Running Bib Invitations!

Good evening, my dear friends!

I recently became involved in the website, Etsy, as a seller. I have a whole ONE item on my page, but thought I would tell you all about it since it is running related.

Just a couple of months ago, I decided to make my own wedding invites. Since both Peter and myself are both runners, it seemed only right that the wedding invites were running bibs. I looked into having someone else make & print them, but it was going to be over $300!!! I could do what I wanted for a 3rd of the cost!

Alpha was out model once we punched the holes in each corner.

Since many runners want their own "Save the Dates" or wedding invites for an affordable cost, I thought that I would offer digital downloads. That way, the buyer gets the custom image they want and can chose their own store to print them.

I just completed my first order and was super excited that someone chose me to help them for their save the dates! I would love to help with yours as well! Go to LindZLous shop here!

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