Bio Skin Giveaway (OVER) & the Beginning of my 41 Week Adventure

To celebrate the beginning of my 41 week running journey (I'll explain), I am doing a great giveaway! The awesome people at Bio Skin have given me the opportunity to share a $20 off coupon to one of my readers! Trust me, I'm jealous of you!

BioSkin provides top of the line compression clothing that will help with any aches or pains and prevent them from starting. I have a pair of the compression calf sleeves myself and they are awesome post-run!

Check out their website for more! And continue reading to find out how you can win $20 off!!!

So as I said, I am in the beginning of a crazy 41 week running journey.

It will take me through 2 marathons, 3 half marathons, 1 relay race, and end with the ultimate achievement: AN ULTRA-MARATHON!

This will be the most challenging schedule I have ever taken on as a runner. Though the training officially started yesterday, I have been doing what I will call "pre-training." It started in November when I randomly started upping my mileage as a "just in case I wanna do a marathon" situation. Since then, I have already done two 20 mile runs, one which was this past Saturday.

Now, the marathon I decided to do, the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon, isn't until May 31st. Yesterday would have given me 16 weeks of training prior to that date. At this point, I have already done about 16 weeks of decent marathon training without having one planned. With that said, I decided I wouldn't waste my training and that I would take on a marathon a little sooner. 

Today, I randomly decided to sign up for the Queen City Marathon in Cumberland, MD. It's close and it's a fairly flat or steady elevated course. I will not be running this at race pace as I am more concerned with getting a great time in San Diego. I will use this as one of my long runs, a prequel to the big day.

I must say, this decision has really amped me up! I have a little less than 2 months before I am back in the marathon seat! It's been almost a year since I have participated in my 1st and only official marathon. Despite my intentions of keeping this marathon easy and relaxed, I think I will still manage to PR. My 20 milers have been great and were just seconds apart in pace. I am just in beast mode right now!

I'll have more on my training schedule as I get through each week. I am also starting some detoxing this week (I've gained some weight...oops!) and will keep you informed on that! So sit tight! Things are about to get crazy!


Answer one or all of the following questions with your name and email. One lucky reader will be randomly drawn to win!
  • Have you ever used a race as a training run for another race?
  • What upcoming marathons are you planning to participate in?
  • What is your favorite type of athletic wear?


  1. Well, I just recently joined the running world so EVERYTHING is new to me. So No....i marathon training yet. I also really have any favorite athletic wear as I am new in my journey....But i do enjoy keeping warm with Under Armour. However, my lovely sister has time and time again encouraged me to get some compression socks. They seem amazing and would like to get some;)

    Ashley Schaeffer.

  2. I love leggings! And no, I have never used a race as a training run for another race, only because I'm too cheap lol

    1. Leave your email so you can qualify for the contest! Thanks!!!

  3. Have you ever used a race as a training run for another race? I have!
    What upcoming marathons are you planning to participate in? The shamrock sportsfest
    What is your favorite type of athletic wear? I love nike's sportswear!

  4. 1. Yes. I just did a half marathon as part of training for my first full marathon.
    2. The Derby Lousiville Marathon on April 25, 2015
    3. Lululemon!

    Marjorie Thornton -

  5. 1. Yes. I just completed a half marathon as part of my training for my first full marathon.
    2. The Derby Festival Marathon in Lousiville, KY on April 25
    3. lululemon

    Marjorie Thornton -

  6. 1.) Yup-I did a half to get ready for my first full marathon too.
    2.) I will definitely do a full this year but only have a half planned at the moment--any suggestions?


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