The No/Reduced Sugar Challenge & My 18 Miler

After trying the whole "no/reduced sugar" thing, I decided, I am going to withdrawal. Although it may work for many, I just do not think it works for me. I found myself eating more through out the day instead of just having what I craved. I also do not believe it worked for me being a runner. I felt weaker and my head felt like it was going to explode during/after every run.

But the challenge was not all bad. I have realized that not everything requires sugar. In my honest opinion, coffee & tea taste better without it. The pizza dough I make, I got rid of sugar and it does just fine. I also do not put sugar in my waffles because if you are adding syrup or fruit on top, you just do not need more sugar.

I also do not see the point in sugary cereals anymore. I am good with my overnight oats, which is just oats, almond milk and I'll either add peanut butter, cinnamon, or pure applesauce. Or I just have my eggs, bacon, and potatoes.

I think there were definitely positives taken from the experience, but I really can't think that much about what I am putting in my body. A runner needs to eat and this runner needs more sugar.

Speaking of running, I ran a fantastic 18 miler yesterday. Though I am tempted to have all my long runs on the C&O Canal, I am holding back because I know that the flat trail will do nothing for my marathon in May. So I ran from mom and dad's to the C&O Canal. It was a good split of road and trail.

It was a beautiful day, to add!

Just very windy!

And it wouldn't be a windy day on the canal without a fallen tree to climb over.

But the flat trail was just a break from the hills I was going to encounter.

Then, I made it a point to run past my old high school.

I thought I finished in a decent time, considering I just came off a marathon 2 weeks ago. For an unseasoned marathon runner, I think that run was an accomplishment.

As I walked back to my parent's, I stopped by to pick daffodils for my mom.

This were actually planted by my grandfather years ago! He actually passed away about 14 years ago, so to see these flowers still flourish makes me happy.

Anyway, it was runs like that 18 miler that remind me why I run distance. It's an adventure! And you never have the same adventure twice. You never know who you'll see, what obstacles you'll have, and sometimes, you don't even know what course you'll end up on!

Do you follow a low/no sugar diet as a runner? Do you like it? What obstacles did you encounter along the way and how did you get through it?

What is your favorite thing about running distance?

When you run in your old neighborhood, where do you have to run by?

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