Photo Fun

    This weekend was pretty lovely, to say the least. It's a shame that I already have to go back to work tomorrow, but I won't speak about that subject.

    I thought I would share some photos about my weekend and give my fingers a rest. I am pretty exhausted after this day alone. I went for an unplanned long run, weeded the garden, planted some  veggies, cleaned, and then some. Most of which occurred before noon. Phew!

    Anywho, here's some pictures  from the weekend!

    Peter and I got our hands on a GoPro Hero3 on Wednesday night.
    Walking to the start line at the Run for Freedom 5k
    Anyone else think these photos are crazy similar!? Last year's Run for
    Freedom and this year's. Same running stance, sunglasses, sports bra,
    background tree, number funny!
    Running pose with medal after race. I don't know why I do this pose. Ever.
    My family's produce farm, which I visited several times this weekend to pick
    up the best tasting fruits/veggies
    Corn grown by Britner's. This stuff is like crack. So good!
    Grilling up some burgers and dogs for the 4th.
    Our own personal garden. Both our parents have green thumbs, so we tried our
    luck this year. Top to bottom: Squash/Cucumber, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Peppers.
    Tomato plants
    Could be cucumber or squash. We thought it was cucumber, but we have
    been told otherwise! Oh well!
    "No Pressure" run at Dam #4.
    Have you ever used a GoPro camera? Thoughts? Tips? 

    How is your summer garden coming along?

    Any local farmers you buy from? What seasonal produce do you normally get?
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