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I had one busy weekend! As you have read, I participated in the Krumpe's Do-Nut Alley Rally on Friday and rocked it! I think that race shook the cobwebs from my legs and brought me back to where I needed to be. It gave me the confidence I needed to enjoy running again.


But on Saturday, I decided to opt out of my regular long run, finishing the week at a solid 30 miles. Peter and I had a great deal of traveling ahead of us and running was not going to fit into the schedule that day.

We were driving 4 hours south to see my cousin Kara marry her long-time love, Colby in Virginia. I must say, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have witnessed in my life! The location was gorgeous...

...as was the bride. I nearly got choked up when I saw her and her father approach the altar. I am such a girl.

Shortly following the wedding, a delicious meal, cake, and two mini bottles of wine...

...Peter and I already had to hit the road. We had another 4 hour driving session ahead of us and we wanted to  make it home before 1am. Lucky for us, we did and had a well-deserved sleep session!

I woke up on Sunday around 7:30, which was early enough to beat the heat of the day. I decided I would do a long run on the trail. My original goal was 12, but you know how those goals change a bazillion times before a final decision on distance is made.

When I reached mile 6, I decided to extend out .55 miles and make the total run 13.1.

I think I did pretty well! I was, without a doubt, tired as hell, but was able to finish strong.

Today, I stuck to an easy 5 miles, finishing just above 44 minutes, which was better than I expected to do. Now, I have a day of rest in front of me, which I will take full advantage of! :o)

Happy Monday!

Did you have a busy weekend? What did you do?

How long was your last "long run"?

What is the longest distance you have ever traveled in your car in a day?

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