Tragedy Strikes

I know I said that I would be writing a little more infrequently due to wedding planning, but I had to talk about my last posting. Our beloved furry child, Alpha, was killed on Friday morning. I will not go into full detail as to what happened, but I will say that the event was a complete accident. Peter and I will not place blame on the individual responsible. Whether we did or did not, the heartbreak is still there.

Our home is very quiet and much of our daily excitement has diminished, at least for now as we mourn Alpha's loss.

We only had him for just a year and were able to see him grow from an adorable pup to a pretty little pony.

I will miss him so much!!!

That evening, we had the Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally 5k race which the both of us had registered for weeks before. I had a lot of mixed feelings about participating. I was willing to bail under the circumstances, but Peter said that it would be good for the both of us if we did go.

I will do a full recap soon, but for now, I will tell you it was the kick in the ass that I needed. We were both high on endorphins from racing. I did all right, no PR, but Peter did AMAZING. He also had some great pictures taken of him.

I loved this one the most. He is in blue right under the time clock. I am there, but covered up by the guy in purple. :)

Once more pictures become available, I will post in the recap.

Anyway, I am sorry about the inconsistencies in posts. With less than 2 months till the wedding, I am overwhelmed! So stick with me! I will be back soon :)

Have you ever lost a pet suddenly? What did you do to cope with the loss?

Would you go run a race after losing a pet in the same day?

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your sudden loss. A few years ago, my childhood dog died of an accident. It was devastating. the hurt is real, but it does get better. keep your head up!


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