Calorie Rant!

It’s my rest day, so I decided to post something outside of the norm! Something more can relate to. But before I start the rant, I just had to announce that I did make my PR for most miles run in a single month. 153.75 baby!

<—-Start Rant——>

“Calorie Counting” is on the top of my list of least favorite things to do. I used to be obsessed with it. I had the calorie counting apps on my phone with all my meals programmed in, matching precisely with the label of everything I ate. There were days I was so proud that I made goal, but those days were few and far between. I was miserable for the most part. I was only hungry enough for the calories an app said I was hungry for. I didn’t even recognize what hunger felt like after years of tracking. I spent AT LEAST an hour a day tracking my intake and what my future meals could be. It was like homework: Researching, adding, and subtracting.


One day, I was fed up. I deleted the app and account completely. I did freak out, but I knew I was better off. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. Food suddenly tasted better. I was still very conscious of my intake (I had the calories memorized), but I slowly lost the ability to care. I knew what was healthy and what wasn’t. I knew what portions I should generally have. But the best part…I never gained a pound.

You have no idea how shocking it was to feel my stomach growl for the first time in years because I started letting my body do what it needed to do. My body was able to decide when it needed food and how much. The app/calorie counting wasn’t in charge anymore.

…And did I mention that food tasted so much better!

It’s been several months since I counted calories. Though, once in a blue moon, I will take a random day and count, just to see where I stand. Here’s what’s funny…I take in less calories just listening to my body than what I did actually counting.

I will tell those trying to lose weight all day long, be aware of what your eating by reading labels, but don’t count every calorie! You shouldn’t need to! Your body will tell you what it needs! Just listen! Be more concerned about what’s in the food you eat, like the ingredients.  Don’t even ration your meals, just eat till your satisfied, not stuffed. You never have to finish your plate. Cover it and save it for your next meal.

Counting calories is going to leave you unhappy and yo-yoing your weight for the rest of your life.

Trust in your body!!!

I will end this post with a picture of my favorite snack…


Two rice cakes topped with Nutella or Peanut Butter or BOTH. With almonds and honey. Sometimes I will do bananas and chocolate chips instead of the almonds and honey.

Rain, Rain, That's Okay, I Will Run In It Today

Like yesterday, the temperature outside was fabulous. Yet, there was the issue of the torrential downpour, but I said “screw it!” I ran my full route! I’ve run in the rain before (worst being in Hurricane Sandy), but this was the first time I thought my iPod could have died from water damage. It lives though! My 1st Gen Touch has gone through so much and for only $35, I think I got a invincible mp3 player! This thing will last forever…*knocks on wood*

I was soaked within minutes, but I literally laughed about it. People drove by probably looking at me like I was crazy, but I could’ve cared less. I was having a blast! Some people even went out of their way to try and splash me. Didn’t matter much, I couldn’t have been more wet than what I already was.

When I arrived home, I had to strip down at the door so I didn’t leave puddles through the house. Ah, such an amazing run!

Once I dried off and ate dinner, it was like Christmas! Some of my orders from Amazon arrived…

Got my Asics, SPIbelt, and my Runner’s World Calendar! I already tested out the SPIbelt because I had to know if it would a) fit my phone, and b) NOT bounce. It passed the test! Can’t wait to take it on a long run! I will be able to finally take pictures of my route!

I’m holding off on trying the shoes on because my ankles hurt really bad right now. I thought trying on the shoes with this pain would not leave a good first impression. I’ll break them in this weekend. I tried rolling my legs to help relieve some tension for now, but I’ve resorted to ice and some anti inflammatory pills.

I’m hoping the pain will subside on my next 2 rest days! Then I’ll be up and moving for a long run on Saturday :)

Have a good rest of your week, runners!

Longer Distance, Lovely Weather

The weather was amazing today! See cheesy thermometer shot below!


I hadn’t been this amped for an after-work run in forever! I hurried home because every last second of extra sunlight was important. Though, I was held up when I started putting on my clothes. I contemplated short sleeves and long sleeves for a few minutes before I opted for the long. I thought the temperature would drop a bit once the sun went down. Five minutes in to the run…I regretted my clothing choice. I began sweating quick.

I must say, I suck at dressing myself for the weather. I’m either too hot or too cold. The temperatures also fluctuate so much here that it makes it that much more difficult to plan a decent running outfit. It’s been a few months since I was really comfortable. Can’t wait till I’m just able to stick with shorts and a sports bra. Do you have a running outfit preference?

I did an extra mile more than what I normally do during the week, regardless of my sweating. It felt so good to go that much further! It’s only going to get progressively longer as the days go on. Can’t wait! Well…until it’s July and I’m complaining it’s too hot. I don’t even wanna think about that yet. Gingers don’t do so well in the heat. What’s your favorite time of the year to run?

