Race Recap: The 2016 HCC Turkey Trot 5K

Before going deep into this recap, I need to make an announcement!

This announcement is long overdue. In fact, I've been talking about this announcement for over 6 months on here. I was hoping to have shared it sooner, but there were a few things stopping us from doing so. Anyway, it is now safe to say that come February, Peter and I will be residents of San Diego, California!

There are many reasons why we decided to make this commitment, but the biggest reason is for my husband. He will be attending school in the spring to pursue one of his dreams! I, on the other hand, will be happy to leave the cold weather and sticky summer humidity behind me! :)

So with that said, today's 5K was extremely special to me. It would be my last race as a resident in the area. It also seemed appropriate that it would be my last here because it was my first 5K EVER back in 2009.

Memory lane for sure!

However, this year's race would be unlike the others because the course changed. I will say that I was a little disappointed in seeing the new route, but that would not keep me from participating.

We arrived at HCC about 30 minutes to start and it was raining! It was cold too. The temperature I read was close to 40. Ugh! Thankfully, I did have one of my Rock n Roll marathon jackets with me. I didn't intend on wearing it, but it worked out to my advantage.

I had decided prior to the start that I would run with Peter for this race. The competition was fierce and I didn't run myself to the ground, especially since I intended on doing a workout later in the day. So Peter and I would just stick together, get a decent time, and go home satisfied!

When the race began, I stayed near my husband, matching the pace he intended to run. I didn't have my watch on me so I didn't have to check for pace. That was all on Peter. It was nice not having a constant reminder of how far I had yet to go and how fast/slow I was going.

The race started as it had in previous years. It would take a large loop around the college campus and circle back to the start. But after that first loop, that's where the course changed. Instead of going for a second loop, you were directed onto a newly constructed road called Yale Road. The reason I was disappointed in this change was because there was nothing to see. Just road and open land. It was also an out and back. You'd go out on the road a little ways and turnaround. Sure, I may do out and backs on the canal all day long, but in a race, I'm not a fan of this. On the up side though, you get to see the lead runners killing it. So as they passed, we were able to encourage them. At least, Peter and I were.

About 2 miles in, or right around the turnaround spot, Peter and I separated. He was falling behind and told me to keep going. I was feeling good, so I did. I had no way to gauge my pace, so I was racing by feel.

Coming back to the campus was nice because there was a nice downhill that took you to the end. I was able to gain a lot of momentum from that hill and it helped me speed up as I entered the school. That's when I finally saw my time for the first time. The finish line timer read 22:50.

I was in disbelief. There was no way I finished in under 23 minutes and felt this okay. I wasn't sore. I wasn't breathing too heavy. In fact, I was running back to see Peter's finish.

A video posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@runfrecklesrun) on

He wasn't far behind either. He finished in under 25 minutes, but when he showed me his watch, we made a discovery. The race was short. According to his GPS, we ran 2.9 miles and that seemed to be what everyone got.

Though I won't complain too much about this, I found it a bit silly that it could be under. I mean, it was an out and back. They could have simply changed the turnaround spot to be a little further out, am I right?

But we weren't too upset about this!

It was honestly a great way to end our race season this year and in the tristate area. But it surely doesn't mean we won't come back and do some of these races again! I still intend on coming back and taking on the JFK once again! Maybe even as soon as next year???

Anyway, I want to wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving! Hope you all had the opportunity to spend it with those you love eating some of your favorite dishes. :)


  1. Enjoy SD ! I loved living there - I was just saying how I missed being able to train and race in the same weather. San Diego is the only place that happens 😊


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