Let's Get Post-Holiday Healthy!

It's time to revamp our eating habits! Sure, it's not January 1st quite yet, but why not get a head start?!

I am going at it full force! For the last few weeks, I have put my body through torture. The large portions of holiday ham and the inhalation of sugary snacks are now showing their true colors. My face is breaking out, my belly is bloating beyond comfort, and I am downright irritable. I need to make a change and I need to make it now!

I began to change my habits last night. I was feeling so miserable that I decided to start my healthy eating for my evening snack (I will not wait until the next day if I am truly feeling horrible). I blended up some of Arbonne's Vanilla Protein Powder, Fiber Boost, almond milk, ice, and lots and lots of spinach! My body has been without fresh veggies for far too long so I added a couple of handfuls of it.

Despite the shake being so cold, I nearly chugged it since it tasted so good! I think my body was just happy to be reintroduced to greens again!

I also gave myself a facial since my face has suffered from this unhealthy eating. The breakouts have not been kind, so I wanted to give my face a fresh start as well. I have decided I would also abstain from makeup for a few days until things got back on track.

This morning, I actually got up and STAYED up (this never happens) to do a yoga workout. Typically, I will get up at 6, put on my makeup, eat breakfast and then go back to bed until 7. I know. It's so weird. Anyway, I am no master yogi and am not sure if doing yoga will help with my detox, but starting my morning out with stretches and breathing exercises can't hurt!

As soon as I finished the 30 minute session, I drank a liter of water at room temperature to get the digestive track working.

Not what I had today, but this is what I chug every morning.

I actually do this on a daily basis but thought I would mention it to those that may also be considering a "detox." Introducing water to your body first thing in the morning helps wake up your digestive system and move out what's been sitting over night.

After that, I decided to try oil pulling. I found an article on it when I googled "detox methods" last night. Oil pulling is when you take a tablespoon of coconut oil and gently swish it in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes.

You do this before you eat for the day. After the time has passed, you spit out the oil in the trash. This method is used to remove toxins from your mouth and body. I figured if it can remove harsh toxins from my mouth, maybe it will get rid of some of the sugar cravings I have had!

At work, I spent the majority of the day stuffing down fruits and veggies. I indulged in a banana for a morning snack. For lunch, I enjoyed green beans and a salad. The salad was packed with spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, peppers, sugar snap peas, almonds, and cheese. It was nearly too much, but I forced it down knowing that this was necessary! For an afternoon snack, I had an apple. I had plenty of water and herbal tea in between to help flush out any other lingering toxins.

For dinner, I came home to calico bean soup with shredded chicken. It was slow cooking in the crock pot while Peter and I were working.

I was day-dreaming about it all day and it did not disappoint!! It was super good and will definitely return to dinner for an encore! What's even better? We have leftovers for days!!!

I don't know what snack I will end my day with. In all honesty, I am having a hardcore sugar craving, but hope that I can find a healthy option that will satisfy my taste buds. I feel better already from eating pretty decently today!

What do you do to get your eating habits back in order after the holidays?

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