24 Thoughts From My 24 Mile Run

1. Since when is it dark at 6:30am?

2. Come on, foot! Loosen up!
3. You. Are. Relentless!

4. Ahh, thank you, foot! Let's start this run again!
5. Hello, Canal. It's just you and me for the next 18 miles.

6. Clif bar time! Nom nom nom!
7. Walking breaks? What walking breaks!
8. I guess the sun isn't coming out today.

9. This challenge was brought to you by the universe and God. They knew that you had the strength, willpower, determination to kick this 24 miler's ass!
10. Maybe I should take a walking break. Hello once again, Clif Bar.
11. A golden retriever and 2 cats walking among each other. No owner. Is this Homeward Bound?
12. Halfway there. Here comes the real fun!
13. Well, I was going to take a walking break here. Oh well!
14. 10 more miles to go! Right now would be a great time to take a walking break...or not.
15. 9 miles left! In the single digits now. Screw the walking break.
16. I am feeling really sick. No more Clif bars for me.

17. Maybe I should throw up. I need to find a place that a random biker won't find me.
18. That was a waste. I guess I had nothing to throw up after all. I still feel like hell.
19. At least this stomach ache is distracting me from my exhaustion and pain.
20. My stomach doesn't even like liquids right now. This sucks. Better let Peter know I am running behind schedule.
21. Screw it. I am walking every mile I hit. So...shoe selfie!!!

22. This sucks so bad!
23. Thank God I only have a mile left...and there's a hill I can use as an excuse to walk!
24. There's Peter! There's grass. *lays in grass* It. Is. OVER!

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