Gluten Free Experiment

I never thought that my 30 days going gluten free would turn into 3 months!

I began this challenge to not only see if I could survive without bread, but to see if I noticed any physical changes in my body. I did some research and found that gluten may be the cause of the frequent bloat in my mid-section. Due to the discomfort I felt day in and day out, I was willing to try anything and thought "why not go GF!?" I was done with looking at myself in the mirror and questioning if I were "fat." The body negativity was unbearable!

I never assumed wheat was my issue. At least, I tried to deny it had anything to do with how I felt. I loved bread, pasta, crusts, cookies....the list goes on and on! My misery outweighed the obsession I had with wheat, however. I decided that after my sister's wedding festivities ended, I was making a change!

It could not have happened at a better time either! Farm-fresh produce was coming in like crazy and they are all basically GF!

I was also able to find GF versions of my favorite meals like PIZZA CRUST (my all-time favorite Friday dinner!).

GF Waffle Cone!

Becoming gluten-free not only forced me to bake and cook my own meals more often, but it pushed me to be more creative. Like replacing pasta with zuchinni noodles, for example.

I would have never tried this if it weren't for becoming GF. Quite honestly, it was a nice change! I loved how I felt after indulging in a plate full of "spaghetti" without feeling maxed-out full!

Anyway, after just a few days of ridding myself of gluten, I noticed the bloat occurred less frequently. After a month, I noticed my tummy was shrinking. After nearly 3 months, here's the physical difference.

Though there is still a little pudge that hangs out, it is less prominent and I am happy with that!

I would say that during these 90 days, I have been 90% GF. I have had some cupcakes since we taste tested flavors for our cakes, had a donut after the Krumpe's Donut Alley Ralley, and a delicious cookie at my bridal shower. I have also had some foods that didn't necessarily contain wheat, but may have been exposed to it when it was manufactured. However, since I don't have celiac disease, I cannot say that this would truly have a huge impact on how I felt.

In conclusion, I plan on continuing these eating habits for months to come. I imagine I will continue to have gluten from time to time, but I am extremely happy with my results and how I feel. Gluten will remain on the back-burner. I also recommend that others try this eating plan. Even if you are not willing to go all the way, replacing a few meals may make a difference!

Will you ever try to go gluten-free? Why or why not?

Are you presently gluten-free? What's your favorite GF meal?

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