Let's Talk Running...But First....

If you have not yet noticed, I have been obsessed with finding new GF recipes. I have been doing really well, even with the holidays. Sure, I may have not ate any foods with gluten, but that does not mean I didn't eat plenty of the GF items!! Remember, just because you may be gluten-free, doesn't mean you have a ticket to eat like a horse. I am mainly saying that statement to myself!

So here is some of the GF meals that I have tried in the last few days.

Eggs and fried sweet potatoes
Zucchini noodles and avocados, which I later added walnuts too.
Arbonne protein shake with strawberries. This was PHENOMENAL!
Taco meat in a cabbage leaf
 Cutting out bread really forces you to become creative with your meals. I thought that I would not feel satisfied if I did not have a pound of bread on the side, but I can't get over how satisfied I am! And I have a new found love for veggies! Zucchini is my favorite right now!

Anyway, I think it is time I talk running for once!

Over the weekend, I finally got a half marathon distance in. After having my week off, I feel like I struggled coming back. I think it was more so coming back in the 90 degree heat more than anything. Thankfully, both Friday and Saturday were beautiful days! When I went out to run on both mornings, it was in the 60s or 70s! Barely any humidity!

Big Slackwater
Dam #4
Somewhere at mile 11

I did not finish where I typically see myself, but I was satisfied.

I ran another 6 on Sunday, but slacked today and only did 5k. After 3 cookouts, running, grocery shopping, and cleaning, I think 3.1 was just fine!!! I have also started waking up at 5 am to get a couple of miles in the morning. It is way cooler and then, I can cut my evening mileage down if it is way too hot! Peter has been doing it with me so that really helps motivate me to get out of bed an hour early!

Anywho, I have yet another busy week ahead. I have started my college class and have some business socials set up, but the weekend should be free! I am looking forward to relaxing!

Hope you all have a great week!

Name some creative ways you have replaced bread.

How do you get through days of bad running? What motivates you to push forward?

Do you like running before work or after work?

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