I Got Knocked Down, But I Got Up Again

Maybe I only like using the "up and down" panoramic feature on my Samsung, but I think the perception is really cool.

And in case you were wondering, my leg has been awesome! I have found that trigger point massage is the greatest thing in the world. It partners nicely with  my BioSkin Compression Sleeve to help improve the circulation in my calf.

To add to those, I have also applied some of Arbonne's Herbal Muscle Massage Pain Relieving Gel. That stuff really does the job! Even though I applied the gel before bed, it activated while I was on my run this morning! I have had the stuff for months, but never really knew how amazing it was until now!

Since we are already on the subject running, I may as well throw in how I took a tumble during my trail run today.

I went out to do 13.1 miles and I tripped over a rock around mile 4. This is only the second time I have ever fallen while running. Thankfully, I only came out with a few scratches and some dirty legs & clothing.

That's a lot better than my first fall on the C&O Canal in September.

I received my engagement ring only hours after that injury, so it definitely
made up for the pain I had!

Anyway, when I hit and wondered if I should just turn around and call it a day. It was already disgustingly humid out and I left my Gatorade in the car. I wasn't feeling the run either. In the end, I decided to get up, brush myself off and finish what I had started. My time wasn't all that bad either...2:05, a couple minutes better than last week. I am glad I decided to push through.

I was pretty beat afterwards and took a 2 hour nap once our errands for the day were complete. It is pretty rare that I take naps, so I knew my body was exhausted from the distance and heat. Tomorrow, I do not intend on pushing as hard. I will be happy if I get out and do 5 miles.

I hope you all were able to get out and have some good runs during your weekend! Feel free to tell me about yours!

What items do you use to help relieve leg pain other than pain pills?

Have you ever fallen while running? Did you get up and keep running?

Do you take naps or fight through exhaustion?

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  1. Pain is temporary...

    I was racing on the weekend and took a tumble it was silly I just get lazy and when you are on the trails you need to be awake.

    Naps are great, but i work, so taking a mid day nap isn't really a good thing!!!


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