Splurging on Gear!!!

Today is my rest day since I have logged 27 miles in the last two days. That is enough reason to go SHOPPING! I have not had a running gear splurge for quite sometime, so the one I just had was way past due. I am sure that this was just the first of several near-future splurges with cold weather just around the corner.

I started with socks. Since I have been logging some high miles, my Under Armour socks are reaching the end of their life just after just 3 months. In my last two runs alone, my socks have had to get trashed due to holes appearing in the toes. 

The other pairs I have aren't far behind from meeting their demise. Also, white socks on the trail, not a match made in heaven. I bought black socks this time around.

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To add to my sock collection, I bought a new pair of Pro Compression socks. I wanted to get a seasonal color and opted for orange. I want to wear them for my Hershey Half Marathon on the 20th. Also, having an additional pair of compression socks will prevent my others from getting worn too quickly. 

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Next, I wanted some new underwear. I used to LOVE the mesh boy shorts, but for some reason, I no longer find them comfortable, which could very well be from getting warped in the wash. Besides, Under Armour no longer carries the type I was buying. Regardless, I bought a few pairs of Under Armour's seamless cheaky undies. They are selling them at 3 for 30 right now. These bottoms are very lightweight, giving a "barely there" feel, which I love. 

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I also added a pair of their "play up" shorts to my shopping cart. I already own one pair and love them. Having another pair seems like a good idea. 

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Since I added plenty clothing for my bottom half, I thought I would also invest in a new sports bra. I have plenty that I love, but want to give Brooks brand a try. I am an Under Armour girl if you haven't noticed, but I am willing to branch out to see if there are other options I may like. Since I love my Brooks shoes so much, I would hope their bras measure up. 

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Next, I decided to buy a new "belt". In a previous post, I discussed the Hips-Sister and I only just now bought one. 

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I thought this belt would be perfect for long runs. It will have room to hold both food and my cell. My SPIbelt is great, but I find only ideal for food, keys, and pepper spray. If I add my cell, it is quite the bulge. I am also not a fan of wearing my arm band, so to rid myself of that will be nice.

I am making myself wait until I get paid again to buy more, but I think I am set until weather starts getting a little chillier.

What running gear have you bought recently?

Do you have a brand preference?

What gear must I get?


  1. running over 1300m so far this year, i guess you would go through some gear. i thought i was doing something being at 930m this yr and counting. i like UA as well, but mix in some Nike and Adidas running shirts. Brooks for the shoes; have a few pairs to pick from now depending on what type of run and weather :) although i do have a pair of Nike Fusions that i wear once in a while that fit really well. i see a pic of a GPS watch up there. did you get one of those today too?

    1. Socks and shoes I go through very quickly. Especially my Brooks PureGrits since they are shoes I specifically use for the canal. I'm getting close to buying my 3rd pair of them since I love them so much. The GPS watch is my Garmin Forerunner 110. I have had it for about 6 months. I love love love that watch!!! Never could imagine running without it.

      Good job on the 930!! You'll be at 1000 before you know it!!!


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