Marathon Training: Week 5, 20 miles & Sunburns

So let's rewind back to March 8th, Week 5 of marathon training.

MARCH 8-14
13.1 MILES

We start the week with the time change (I love Daylight Savings, by the way) and a 20 miler. It would be my last 20 miler before my "practice" marathon on the 28th and I was running out of ideas of where to run. I feel like I have literally run every where in Boonsboro, Sharpsburg, and Williamsport. I have been forced off the canal due to areas which were closed off due to ice from the river, so I decided to try something new: an out and back from my house to Shepherdstown, WV. It would be the first time I took a long run over statelines, so that seemed pretty cool.

It was a lot warmer than what I was used to. It was like we had a heat wave hit us. I believe it was in the high 40s or low 50s that day. Yet, I wasn't ready to sacrifice my long sleeved shirts and running capris.

The run to Shepherdstown was...ok. Though the weather was warm, a lot of shoulders and sidewalks were still covered in snow and ice. It took a lot of energy from me to avoid tripping. It had me wondering if I could make it the whole way once I reached the halfway point.

At least it was pretty out, right?

When I made it back into Sharpsburg around mile 15, I was ready to call it quits. I stopped to eat some almonds and chocolate, but my body felt as if it were at its limit. Yet, I didn't want to give up. I needed this 20 miler. It was the plan. I had to stick with it despite my desire to quit.

Around mile 17, I was walking the hills. I would try my damned hardest to make it as far as I could up the hill without stopping, but my body wouldn't have it. I felt a little guilty for the walking breaks, but I reminded myself that many ultra-marathoners do this and in November, I will be an ultra-marathoner. This is my preparation. I also had Chipotle waiting for me. Great motivation!

When I finally made it home, I wanted to just lay down and cry. Instead, I stretched and then gorged myself in burrito bol goodness. 

Later that evening, I received my first sun burn of the year from that run...

Anyway, since my 5 milers weren't that exciting and my half marathon was already recapped, I won't go over those! All I hope is that my marathon next Saturday will go a lot smoother than my 20 miler. In the very least, it won't have such crazy hills as the 20 miler did. 

Time to taper!!! :)

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