Snow Running & The Little Kia Rio that Could...Barely

Greetings from the North Pole!

We were expecting snow in the north east, but not to this degree. As of 12:00am, the winter storm warning was for 1-3 inches. Now, we are up to 6 inches with some freezing rain mixed in. 

Anyway, at approximately 9am, there was not a single flake in the sky. That meant I was running! I quickly readied myself so I could get in my planned 7 miler on the C&O before things got bad. The ground was snow free when I started out, but within 2 miles, the trail had a dusting. Regardless, I continued forward because I did not believe that the roads were going to be a problem once I got back.

I made it out to the Dam, where the river was noticeably higher and more treacherous.

I didn't stick around for long. I finally caught site of the roads and they definitely had snow accumulating on them. I thought they would have had some heat left in them to prevent that from happening so soon, but I was wrong.

I headed back to Taylor's Landing as quickly as possible, finishing my 7 miler in a decent time for myself.

I didn't immediately head out like I should have. I just had to snap some photos.

The running trail
The parking lot/boat launch flooded out
Bridge to Taylor's Landing

After the photoshoot, I hopped in my Kia Rio and headed off. Unfortunately, I did not get far. To leave Taylor's landing, you have to drive up a steep hill. You never think it would ever be an issue...that is, until it snows. My car decided that halfway up, it was not going to go any further.

My tires were spinning and I was afraid that I would lose control. So I called Peter and asked him come to my rescue. Though, as I waited, I kept trying to make it up. I kept turning my front tires to create traction then put my car in drive. It would make it a few feet, then slip again. I would repeat the tire method and attempt driving again, only to move another few feet. Eventually, this got me over the hill.

I still had to take my time driving home. The roads were awful for my little car. Every turn and hill made my car feel like it would slip. So I kept it at a safe 20-30 mph in a 50. Sorry to all you AWD folks, but I was not risking my car or my life! But I obviously made it home safely.

Even with the road issues, I still enjoyed my snowy run! But I may be stuck indoors for the week. Bummer! Still, I am lucky that I have a dreadmill as my backup!!

Have a good day all!!!

Are you getting hit by this snowstorm? Did you run in it?

Are you as unfortunate as I am and get your car stuck in nearly every snowstorm? How do you get yourself out of those sticky situations?

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