The Final Week

I decided over a year ago that I would run the JFK. I signed up the first day you could March. Because I didn't have a qualifying marathon time in early March, I paid an extra $500 to become a charity runner.

I ended up gaining my qualifying time later that month with the Queen City Marathon, but who cares. I donated to charity. :)

I began my 24 week training adventure in June. JUNE! Now that we are in the middle of November, I am beginning that final week: Week 24.

The JFK is next Saturday. Where the hell did the time ago? Wasn't it just yesterday I was curling up with my ultra marathon book just READING about what my training was going to consist of?

Now, as I do a few runs here and there, I am beginning to freak the hell out! I have 50 miles to run next Saturday!

Why am I tapering!? I have to be losing fitness! 
I have only run 30 miles once during this training! How can I run 20 more!?

Thankfully, I have a fantastic support system on race day. My mom, dad, and sister will be following me through various check points carrying items I may need or taking items I am looking to shed. I have also been helping Peter build up his mileage so he can run the last 20 miles with me. He will ultimately be the key to my finish.

Peter is carrying a backpack filled with extra socks, Body Glide, food, clothes, and most importantly, hope. He will be coming into the run fresh while I am already 30 miles in to my tank of gas. I will need him to keep me on my intervals (my watch will more than likely die before I get to the end), keep me motivated, and just moving forward the entire time.

I have confidence that I can do this, but there is just the fear of the unknown. I know this is going to be hard. I know this is going to hurt (I am still healing from an injury in my foot). I know that I will probably contemplate just laying down and crying on the C&O several times, but I know I have the ability to overcome the challenge, pain and discomfort. I am just going to have to dig deep.

I am going to be honest with you, faithful readers. I may not update again until AFTER the JFK. My mental capacity has really gone down since my training has taken over my life. Although I am now tapering, I have been spending that time just laying on the couch with my pretty new puppy named Beta.

Don't worry, I will be back! And when I am, I should be an ultra marathoner. :)

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