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So my body decided that overnight, I would go from 27 years old to 72!!! Somewhere between Saturday and Sunday, I KILLED my back. It was hurting before, but after finding relief from resting, it came back and with a vengeance. I was in excruciating pain and was restricted to a reclining chair for most of the day. My couch and bed were way too cushioned to be comfortable on my back...if that makes sense. But this reclining is da bomb!!!

Obviously, I have bowed out of running and P90X. It's not like I have put in that many workouts since the JFK 50 and I'm really not stressing it. I thought I would be more concerned because I should be training for my next marathon, but I think I can handle a shortened marathon schedule. What I cannot handle is more pain. After dealing with foot and knee issues through ultra training, I am not going to push through back pain for this.

On Monday, conditions didn't improve much, but I still managed to roll (SLOWLY) out of bed and walk old lady style through work. Peter reminded me of the Scrubs episode where Dr. Cox hurt his back and I thought this described me perfectly. It at least brought my spirits up.

I was on some decent pain relievers that made things so much better, but take note that I truly HATE taking pain pills. I will only do so if I am desperate. It is the one thing that is getting me through to my next chiro appointment.

Last night, after being knocked out on pain killers, I woke up this morning to more back pain and with it, a horrible stomach ache.

I was so close to making myself sick over the toilet until my back objected to my coughing. So I suffered. I thought maybe eating breakfast would help, but after two bites of my waffle, I had to lay down. I laid around from about 5:45 until 7, when I decided I would just pull on a pair of pants, remove my make up from the day before and put my hair up. That's the most I was going to move. 

Funny how after all the pain and agony I suffered though in the morning, it subsided once I got to work. I am glad it did though. I hate missing work. Especially for this stuff. I would rather be out of work and doing what I want to do. Not laying around in pain and discomfort.

I'm not entirely sure how long I will be out. I'm thinking I may just end up not running until Christmas, then ease back into things. I am not sweating it. These are all signs I still need to take a break from my extensive training.

Ever been out with a back injury? What helped make it better?

Who's currently taking a break from running!? What keeps you sane? 

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