I'm Back!!!

Good evening and happy Friday!!! I know that more than half of you are out doing bigger and better things than reading my blog, but I thought I would actually post something!!!

I wasn't going to "officially" return until I completely revamped the page, but I have been extremely busy and haven't had the change to utilize my Photoshop skills. That aspect of the site may take a little longer than I thought! So again, BIG changes are coming...but it may be a month (or a few).

So...what has freckles been up to exactly? Well, I started to get a bit crafty! I did inform you before that I started creating those "Save the Date" running bibs. Well, I have had a few of those orders come through, which has been super exciting!

Here are just two examples of those I completed...

I also started dabbling outside of this, and began making wreaths with leftover burlap from my wedding.

I have been quite successful with it and have made several wreaths so far. I have more to start/finish this weekend! I was thinking about making a running themed wreath.Stay tuned! :o)

Aside from the crafting, I HAVE been running. I took a week off earlier this month due to the time change and honestly, I was just exhausted from running! I knew if I kept it up, I would be injured in no time. Once I returned, I have been forced into night running. After work, there is minimal daylight, so it's back to reflective vests and headlamps. This time, I have Peter running in the dark with me! We complain together. It's been pretty dang cold!!!

I've been trying to ramp up my mileage on the weekends just for fun. I don't have any planned marathons or half marathon races until 2015. But I wanted to increase my distances like I were training for a marathon. There just may be a race that would tickle my fancy in the spring.

Tomorrow, I intend on doing a 15 miler while the JFK 50 festivities are going down. I'll be starting at mile 38 on the JFK route and continue down the canal for 7.5 miles. I hope to be back in time to see the first runners come through around 11. It's extremely motivating watching those elite runners! I still intend on participating next year, letting this race be considered my first official ultra.

Anyway, there are more updates to come! I have much to talk about and more adventures to take!!!


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  1. That snowman wreath is adorable and so are the save the date race bibs!


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