So Much To Talk About...So Little Time!

Good evening, readers!

I promise I am alive and well! My excuse is always "I am so busy!" and I swear that is still the case. May is always a busy month for me, but I do not think I have ever been so busy.

I have not only cooked lots of dinners....

Cinco De Mayo's Enchilada Casserole

I started a new career on top of my current job, which has nearly tripled in work (job security?).

I have been running a lot...typical.

...and in places I have not been in some time!

Dam #5, which I have not seen since October.
 I have taken some time to recover as well.

I also spent some time with my mom for Mother's Day...

Heh...obviously not my mom, but this is one of the friendly cows that said hello to us on our walk this past Sunday.  :)

The woman in the red striped shirt is my beautiful mother!

It was also her birthday just this Tuesday. I swear, the woman is ageless. I hope I have developed her good genes. My father, who is holding the little red head (me!), his birthday is this Sunday. We are going to celebrate by going out to dinner some time this weekend.

I have a birthday this month too! Like I said, May is a BUSY month! But it will not stop there! Things are more likely to slow halfway into June, so I hope to get better at the updates! Until then, they will be sporadic. I still love you guys and hope you love me too!

Keep being happy, healthy, and active!!!

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