Interview With Ashley (My Sister)

Maybe running is not your thing. That is fine! We all differ when it comes to what interests us! BUT finding an activity that gets you moving is important! I believe that everyone has one physical activity that is made for them.

Take my sister, Ashley, for example. If I would ask her to go for a run with me, she would probably scoff in response, pick up one (or two) of her many hula hoops and go the other direction. Yes, a hula hoop. This ain't your grandma's type of hula hooping. My sister is a hoop dancer. BIG difference!!! See here!

Anyway, just to give you a taste of what keeps my sister active, I thought I would ask her a few questions. Who knows! Maybe your calling is hoop dancing....OR pole dancing! Keep reading!

What was the first physical activity that you were interested in? What made it so appealing? 
I threw shot put & discus in high school. I was interested because my dad was also a thrower on the track & field team. Plus, it was the only sport where you were not required to run during practice! Haha! I hated running. (How are we related, right?)

How were you introduced to hoop dancing? Did you imagine that you were going to stick with it for this long?
I first saw it at a concert I attended. I was mesmerized by the beauty and flow. Even though I was never a dancer, or was able to hula hoop, I thought "I have to learn how to do this!" I bought my own hoop and instantly became obsessed! I had no idea it would become such a big part of my life. Five years later, here I am with a hoop in my hand.

Do you consider hoop dancing a great exercise? Did you see any physical changes with your body once you began?
Absolutely! When I began hooping, I lost 20 pounds in 3 months! It has stayed off ever since!

What parts of your body do you find it works out the most?
Hooping tones your entire body, but focuses on your core muscles. That means, FLAT TUMMY!! I must also mention I have experienced not only physical changes, but mental and spiritual changes as well. Many would agree that hooping is a workout for your mind, body and soul!

Sometimes, we tend to get sick of our regular workouts and struggle to continue. Have you ever become sick of hoop dancing over the years? What did you do to spice it up and make it fun again?
I cannot say that I have ever gotten sick of hooping. There are always new tricks to learn, like hooping with fire. Or there are products on the market like LED hoops. It keeps it fun and exciting. Plus, it just feels good to dance.

Name 2 things you love most about hoop dance.
 1. I love that is a fun exercise. I actually want to do it. It never feels like a chore.
2. It turned me from a shy girl with low self esteem to who I am today: Confident, proud, outgoing.

Has there been any fitness/physical activities that you tried and never found interest in? Why?
The gym!!! I have gone a few times but never wanted to go back for more. It felt like a job and was boring!

You have recently picked up a new activity: pole dancing. What about it sparked your interest?
I saw the music video "Set It Off" by Diplo. I knew I needed to learn how to do that!

Some people find pole dancing to be "inappropriate" or they immediately relate the activity to stripping. What would you tell those people? 
There is a difference between being erotic and being sexy. To me, pole fitness is sexy. I see that most women who take these classes either want a fun workout or are looking for a way to feel sexy! I'm tellin' ya, you become very strong and toned!!!

What physical changes did you notice when you took on pole dancing? 
My strength improved quickly! I even gained weight from building additional muscle. At least, that's what I tell myself! My legs and arms became noticeably toned as well.

Recently, you incorporated both hoop dancing and pole dancing into one performance, which added a unique twist to an average pole dance. Do you have any plans to incorporate more talents into your performances? 
I may have a few tricks up my sleeve!

BONUS: What are your fitness goals for 2014? 
I began doing yoga in September and plan to continue doing so. I also started Pilates this month! I would like to try my hand at aerial silks and the aerial hoop in the near future!


Would you ever hoop or pole dance?

Have any questions you would like to ask Ashley? Or comments? I am sure she would LOVE to hear from you!


  1. You are both sooooo talented ! You inspire me! Even at my age.

  2. It doesn't EVER matter how old we are. No matter the age, we are all capable of doing some pretty awesome things!!

  3. I watched the video from the Freakfest and was mesmerized by you. Freaking amazing!!!


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