Celebrity Marathoners

I can't help but find myself intrigued by celebrity news. I find myself frequently skipping across the internet in search of juicy gossip. Recently, I am guilty of peaking into Ms. Amanda Bynes' drama. However, I found myself distracted by something far more interesting....

Runner's World reported that Lindsay is receiving advice from two-time Olympian, Shannon Rowbury to assist in her training for the LA Marathon next year.
“I told her to do intervals, by running fast/slow even if she’s running on treadmill or in the street,” Rowbury told Runner's World Newswire by email last week.
 Apparently Lindsay has also been sited sporting a new GPS watch to better assist the star in her efforts to become a better runner.

I would seriously cheer Lindsay on if she would actually attempt the LA Marathon. I supported her prior to her "rock bottom" phase, but her story became a little too drawn out for me so I stopped reading up on her. Though, when I saw this article, some of my faith in her began to restore itself. If she can do this, it would really be a step in the right direction. Anyone that attempts/completes a marathon is truly a strong person. It takes more than just being physically fit, but you have to have a strong mentality as well.

On a similar subject, I came across a list of many others that have completed marathons in their lifetime. I was surprised at some of the names that popped up, but thought "If they can do it, so can I!"

Here are the ones I found most surprising...

1. Will Ferrell - 2003 Boston Marathon, 3:56:12
2. Drew Carey - 2011 Marine Corps Marathon, 4:37:11
3. Sean Astin - 1998 Los Angeles Marathon, 4:04

4. George Bush - 1993 Houston Marathon, 3:44:52

Check out some more here!

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will complete the LA Marathon? Would it change your opinion about her?

Which celebrity were you most surprised to find ran a marathon?



  1. I definitely don't think LL has the discipline to complete a marathon. If she did, however, that would totally change my opinion of her!

    1. Right...you can say whatever you want, but to actually do it, is something else. If she does it, my respect for her may actually return.

  2. I think she may be able to do it. She's already proven that she has an addictive personality-running is my addiction. Maybe her therapist recommended this.

    1. I really hope she can. I think that it would be good for her and be a great way for her to prove to the world that she can be strong. I do not think any drug addicted alcoholic would be able to train and complete a marathon. She would gain back a lot of respect.


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