Where Have I Been?

Working. Running. Planning a wedding. Doing school work. Writing a book.

I am going to be honest. I may fall off the face of the earth over the next two months. Though I do love blogging, it must take a back seat to other priorities right now. Yet, because I am already in the process of writing this post. I may as well give a run down of my week, which was EPIC!

On Sunday, I did my very first group run!

Typically, I do partnered runs with Peter. I never did a casual run with more than 1 other person. I was invited to meet up with a running group at the C&O Canal in Williamsport. They were out to do 16 miles since they are presently training for the Wineglass Marathon in October. I went with the intention of running part of it. Although my leg pain had vanished (just in the nick of time), I did have a plan of running 13 or less. I was more leaning towards the "less" part.

Well, I ended up doing the entire thing! I mainly ran with 2 other runners, Chris and Carly. I actually work within the same company as Chris, while Carly and I both ran our first marathon at the Rock n Roll USA. It was great to run and talk with them! I hope to run with the entire group again soon!!! Running with others is great motivation!

Anyway, to continue the epic-ness of the week, this past Tuesday, I participated in a pushup contest at work. We knew about 8 weeks prior so we could get in shape. I practiced about every other night to try to get a good count and worried that I would fall flat on my face when it came time to compete.

I ended up getting 56 pushups, which was apparently impressive to all who witnessed. I must say, I was extremely proud of myself!!! I ranked as top girl and even beat some of the guys. Maybe next year I will do 100! ;-)

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur with work, homework, and wedding planning! I have even taken up writing my book again...I only took a 2 year hiatus on that one.

I did do another couple of long runs this weekend. Yesterday, I stuck with 14. Though, I would have loved to do 17 with the running group, I woke up just a hair too late. Also, it was not my best run. Around mile 11, I had to stop and break for a bit. I ate, drank back some Gatorade and walked it out. I did end up running the last 3, but it was really a struggle. At least it was a pretty day!

Today, I ran 8. I did 4 alone, then Peter met up with me to do 4 more. I am super proud of him. He had to take several weeks off due to his own leg pain and has had to slowly come back into running. Glad to see him up to 4 now. Can't wait till fall so we are taking over these streets and trails together!

I also wanted to update you all on my gluten-free diet since I am now a month in, but I want to make this a post all it's own! Definitely good stuff! I am not sure when I will get around to it with all the crazy going on lately, but hopefully you will see an update from me within a week!

Have a great one!

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