JFK 50 Miler 2014

I. Am. So. AMPED!

Yesterday, immediately after my 15 miler (which was sans iPod, by the way...it was dead), I reserved my spot at mile 38 on the JFK 50 route to watch the lead runners.

Mile 38 is the place to be! They have red velvet cake for the participants! How's that for service in an ultra marathon?

Anyway, I stuck around to see the first few runners make their way through and they looked pretty strong considering they had 38 miles behind them!

The young man in the video above, Jim Walmsley, is actually the one who took 1st in the race. He finished in 5:56:31. Epic!

Seeing these strong runners really inspired me. I have had a desire to run the JFK 50, but now, it has become a need! This past year, the reality of running the ultra hit when they changed the women's class C qualifying marathon time to 5:00 or better. Before, it was 4:45 (my best marathon is 4:47). Though they may change it back to 4:45, I will do anything to run it in 2015. That means I may do this for charity. That would not only allow me raise money for a good cause, but it would give me a 5 AM start, giving me 14 hours to finish the entire race (I may need this). If that's the case, who would help me raise the money to get me in!? ;-)

Anyway, after my runner's high just watching the race participants, while also losing sleep thinking about my first ultra, I had a bit of a rough run today. Peter and I went out for an 8 miler in the canal. Which, by the way, Peter ran his first 10 miler just last week! He is now in the double digits and well on his way to half-marathon status!!! But to get back on topic, our 8 miler was pretty quiet. Typically, we I have a lot to say. Today, I was pretty breathless. I think I was just still reeling from my 15 miler, but it wasn't too bad.

I still have the intention of running on both Monday and Tuesday, despite my sour run today. They are calling for snow on Wednesday, which I will try to avoid at all costs. I am not a snow fan, but am still prepping for future storms. I need to buy a few items that will help make it tolerable.

Anyway, as much as I would like to blog more, I will hold back for another update this week! I am prepping some great articles about both fat & snow. It is way better than what it sounds! Trust me! You'll see!

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