7 (err 6) Day Bridal Body Slim Down

It's the final countdown!

That's right! Who has two thumbs and is getting married next Saturday? THIS GIRL!

I have anxiously waited for this day to come and it feels like it has taken forever! I feel that most people say that it came up so quickly, but I think this last year has DRAGGED! Now, we have most of our ducks in a row and are more than ready to get this show on the road!

As a part of my last 7 (well 6 if you don't count the wedding day itself) days of the single life, I decided I wanted to feel/look my best. So I am testing out my very own version of a 7 Day Bridal Body Slim Down. I want to ensure that I will not be bloated and uncomfortable in the wedding dress that has now been altered to fit me like a glove. There is no room to pudge up!

I have made a couple of rules to help keep the bloat out of my system for these final days.
  • Absolutely NO Gluten. I am about 90% GF, but this week, 100%!
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners. Not in my tea, not in my coffee. This is not just going to be a bridal body rule, but this will become an item I cut from here on out.
  • 50% Dairy Free. I love cheese. I eat A LOT of cheese. More cheese than I should. I only want to cut back this week, not get rid of completely. 
  • Drink 3 Liters of Water Per Day. I am typically good at this, but I want to make this a rule and not slack, no matter how busy I may get. Water keeps the pipes oiled and lets everything "flow" better!
  •  NO ALCOHOL! I usually do not drink Sunday-Thursday. But I have fallen off the horse with football Sundays and with the amount of wine I have acquired from my bridal shower, I have made exceptions. For this week, no alcohol Sunday-Wednesday. I will allow some wine on Thursday and Friday since that is technically the beginning of my weekend.

I have made myself a fitness plan for the week. It may or may not be changed due to an ever-changing schedule. But I still want to follow it pretty closely!

  • Sunday: Long Run (At least 10 miles, aiming for 13.1 or more). Strength training with dumbbells.
  • Monday: 3-6 mile run. Ab workout.
  • Tuesday: 3-6 mile run. Pushups & squats.
  • Wednesday: 3-6 mile run. Ab workout.
  • Thursday: Rest Day.
  • Friday: Long Run (8-13.1 miles). Strength training with dumbbells.
Food is really important this coming week. I am confident I will get my workouts in, but food tends to be my weaker area. Though I will not list every meal that I am going to have in this post, I want to give an idea of what I plan on doing this week.
  • Sunday: No added sugar/candy. Focus on foods that promote detox. Detoxing foods can include apples, almonds, garlic, onions, and avocados. 
  • Monday: No added sugar/candy. No dairy. Fill up on fruits and veggies! Have a salad and a fruit on the side! Stick with detoxing foods on this day as well.
  • Tuesday: No added sugar/candy. No dairy. Stick with fruits and veggies and make sure you are getting your protein! Avoid red meat.
  • Wednesday: No added sugar/candy. No dairy. Remain focused on fruits, veggies, and protein. Start to take digestive aid. I use Arbonne's Digestion Plus, which is very mild and keeps you regular!
  • Thursday: No added sugar/candy. Keep lunch light to balance the heavy dinner. I am allowing dairy since it's our weekly pizza tradition (I am not having pizza without cheese!!!). Allowed 2 glasses of wine ONLY! Take digestive aid.
  • Friday: Since long run day, make sure to eat high protein. Reduce bloat-promoting veggies like broccoli to prevent any belly gain. Take digestive aid and detox tea.

Still feeling hungry or having a craving?
  • Have a few nuts with a glass of water to fill up your belly.
  • Eat some non-bloating veggies.
  • Have an apple or a small fruit. Better than grabbing a sugary snack!
  • Try some flavored tea. The taste my reduce a craving!

As I mentioned above, this is my own version of a 7 day plan. BUT, feel free to try it and let me know if it worked for you!


  1. Good luck with your last days of singlehood. Can't wait to see pictures from the wedding festivities!

    1. Thanks! I will be happy to show off pictures once they are ready :)


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