Marathon Training: Week 3

We are just half way through December and I am already done with snow. In this last week, we have had 2 snow storms, both of which put a dent into my running plans. So my 3rd week of training was extremely sporadic!

5 Double

The treadmill, laptop, and I were friends for the majority of the week...

Nothing like a musical to get your workout going! RENT!
With the exception of Wednesday...

Maybe every driver thought I was crazy. I running in shorts in the middle of December, after all! It was a great run though! I took a new route on my lunch break and the hills were wild!!! In the end, I think I was just happy to be outside!!

Skipping on to Friday, I completed what I would like to call "The Drunk Mile." When you mix alcohol and Red Bull together, you can't contain the energy within me! I HAVE TO RUN! I don't recommend such a thing...well I do, just don't blame me if you get hurt...but I managed to finish the mile without falling off or severely injuring myself. Though, I did go straight to bed following that one! It was close to midnight (yes, I am old!).

The following morning, I was not able to get the long run in I originally planned for. It was snowing like mad and I was not going to risk going out again after getting my car stuck last Sunday. The roads ended up being clear the majority of the morning, however. It was not cold enough for the snow to stick. The 3-6 inches they were calling for, ended up being -1. I think I saw more snow disappear that morning.

Anyway, I did finish 8 mile inside, while belting out some songs from RENT, and that put me at my goal of 36 for the week! It wasn't how I wanted to do it, but it was done!!!

Today, I was able to get outside, but I had to stick to the roads. Everything that was not asphalt was a mud pool! I desperately wanted to go to the canal to run, but I thought up a better plan. I would run from my house to the canal and back.

The site of the trail made me thankful I opted for the road instead.

Until I hit this hill on my way back...

And once you took the turn at the top of the hill...

You kept on climbing! This is also the point my car got stuck last Sunday.

I finished the run, logging 9.16, when I only planned for 8 today. The extra mile may come in handy if weather gets bad again...or if I'm feeling lazy ;-)

This week's mileage goal is 38 miles with a long run of 15 miles. Maybe I will be able to pull off a few doubles with Peter as well because at this point, there is not a snowflake in this week's forecast. I hope to keep my week's mileage as planned!!

Do you pile on miles just in case weather would prevent you from getting a long run in?

Do you have any alternatives to your long run? Like a cross-training workout?

Do you like snow?

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