A New Journey...

Have you ever been in a position where you felt as though you have lost all control of your life? This goes beyond health or fitness. This lack of control encompasses every puzzle piece of your life: Your family, your career, your health, your happiness...

It began earlier this year, but only after a domino affect of events that were set prior. It really tested me mentally. I felt like I was laying on the ground with concrete blocks being stacked on my chest. With every new stress that occurred, a new block was added. It got to a point where I felt like I could not breathe. It affected me so negatively, that I could do nothing but cry or scream.

My running was even on the decline and when something messes with my running, I get ticked! So with every bad thing that has happened in the past 5+ months, I have decided that I owe myself. I need to take a chance and do something that I love: Becoming a Personal Trainer. I have played with the thought for a year or so, never quite taking the idea seriously. I thought about taking the class at my local community college and online, but just never wanted to commit. I mean, I was comfortable with my job, so why pay the several hundred dollars to become a certified fitness trainer.

I did go back to school and tried to complete my degree in Health, Physical, and Leisure Studies, but it was extremely difficult to struggle taking classes while being employed full-time. At the rate I was going, I wasn't going to have my Associate's Degree until 2017. I still have every intention on getting a degree, but becoming certified seems to be a stepping stone to getting the career I want/need. I have become so comfortable at the job I presently hold. I have done quite well at it and the pay isn't too shabby either. But is it my dream career?

One day, I would hope to have my own business. One which I can designate my own hours while doing something I love. With the Personal Training certification, I can. With ISSA, they even offer CECs in Marathon Training. Why would I not want to take a class like that?

Today, I signed up to get my CPR and AED certification and also signed up with ISSA to receive my Personal Trainer certification. I am hoping that no later than August, I will have completed both with flying colors. Then, I can set my sights on building my own business and obtaining a career more in line with my interests. I later hope to follow both of these with additional certs to not only help others, but help myself!

Anyway, that is my stance right now! The studying shall commence and a new journey will unfold!


  1. So excited! Becoming a personal trainer its like a dream. What an exciting direction for your career.

    1. Thanks! I am really looking forward to it! My books arrived today! It was like an early birthday gift to myself!


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