Happy 2015!

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Peter and I kept it simple this New Year's Eve.

We stayed in, chilled in our pajamas and watched movies.

It would appear I was more ecstatic about the new year than Peter. So ecstatic, I might add, that I thought it would be appropriate that I start the new year out with a 15 long run.

I couldn't tell you how this run was slower than my 20 miler finished on Saturday, but I finished! It was truly a challenge for me. Nearing the 10 mile mark, my stomach decided that it had enough. I had to periodically stop until the acid settled, but I pushed through to finish.

It didn't help that I was tossed around by the wind. It was as if I was running against it the entire time! It was exhausting! Yet, it wasn't such a bad looking day on the C&O.

Over the next week, I plan on taking it down a notch.  I will consider it a taper before the half marathon next Saturday in Walt Disney World. I don't feel that I truly need to taper as I don't think I will be entirely competitive in this race. This will be more of a fun run for me! I will be more concerned about getting pictures with Mickey or Ariel. Still, cutting back on mileage over the next week will ensure that I won't injure myself and ruin this entire experience.

Anyway, I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year celebration and are looking forward to the next 365 days of your life! Make the best of each day!

How did you bring in the New Year?

Did you run today? Did you do 15 for 2015 or something special for your run?

How do you push through a miserable run?

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