Race Recap: Frederick Half Marathon

I want to begin this recap on somber note. A runner by the name of Sarah Drefren, 38, died after finishing the Frederick Half Marathon. She suffered a heart attack upon completion of the race.

Sarah leaves behind a husband and two children.

I don't mean to start on such a sad subject, but I have only ever heard about running deaths on the internet. I never thought that it would have happened at a race I participated in. Peter and I were already on our way home, but a fellow runner actually told me the story today since he witnessed it. It really is a scary thought! As runners, we push ourselves to extremes, sometimes never knowing the consequences. Although these situations are rare, they do happen! Take this as a lesson to listen to your body.

But, to move forward...

The Frederick Half! I participated in it last year, which then, it was my first OFFICIAL half marathon. So this race holds a special place in my heart and I had to come back!

We arrived late that morning (traffic sucked!) and no sooner than we arrived, I had to head to the starting line.

Last year, I chose to stand with the 2 hour pace group, but this year, I decided to take a risk with these fine people at 1:45. BUT no sooner than the gun went off, I lazily ran behind them. I made it a goal to keep in front of the 1:50 pace group, however.

Luckily, I had my watch this time and kept a close eye on my pace. I told myself before that I wasn't here for a PR since I was already satisfied (and run down) from my 5K PR the evening before.

Closing in on the 5K finish line
Even with low expectations, my pace stayed consistent in the low 8s or high 7s.

In the past, I have always turned down the free snacks that strangers passed out during races. I was always told to never take anything from anyone but volunteers. Risks of being poisoned....blah blah blah. Well, I took a risk this time. Especially when I saw children with baskets filled with gummy bears. I grabbed a few, ate them, and survived. Though, chewing gummy bears while running isn't an easy task. I don't recommend it.

Anyway, after I reached the halfway point, which was about right here...

I started feeling the burn...and insanity based on this photo...but I had no desire to lose momentum. I still wanted to keep ahead of the 1:50 pace group. They were no where to be seen behind me, nor was the 1:45 group visible in front of me. I figured I was right in the middle. And at that point, I decided my finish time had to be 1:47:30 or better.

As I hit the final two miles, my pace began to suffer. I saw it rise to about 8:30 min, which made me a little nervous. Though, even if I hit a 10 minute pace, it looked like I would still hit a great PR. I did not let myself reduce speed that much, however.

Right before mile 13, I entered the Frederick Fairgrounds track, which is made just of gravel. I found it really difficult to run on when my legs were tight from burning through a half. I could not get the sprint in that I wanted.

 I still managed to pose for a picture!

And I managed to get a hella good time!!!!

I actually got a time of 1:47 according to my chip! That is a 5+ minute improvement from my best which was at the Hershey Half. I was all smiles!!!

And since I was a "Nut Job" competitor, I got two lovely medals just like last year...

Here are my overall stats from the race...

And to add, I came in 13th out of all the Nut Jobbers, which was 267.

So if you want to get amazing PRs, I would totally recommend the Frederick Running Festival. They will get a high score from me...ALWAYS.

Have you ever felt like you pushed yourself too hard? What happened as a result?

What has been your most recent PR?

Have you competed in 2 races within one weekend?

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  1. 2 races in a day, why wait for the next day... but then I was younger and a really nutter! I once races 4 races in the weekend! first up was a 16km mountain run, the down hills hurts your legs that you can hardly walk, then that afternoon it was a 6km leg in a relay. Sunday started off with an orienteering event (2 hours of running around the forest) before the afternoons 12km cross-country.

    What you did is fine...

    Well done on the PR


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