Marathon Training: Week 5

We have made it to the final days of 2013 and I just completed week 5 of marathon training.

8577RestRest13.1 AM Run
1.35 PM Run

So here's the break down...
On Sunday, I did an 8 miler nearby mom and dad's.

I thought I would be festive and show off my $2.50 Santa hat to the town of Williamsport. Not only did I get several honks from drivers, but the hat kept my head dry from the rain. Money well-spent, I would say!

On Monday, I had off work and I found it next to impossible to leave the comfort of my bed. I had planned for a higher mileage, but I did not want to overdo it since I was starting to feel exhausted. I also had a doctor's appointment that afternoon (which I will probably discuss in a later entry this week :-\). So I stuck with an easy 5 mile run out on the roads of Williamsport.

I was feeling a little more energetic on Tuesday. After putting my ham in the slow cooker for our Christmas Eve dinner, cleaning the house a tad, I went out for a 7 mile trail run.

A residence that lives near Taylor's Landing wished me "Merry Christmas!" I have no doubt it was because I looked awesome in my holiday Pro Compression socks and Santa hat! :)

That evening, we celebrated Christmas with our families. Peter's family and my own came over for dinner and everything was magically delicious! We had a sweet ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, cheese-filled rolls, Romanian salad, and cream puffs! I also threw in some homegrown corn that was frozen this past summer. We barely had leftovers!

I can't forget that we also drank like merry Christmas elves!

Our new barrel! Aging an Irish Trashcan, sans Red Bull

The following morning, CHRISTMAS, I did not schedule an AM run. In fact, the intention was to "sleep in," but Peter and I woke up at 7:30 usual. We relaxed for the majority of the day, but managed to run in the afternoon. This was Peter's first 7 miler!

I love nothing more than running with my fiance and I find it impressive how he is effortlessly increasing his mileage! I was so proud of him running that far on Christmas. His goal was to make it to Dam #4 and back and he blew that out of the water! I just can't wait to do half marathons with him in 2014! :o)

I took my rest days on Thursday and Friday and by Saturday, I was more than ready for my long run. I found it appropriate to do 13 miles for my last long run of the year.

My goal was to get under 2 hours, but I never seem to achieve that when I run alone. Only in races am I able to pull sub-2 hour halfs. I was still satisfied with that time though.

That evening, I went on an easy double with Peter, going a little over a mile. My calves were killing me and running that extra distance helped relieve the soreness! I swear by doubles!

Anyway, that was my week of holiday/running fun! I have already started my 6th week and am off to a great start! Hope you guys kick ass this week and leave 2013 with a bang!!!

Were you able to get your runs in even with the holidays?

What food did you enjoy on Christmas?

What is your running schedule for the remainder of the year?

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