A Continuation of the Canal Flooding

As you could see from yesterday's photos, my long run route was flooded by the Potomac River. We had a pretty crazy storm on Thursday, which just so happened on my drive home from work. That was fun.

Anyway, on Friday, we went to Dam #4 to assess the aftermath of the storm.

It was pretty entertaining to say the least...

Typically, I do not take my run into Williamsport, but I have been looking for some new scenery. I also thought that based on how aggressive Dam #4 looked, I may want to avoid my regular route. I thought Williamsport would be better.

Well, I was wrong...in both directions. I ran a half mile one way and was greeted by a stream going right through the path. So I took a 3 mile detour through town.

I finally got the picture I always wanted in front of Britner Ave. You can't pass up a photo op with a street sign that shares your last name.

I headed back to the canal, only to go in the opposite direction this time. While enthralled at the water surrounding me on both sides, I was somewhat claustrophobic at the thought of being surrounded by the Potomac River. I pictured the water just sweeping me away. But I pressed on.

About 4.5 miles down the path, I reached a dead end. Well, at least for a runner who didn't want to get her feet wet.

So I turned around. But still managed to get my feet wet at another stream...

Still, even with the road blocks, I managed to complete 13.1 miles in 1:55. You can see all the pictures from yesterday here!

Today was not much different. Because I did not want to be held up by the same obstacles in Williamsport, I went to my normal path at Taylor's landing. I was surprised by what I saw.

The ditch you see in the picture here, is normally dry. Today, it was filled and by the looks of the grass, was higher the day before.

The entrance to the boat launch was also closed. The last time this happened was because of the Government Shutdown.

But this was why it was closed today...

The parking lot was completely underwater! But this was not the first time I saw this area flooded. I thought nothing of it and started my run hoping that it would be manageable. And it was...until I encountered this mess about 2 miles in.

Because the bike tire trails went for as long as I could see, I figured this particular spot was underwater sometime between Thursday and today. So I began running in the opposite direction, which did not prove to be that much better.

This campsite was in no doubt, covered. Surprised the table made it.
About 2.5 miles deep in the other direction, I hit another mud barrier.This time, I TRIED making it through, but I could not see where the end was.

Finally, I decided to turn around and just circle around the dry areas until I hit 10 miles.

Though the path was not ideal, the weather was gorgeous and I felt great! If I did not have to run in circles, I would have totally done a full 13.1 miles again today. Perhaps I will throw in a few extra miles on an evening run to make up for it. But I will more than likely stick to the roads this week.

Anyone else affected by the storm in the last few days?

Would you run through inches of mud or avoid it?


  1. No storm here, but winter in on the way and I'm not going to let a little water stop me running where I want to... you can't get wetter than wet!!!


    1. I'm personally not a fan of soggy socks. Gives me blisters :-(

      More power to you if you run through streams though!

  2. Holy mother of water! Also, you're a speedy runner and you look WAY too nice while running. You're secretly a running model or something, aren't you?

    (How many more times could I throw in a form of the word "run" into three sentences? Yeesh. Is Monday over yet?)

    1. Thank you! There are plenty of not-so-flattering photos, I just don't post those lol.


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