The Sugar Free Challenge

***I actually wrote this entry on Sunday and had no idea that I didn't post it! So it is a little dated!***

I have fallen off the deep end. At least, that is what it feels like to me. I am one who suffers from eating copious amounts of food when I am stressed and it's starting to show.

From acne, to weight gain, to just feeling bad, my eating habits have really taken their toll. Not to mention, I've strayed a little fair from my training plan. So with that being said, I am doing a major renovation to my system this March.

I am attempting the "No Sugar Diet Food Plan." I have adopted a lot of the ideas I have read about, but am creating it so it works for me and what I like to eat! I've had to do some major renovations around my house in order to get copious amounts of sugar out.

  • Goodbye refined sugar. I ran out about a week ago and was stealing Peter's (he and I enjoyed different kinds). I will no longer be adding it to coffee, tea, cereal, baked goods, etc.
  • Unsweetened almond milk instead of vanilla. This will more than likely be the biggest challenge for me. I love my vanilla almond milk, but it really does over-sweeten my already sweet cereal and also adds that sugar to my coffee, smoothies, baked goods, etc. 
  • No more pop-tarts on Fridays. As a part of becoming GF, I was still eating GF pop-tarts by Glutino. I have decided it is just better to go our separate ways completely. Regardless if it was GF or not, it made me feel sluggish afterwards (most likely the SUGAR). Besides, they are like $5 for only 5 in a box!!!
  • Cereal, no more! I will be doing away with my honey Chex. I will try to sub it with oatmeal or even a protein smoothie in the morning. 
  • Alcohol! I will still enjoy it, but there will no longer be drinks which incorporate 6 different liquors with a red bull on top (Irish Trashcan). I will try to find satisfaction with keeping things simple. I guess I will have to cozy up to the dryer wines.
  • Above all, I think I need to eat a variety of veggies. I suck at this. Not because I don't love veggies, but because I honestly get too lazy to pack them for work. Well, I am making sure that this doesn't happen because I will make sure I have everything portioned out for the work week ahead of time!
  • Fruits are allowed! Whether fresh or dried. They just cannot have any added sugar!
  • I will most likely be ravenous during the first week or two, so I will have a jar of almonds on hand.
It's going to be a long process, I am sure, but I truly believe that my body requires this. It deserves to be treated better. Also, I cannot let my races suffer because I don't "feel like" training. It is pure laziness. 

Wish me luck on this new challenge. I will definitely keep you updated!!!

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