Anyway, since the move to our new home last month, I’ve not seen a single runner on my route. Today, I saw 2. At first, I felt a little superior to them, even though I’m the “new” person in the neighborhood. Where were they in the 20 degree weather? But then, I was wondering their distances, their pace, and if they’d be people I could actually run with or at least talk my head off to about it. I really need more running buddies, people that understand my obsession. I’m already trying to get my boyfriend, Peter, to run with me on my rest days. It would be a dream for him and I to run side by side! :-) Do you have a running buddy or someone to share your obsession with?

Motivation and Half Marathons

I’ve not had any motivation to run since Saturday and it’s surprising to me that I’ve actually run every day since. The only drive I have is regret. If I’d skip a run, I would most likely put myself down for being a lazy, no-good fat arse. I hope that this passes. I’m coming up on my year anniversary of running. It would be awful if I slacked off now. How do you stay motivated? Do you have to stick to a specific running schedule?

However, I have had the urge to sign up for several half marathons. Maybe this would boost my running spark. I’ve been contemplating a local 5k, but I may just save the money for my first half. I originally planned my first half to be in October, when Hershey park had theirs, but I’ve been running 13.1 or more almost every weekend. I think I’m ready to do this officially. I was leaning towards the Frederick Running Festival. Though, I’m still undecided. Money is ultimately the deciding factor. However, if I wait too long, prices will go up. Who wants to buy my way and make up my mind? :o) Do race costs decide if you’re going to participate?

Anyway, on to a humiliating incident…


I bought a mandolin slicer this weekend and wondered why I never owned one before! I didn’t realize how amazing they truly were until I bought mine with my Kohl’s cash! Knives just don’t cut it anymore. Hardy har har.

Well, I thought I’d use it to cut some carrots tonight and what do you know, the tip top of my index finger was gone in an instant. It didn’t look too bad at first, but when I looked at it at eye level, the flat top had me a tad worried. And the blood. My boyfriend helped me gauze it up and it didn’t take long for the blood to soak through. What was worse was cleaning the slicer and finding the tip. *shiver*

I think I’ll tolerate a cutting knife a bit longer until I work up the courage to use the mandolin again.

The Dreaded Treadmill! And My New Goodies!

I must hate snow more than I hate the treadmill. When I woke up on Saturday there were still some flurries, so I knew the canal was covered (or as muddy as it was the time ATVs traveled it). I went to Planet Fitness, a place I’ve not set foot in for about 6 months. Words cannot describe how much I hate treadmill running. I will only go there as a last resort. If I can’t run due to intense heat, cold, or any other extreme weather condition, I will bite my tongue and run the dreadmill. No form of entertainment that the gym offers makes running as enjoyable as doing it outside. And the people there are another story. What do you do on the dreadmill to make a run more enjoyable?

Anyway, I did my 7 miles as I usually do on Saturdays and today, I settled for 12 miles. I didn’t do the treadmill though. I went to dear ol’ mom and dad’s and ran around the neighborhood for 2 hours since roads were clear. My heart truly wanted to go further, but my body was telling me otherwise. So I listened for once and took it easy. Been lounging ever since. Are you ever able to give up some miles or take a rest day when your body needs it? Or do you push yourself to go the distance?

While resting, I decided to do some MAJOR shopping with my future tax return (I always spend the money before they actually hand it over). I spent over an hour deciding on 2 pairs of running shoes. When I couldn’t make a decision, I bought 3. Two pairs of Brook’s and a pair of Asics. I was going to get a pair of Nike Lunarglide’s…I would have loved to have another pair of what I currently have, but I took a dive into some other brands. I’m hoping for the best. If not, I guess I’ll just have to buy another pair. ;-)
 What is your favorite brand of running shoe?

I bought some Under Amour running capris since I’ve yet to own a pair. The temperature is supposed to reach 60 this week, so I’m hoping I’ll receive them prior. After the temp spike, it is supposed to drop again. That means I also needed a new pair of gloves. I just can’t tolerate my liners anymore on these cold nights. They were great in the fall, but they don’t do a thing in the winter.

I rounded out my order with SPIbelt and a Runner’s World Calendar. I’ve heard great things about the belt, so I’m giving it a shot. My last belt was a fail since it wouldn’t stay in place. They claim that a SPIbelt doesn’t bounce. Also, it would be great to carry my cell phone for once. Or a snack…

Once I get everything, I will be happy to post pics of my goodies then! I just thought I’d share now my amazing shopping list. Sorry to bore you. ;-)

Oops, I'm doing it again

Not going to lie, my weekends are filled with drinks and fatty foods. I just run it off.

Snow Running

Today is one of my well-deserved rest days. Eventually, I want to eliminate one of them. At that point, I would be running 6 days a week. Though, on the additional day, I feel that I would keep it to a small distance, like a 5k. Maybe make it mid-week. I’m just waiting for the warmer weather to get here before I really start messing with my running schedule. I hate the cold so much!

