Brink of Injury

Have you ever felt that you were a run away from injury? You felt the aches and pains through out your entire body and thought that one run would push you to the edge and either tear a muscle or fracture a bone.

I felt that way on Sunday and Monday. After my 17 miler, my big toe ached, which resembled an injury I suffered earlier this year during my marathon training. I also had pain in my hip. When I walked, it felt like my hip could have given out at any moment. Despite feeling the energy to run, I suppressed the urge and took a rest day on Monday. What made the rest day so hard was watching Peter leave the house in his running gear to hit the road for a 5 miler. I was jealous.

I didn't regret my decision, however. My body felt as if it were on the brink of injury. It needed a recovery day. That and I had many wreath orders to catch up on, as well as a Save the Date race bib to design. Really, it worked out in my favor. Not only did I catch up on my orders, but I also felt a lot better the following day. There wasn't any more toe pain, nor did my hip feel like it was ready to break. So last night, I went out to the neighborhood for a 5 miler myself.

My recovered body slammed out 8+ minute miles, even with the sky-high hills I had to endure. In fact, I feel that I went faster uphill than I did on the flat portions. I felt amazing. I think that the 17 miler broke me in. I had to hurt again before I could get better and achieve that runner's high again.

I ran tonight with Peter in my parent's neighborhood and had a decent time as well. I plan on taking the next two days off though so I am ready to put down an 18 miler this weekend. It's supposed to be in the 40s (my IDEAL running temperature). This long run going to be a mix of both trail and road unlike last week. Road just KILLS me. Anyway, I intend on making it from my house to my parents again. There's no rain that will impact me this time!!! I will let you all know how it goes!!

Have a great week, everyone! I'll be back this weekend!

 What are some signs that let you know it's time to take a break?

What are your long run plans this weekend?

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