Home Gym Makeover!

I have been busier than ever (I say this a lot now, don't I?). I decided to take another college class and it has absorbed most of my time after work. I am no geek, so I have to really put a lot of  effort into studying every single page of this World History book.

On top of school, I have had a project at home I've been working on. I have been working on transforming our old office/workout room into a gym. Since our roommate moved out, we were able to use his old bedroom as our office. This transition left the "gym" room a complete mess. It turned into a storage space for everything we didn't know what to do with. I finally got sick of it.

After talking about transforming it for weeks, I finally went out last weekend and bought painting supplies. That followed with a online shopping spree to get new stuff for our new gym room.

Here's the room before when it was an office/workout space.

Here's the room prior to painting.

Here's the room now.

The television that will replace our living room TV came today. Once that is mounted, the old TV will then be mounted to this wall in the gym room.

Just for perspective, here's what it looked like before.

 I also am looking to purchase a rug that will go in the craft corner.

I am waiting for another movie poster to arrive (Run, Fat Boy, Run) to fix to the wall. For now, I have a Forrest Gump poster. "Run, Forrest, run!!!

I have an additional medal wrack to nail up. That will serve as Peter's own personal rack from his races. But here's mine!

I am totally amped about this room. It is everything I wanted it to be and then some. I hate working out indoors, but when I have to, this will be a lot more tolerable! It's so bright and organized! The room before was very dull and had too much going on in it.

Aside from all of that, I am still running. I haven't been doing my best time-wise though. My pace has suddenly been a lot slower than what I would have hoped. I am trying not to get discouraged since after the month of January, I will be in training mode up until the end of November. This is like my only "break". I actually skipped tonight and biked instead of running on Tuesday. So I've only run twice this week.

I still have every intention on getting a 17 miler in this weekend, but again, not trying to get discouraged if my mileage is a bit on the low side. Marathon training starts the second week of February. Then ultra-marathon training starts the second week of June. I will definitely be earning back lost mileage.

Anyway, until my class is over in March, I may be MIA! But thank you for sticking with me!

PS! I have a giveaway coming up! Stay tuned!

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