I just don't feel like it...

So I skipped a run and to be honest, I have wanted to skip more. I am at a point where I can say out loud "I don't feel like running." I have been a slave to training since January. I have not taken any sort of break for several months and at this point, I think my body is putting on the breaks.

So far this year, I have competed in 3 half marathons, a full marathon, and a relay. This was on top of my already busy schedule: a college class, a full-time job, making/selling wreaths on the side, and personal issues that arose in our family. Now, here I am just about 2 weeks away from a 5K and a marathon. 

Tonight, my schedule called for a 3 miler, but I could not help but dread 3 miles. I can get that done in less than 30 minutes and I could even do it on the treadmill where I can watch TV and eat donuts, but I I still didn't feel like running. I did go out there and do the 3 miler and am glad I did, but I hate that it hasn't been amazing like I remember it was.

Like I said in my last post, I haven't had a good run in a long time. I mean, why would you keep doing something if it didn't feel good? Running is something that is supposed to be fun and freeing for me, not something that resembles a part-time job. Nobody ever wants to come home from work to do more work. 

The last thing I want to do is ruin my marathon training. I really want to have a good experience, but I fear that I will feel like I'm running through waist-deep mud since that's how running feels recently. 

I have already promised myself one thing though...I will not run for AT LEAST a week after the marathon. In fact, I have given myself the option to extend it. Sure, a second week would start eating into my JFK training, but then again, I would rather take the hit in the beginning than feel drained halfway through training for my first ultra. 

Anyway, I hope your running is going a lot better than mine! Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

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