Marathon Training: Week 2

2 weeks down, 14 more to go!

As I mentioned before, week 2 went so much better than the first. I am finally gaining back speed after feeling sluggish for isome time.

3 Double
4 Double

On Sunday, I did 8 miles alone, with 2.5 miles of speed work nearing the end. Later that evening, I went with Peter to run another 3. We took it easy because not only were my feet hurting, but he was also getting stomach cramps. Our eating habits weren't ideal the night before. All those Thanksgiving leftovers will kick your butt!

I took my rest day early in the week and ran on Tuesday. We had an "Air Quality Warning" since there was no wind, but I decided to run anyway. I had no idea that the air quality would actually affect how I did! Every breath just tasted like stagnant pollution particles. It was not refreshing to breathe at all! But I powered through it and finished in my regular timeframe.

The warning continued through Wednesday, but I felt a lot better running in it. I did a road run on my lunch break and took to the hills in the neighborhood near our home. Thankfully, I am getting a lot better at hills since reintroducing them into my training in November.

On Thursday, it was actually in the 60s! So Peter and I grabbed our shorts, short-sleeved tops, and our new pairs of compression socks.

We did a 4 mile road run since that is the max mileage Peter is doing right now. He improved his time by nearly 3 minutes too!! His progress is very impressive. I just know he will be getting some great distances & times VERY soon!!!

On Saturday, I had my long run and double. I already wrote about the long run, but thought I would share with you how the double went.

Though it was cold, I would not have asked for the weather to be any different. It was perfect for both Peter and I. Also, my body felt surprisingly good even after running 12 miles just that morning. It was the first time a double didn't feel painful! I can only hope that my future doubles will follow suite!

Anyway, like all of our partner runs, I followed Peter's pace.

He was able to maintain a consistent 10 minute pace for each mile. The last one, we finished in about 9:30, putting the total run just under 40 minutes! That was a 5 minute improvement since our run together on Thursday!!! I was so proud of him and I have confidence he will burn through 5 miles in the next week or 2!

Anyway, today I have a slight fever...probably from running an hour in the snow and getting zero sleep the night before. That means a rest day for me! I'm hoping to be in tip top-shape for a treadmill run tomorrow! I have a speed run planned :o)

How was your last week of running? Tell me about your best and worst run!

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