Speaking of cold, it snowed last night and they are calling for more tomorrow. I don’t hate snow, but I do not like running in it. I have YakTrax to manage it, but I’m hoping that it will be somewhat melted by Saturday so I can fit 7 miles in.

The first time I ran in the snow, I LOVED it. I went running on the C&O Canal and at the time, there was less than an inch on the ground. It was still snowing heavily though and that added so much beauty to the scene.


Because I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would go back the very next day, YakTrax and all. The snow was no longer fluffy and clean. It was caked down and muddy from ATVs that went for a joy ride the night before [Motorized vehicles are not to be on the canal!!!]. I was angry. I was determined though. I ran two miles out on the trail before turning back. My YakTrax had so much mud caked in them that it felt like I was wearing high heels at times. I couldn’t take them off though. The trail was so inconsistent. I tried to avoid the mud by running in the snow, but some areas, I could not avoid it.

I was so tired and miserable afterward that I opted for road running till the snow was gone. It was definitely not my favorite choice, but I want to run for pleasure, not misery. For those of you who do run in the snow, do you enjoy it? And why?

Please keep your fingers crossed that I will be able to run with no snow problems on Saturday!!!

Eff Fevers...I Wanna Run!

I hate sick days. All I want to do is run…

Braving the Cold

I did it! I managed to brave the 18 degree weather! Sure, it was still only 5 miles, but I was proud I made it through. This happened to be my coldest run to date…and oddly, I felt warmer in this run than I have in 30 degree weather. Though, I did layer to the extreme. I wore my mock top under a long sleeved shirt with a light jacket. I wore my 3.0 Base bottoms from Under Armour over my compression socks. Then, I broke out my Under Armour Hood so my entire face, with exception of my eyes, of course, were covered. I topped it off with my knit cap.

Work Me & Night Runner Me

This was the first time I wore my face cover and although it was amazingly warm, I really had a difficult time breathing with it. Many times, I had to pull the bottom down to get some good breaths in. It didn’t help that my nose was runny either. However, I would have probably been miserable without it. So I ultimately do recommend it in colder temperatures. What do you wear to stay warm when running?


Do you have any trouble with eating habits? I’ve recently been frustrated with my mine. I feel like I’m getting sloppy to a degree. I’m definitely doing better this winter than any other. I’ve not gained any weight [actually lost a few pounds], I have control over what we keep in our refrigerator and pantry [recently moved out of my parents], and I rarely buy many sweets or unhealthy snacks…BUT I feel like I could do more. I don’t think I’m getting a lot of variety. We are definitely on a budget and I can only cook homemade meals about once or twice a week. We live off the left overs for an additional meal or two, but then we switch between sandwiches, wraps, salads, frozen lean cuisines & pizzas, and soups. Sides vary from canned veggies, fresh fruit, or yogurt. I wish I had more money to contribute to food so we are not repeating. What’s your budget on food? Do you plan for a week? Do you often repeat meals?

Speaking of food, I am making banana chips right now. I really hope they turn out. Attempt one a few weeks ago was a complete fail [thanks, Pinterest!].

Here’s what mine look like now…

Are they supposed to look this…good?

Wish me luck!
See you tomorrow!

Cold Weather and The RAVENS!

I am excited to say,
…And I got to break out the purple leg warmers…


The 3 days I run during the work week are my least favorite. I think it’s more so due to the shortened days of winter. I’m rushed home from work and hurried to throw on my running gear just to avoid running too long in the dark. I am not a fan of night running. If it were warmer, it probably wouldn’t be so bad. I would most likely love running nights in the summer to avoid high temps. But as of now, it’s cold and I’m miserable.

I keep my distances short. I do 5 miles, nothing more or less. Prior to the time change, I was running longer during the week. I wish I still could. Though, I do try making up for my short distances by running for hours on the weekends. Can’t wait for the clocks to change. Still, it doesn’t rid me of the freezing temperatures. Does cold weather/daylight savings affect your distances or running schedule?

Since I began night running this winter, here is an annoyance I deal with…


See how my fingers fade to white near the middle? It’s really getting old. The last thing I should do is self-diagnose, but I think it’s Raynaud’s Phenomenon. When my hands and toes get like this, the only thing I can do to get the circulation to return is putting them under hot water. It can get painful from time to time. So I think a doctors appointment may be necessary to know for sure. Do you have Raynaud’s Phenomenon or any circulation issues?

I’m sure tomorrow my whole hand will be white. With a high of 18 during the day and a low of 9 degrees at night, I can’t imagine that my circulation will improve, but here’s to toughing it out and running anyway because we, as runners, can’t survive a long without it :)

This is Just a Test

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