Marathon Nerves!

I made it! I have reached my final week of tapering. That means my preparation for this Saturday's big marathon attempt (Round 2) has almost reached it's end. Minus the half marathon I rocked Sunday, I am running a whopping 7 miles this week. It is a nice break from running, but I can't help but think I am losing precious fitness with each day. I managed to perform well in my half marathon even with the reduced mileage, but 13.1 is a weekly long run distance for least. Not a marathon.

It probably goes without saying that I am really nervous. The thought of hitting that damn "wall" really scares me. The feeling was dreadful the first time. I have never felt so weak and defeated in my life (even if I just ran 23 miles). I do feel that I am better prepared this time. I had a tapering period, unlike before. I am bringing food and drinks my stomach has already tested on long runs. My running buddy, Ashley will be joining me for the final stretch. I also have a pace plan that is the definition of "slow and steady."

Additionally, this marathon attempt will be different because of the route I am taking. It is the exact same trail as before, only this time, I am going in the opposite direction, which is downstream. It never really dawned on me that going upstream meant I was at a constant incline the whole way. That may have been one of the many factors that prevented me from performing well back in March.

So even with all these changes to prevent any failure, why am I so shaken? I am the one who wants this, no one is making me do anything. I am confident that I can defeat this distance, I just wish I could leave this feeling of fear behind.

Anyway, I will leave you on a brighter note...err...picture. They finally posted the photos from Freedom's Run. I LOVE my pictures.

What are your thoughts on tapering? Do you feel like you lose fitness or do you think it helps?

How do you shake nerves for a distance run you have never tried before?

What are some of your marathon preparation tips?

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  1. Of course the marathon itself is all a mental game. If you believe you will hit a wall, you will, so by default, DON"T THINK IT! I also go by the mantra "Trust your training" it is preparing your legs to do the work, and it has. You will do great.


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