Skinny Leg Syndrome

Today at 5am, I began Day 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps. That meant it was my first time trying the Resistance 1 workout. Like yesterday, I filled up my cup with the Energize Powder and went to it!

Just as I did P90X3, I am putting my focus on the strength portion of the program. I want to build muscle definition more than anything! I am tired of being "so skinny." It gets old! I want to put some muscle on my bones and fit into my jeans again! And by "fit into my jeans," I mean fill them in because they are baggy around my toothpick thighs. See Exhibit A below.

In Resistance 1, there are push-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, and more! I am trying to master form and get deep into the moves so I can get the best results! If you half-ass it, you are only making it easy on yourself and the results won't be as killer! And I want to grow the muscles I already developed from doing P90X3, not lose them.

Tomorrow I intend on going live on my personal Facebook so you can see just how crazy these 22 minutes really are! If I do, I will post the video on here. I have been including videos on SnapChat since it's easy, but I think it's time to take my videos to a wider mass of peeps!

I do believe I will get a run in tomorrow afternoon as well. I am trying to return to my normal running schedule... at least until the Odyssey Relay is said and done. Then, that will be the end of my 2 year training season. I don't plan on resuming another training plan until August either. I sure learned my lesson from this last string of races! I can't imagine I will ever go that hard for that long again. The injuries and the exhaustion was a bit much for me! But, that doesn't mean I am not looking forward to future marathons! My next is slated for October! :)

Anyway, hope you all had a joyous Monday! I know I did. Keep rocking this week, my friends!

What part of your body would you like to see more tone?

Do you suffer or have suffered from toothpick legs? If you were able to overcome it, how did you go about it?

Do you use snapchat? Add me! My username is RunFrecklesRun :)

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