This Happens Way Too Much...

Motivation was an issue today... well as rain. I am not one that allows rain to impact the decision to run or not, but I was about to play the blame game this evening. I have really been enjoying my trail runs now more than ever. I can tolerate a little bit of mud and getting wet, but the rain was more significant today and the trail was not happening. So I settled for a road run while Peter exercised on his bike.

I also had a hard time convincing myself to run this evening. I nearly backed out and I know that it would have been for the better. Life just suddenly got busy and I have been running a good amount since coming back on board post-surgery. This is beginning to weigh heavy on my energy levels so I have decided to spread my rest days out starting next week. By the time I have completed 3 days of running in a row, I am typically dying of exhaustion. So now, I will do one rest day on Monday or Tuesday, while I keep Friday for rest as well.

I did manage to get 5 miles in, but decided to abstain from weight lifting this evening. I weight lifted earlier this week and think that may have also contributed to being as run down as I am. I have another 5 mile goal for tomorrow, but I am definitely resting it up on Thursday since I want to be race ready on Friday. Gotta earn those Krumpe's Donuts!

I cannot tell you how ainsy I am to return to feeling like my old self. Although I am happy to see myself gaining my distance and speed back, I am just ready to put in some 35-40 mile weeks again.

How many rest days do you take a week? If multiple, do you spread them out or keep them back to back?


  1. Usually I always take wednesday as a rest day and also sunday-but this week im doing 3&4 miles so I might need to tweek my schedule. Yay running!

  2. I take one or two and I spread them out and take them as needed, without any solid prior planning. And you will be back to your old self sooner than you know it. Keep chugging along!!!


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