I've Got 99 Problems and Turf Toe Makes 100

They don't tell you that crutches hurt your armpits. They don't tell you that even your wrists will be sore. They don't tell you that going up and down the stairs is a trial. They don't tell you how to carry something as simple as a glass of water to the living room. They don't tell you that going to the grocery store is a workout. They don't tell you that people will stare.

...and here I thought training for an ultra marathon was hard.

So for now, the diagnosis that the doctor has given me is turf toe, or an over-extension of your big toe joint.

I felt just fine after the 24 miler (foot-wise) and then when I went up the stairs...BOOM...pain! Done! I've been on crutches for 2 days with only 2 more to go as the doctor prescribed. But I will add additional days should my foot still hurt. I will wear these bad boys up until Tennessee...just not in Tennessee.

She said I will be off from running for 10 days, which I can handle. It still shouldn't stop me from competing in the JFK 50, which has been my biggest concern with the injuries I have been getting. Thankfully, it hasn't been anything that would put me out for weeks.

I just need to make it through a few more months and then I am taking an extended break from racing. I don't even think I am taking my next round in marathon training as seriously. I have been  training nonstop for nearly a year now. I need time off from any plan or schedule. Just a few more months...

For now, I will take this rest time seriously and enjoy it the best that I can. It's just me and the couch.

Have you ever used crutches?

Any of you ever had Turf Toe? What was your recovery like?

Ultra runners! Did 10 days take away from your fitness?

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