Thoughts from a 24 Mile Run

  • Oh my god! My alarm never went off! I overslept an hour!
  • To eat breakfast or to not eat breakfast?
  • Protein bar! Nom nom nom!
  • UGH! It's so humid out!
  • This run is only going to be hard as you make it. 
  • The first 10 miles is just a warm up for a 14 mile run. That's not so bad...right?
  • 1 mile down! 23 more to go!
  • They say to walk every hill in ultra matter how insignificant. What do they consider insignificant because I don't think this little hill counts.
  • My foot kinda hurts. 
  • Finally made it to the canal! 20 more miles to go!
  • I'll do 20 minutes running and 2 minutes walking, then alter from there. 
  • Nah, I think I can do 30 minutes running and 2 minutes walking.
  • Has it been 30 minutes yet?
  • 12 miles...okay. I am feeling good. I got this.
  • I think I am running as fast as this person in their speed boat. Come on, now!
  • My foot is hurting more, but it's probably all in my head. Gotta keep pushing.
  • I don't think I have enough water.
  • Ugh, I'm thirsty but I must conserve!
  • AHH! Mouth. So. Dry.
  • Oooh yeah! There's a water fountain in a few miles. *guzzles water*
  • I am not sure that this Clif Bar was a good idea since I never tried it before. *takes a bite* OH MY GOD! SOOOO GOOOD!
  • About 1 hour until I am done! This is going to be the longest hour ever.
  • Text Peter so he knows how far away I am!
  • Ah! I should have told him to bring me a Gatorade. I'll tell him in 3 miles.
  • Me: Please bring me Gatorade! Peter: Already got it in the car. 
  • I have the best husband ever.
  • Ahh! Back to civilization! One more mile to go!!!
  • Of course there's every kind of sporting event going on at the schools and I am wearing next to nothing.
  • Ahh! 24 miles and suddenly my legs don't work!
  • I never want to do this again.
  • 5 minutes later...I can't wait to run again.

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