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Before I begin my post, I just want to say that the response I received about my sister's interview was fantastic!!! I received messages and comments, applauding her talents! I am so glad that many of you enjoyed it and I hope that it will inspire you to try something new!

Old pic of us hula hooping together :)

Anyway, on to running! I have finally hit the taper portion of my training, which has given me some time to update you all on what I have been up to!

First, I want to express how well I have been doing. I felt like I hit a rough patch there for several weeks: injury, exhaustion, and then some! But ever since I decided to let the pressure off and stop challenging myself beyond what I was capable of, things have been going my way!

Taking a break in my 20 miler to warm up!
I will not go into too much detail of the last two weeks of training (sorry about missing those posts!), but I will give you the schedule I followed.

Week 12

6 Miles1 Mile AM1 Mile AM
 5 Miles PM
1 Mile AM
5 Miles PM
3.1 Miles PMRest20 Miles

Week 13

5 MilesRest1 Mile AM
 5 Miles PM
1 Mile AM
5 Miles PM
1 Mile AM
3.1 Miles PM
1 Mile AM16 Miles

Both my long runs went decently well. Though, the 20 miler was unfortunately broken up due to snow. I ran 12 miles inside, took a lunch break, then ran 8 miles out when the snow and wind had stopped. But my 16 miler went better than I anticipated!

I was thankful to get a full week of outdoor runs in as well! The temps finally started creeping up and melting all the snow. So I was able to get some sun as well as go on running dates with Peter! He achieved a his best 5 mile time yet: 48:46!

I hope to get a few more outdoor runs in before the marathon because after the race has passed, my running schedule will be next to nothing. I will rest for a short time, do a few short runs here and there, but in the 10 days that follow, I will have my surgery, which will leave me unable to run for 2 weeks. Though, I am already considering bending the rules. Not recommended!!!

Anyway, the other half of my busy life, is wedding planning! In the past 2 and a half weeks, I said "yes" to a dress, hired an officiant & photographer, and we may have figured out the caterer. A lot of BIG items have been crossed off which is a MAJOR relief! Hopefully it should be smooth sailing from here...but from what I understand, it won't be. ;-)

Have you decided to try hoop dancing since the interview with my sister?

How are you doing with your training? Are you feeling good? Bad?

Any upcoming weddings in your life? Any interesting locations, catering choices...?

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