Lesson Learned, Lack of Marathon Training: Week 9

Training has resumed. Finally!

These injuries are really quite tiring. Once one foot injury went away, another appeared. I went from having a big toe issue, to having what I thought to be a cuboid issue. I never was officially diagnosed, but because I treated it like cuboid syndrome, the pain was alleviated in a couple of days. After taking off Thursday and Friday, after getting tremendous foot pain after my Wednesday run, I was able to do a slow 5 mile run on Saturday with little issue. I was more impressed with the fact I was able to do 5 miles all in one session, when all the previous runs had to be broken up because of exhaustion! My foot hurt a little after, but nothing that some ice, massage, and manipulation didn't solve.

 Anyway, if you are interested, here is what my last week of marathon "training" looked like...

6 Miles 6 MilesRest5 MilesCancelled Run
for Injury
Rest, Still
5 Miles

Not my best, but hey, it could have been worse.

To be honest, I am quite embarrassed by my injury. I am fully aware of why I got it and it was simply because...I was stupid.

I was super excited to try my new Vibrams. So excited that I disregarded all warnings. Every runner, every article, even the Vibram website stated "take time in transitioning." Of course, I considered myself an exception. I ran in them a day after getting them. I ran a mile in the morning with no issue. So after doing 3.5 miles on the treadmill that same evening, I decided to do the remaining miles in the Vibrams. Once I hit 4.5 miles, I started feeling pain where my cuboid is located. That lead to another stupid decision...I decided to keep on running.

I should have shed the shoes at the first point of pain, switch them out, then finish in my Mizunos. But I thought I wasn't going to hurt anything too badly by going just another half mile. Well, I could barely walk once I finished. I was sure I screwed myself up pretty well. I completely deserved it, too. I would not learn otherwise unless I got hurt.

So the Vibrams will be put to the side for a little longer. I will not attempt them until after surgery.

I took another break on Sunday, taking a full-on, no messing around, rest day. I literally laid on the couch all day watching the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy (the extended edition, at that!). I did do some squats, but other than that, I was LAZY. It felt good though, not gonna lie.

I resumed my normal training schedule yesterday with another SLOW 5 miler. Again, happy to finish all in one session without a nagging foot. I more focused on hills because I hear there is a killer one in the marathon. I am resting again today, like I normally would. I am not going to try to make up for lost miles. That will just give me another injury at this rate. I am just hoping I will be able to do my planned 20 miler after missing my long run this last Saturday. Though, I will be happy if I can manage 16-18. I have time to get in a 20 miler if it doesn't happen this weekend. Still, I am optimistic :)

So tell me, how is your training going?

Any injured runners out there? How are you coping?

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